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you are a brick tied to me that's dragging me down, strike a match and i'll burn you to the ground, we are the jack-o-lanterns in july, setting fire to the sky, here, here comes this rising tide, so come on, PUT ON YOUR WAR PAINT


don't worry, i won't bite.
well, at least not in the way you're afraid of.

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Vampire Questionnaire

Vampire Questionnaire

001. When were you born?
December 2, 1992
002. When were you turned? How old were you?
Moroi like myself are born, not made. I don't have the ability to make anybody like me, either.
003. Who turned you? Did you know your maker?
Non-applicable. My parents were Lucas and Moira Ozera.
004. Have you ever turned someone else? Did you know them?
Never turned anybody.
005. Have you ever killed someone?
A few people, but they were Strigoi and it was in self-defense.
006. How do you feed? Do you hunt to survive?
I don't hunt. Moroi have willing human feeders that come to us through a program orchestrated by the Alchemists and the Royal Court.
007. Did you grow more resistant to bloodlust as time went on? How often do you require blood for nourishment?
I've always needed blood at least once a day since I was born. If I go more than a couple days without any blood at all, I can get really feverish and shaky. It's the worst feeling for a Moroi. We never kill when we feed, we only take what's needed to be healthy, and it's not really more than what you'd see being taken from an individual person at a blood drive.
008. Have you ever lost control while feeding? What were the consequences?
Maybe a few times when I was a kid and was learning to drink from the vein, but we always had people on standby to make sure we never went too far. If I ever drained someone to the point of death while feeding, I would become Strigoi. A life for a life is our natural insurance that we don't ever take it too far.
009. Do you have any special abilities that set you apart from others of your kind?
All Moroi are able to wield elemental magic. We're all able to have small control over all the elements, save for Spirit, but... we all specialize in one over the others by the time we hit our teenage years. I specialized in fire by the time I was about twelve years old. Over the years, with training from my aunt Tasha, I grew to be pretty skilled in controlling my powers.

Moroi are also daywalkers. We've never burned in the sun, but we can get pretty sickly if we stay out in the exposure for too long. It's pretty rough on us so we prefer days that are more overcast and even then we're using sunglasses and umbrellas.

Moroi, despite also needing blood, are also perfectly capable of consuming and digesting human food. I actually love cooking, my bacon-wrapped meatloaf is to fucking die for.

010. Do you ever wish you were human, or have you grown accustomed to your life as-is?
Given that I was born the way I am, this life is the only life I've ever known for myself. That being said, I do sometimes wonder how my life would be different if I'd been born human instead.
011. How secretive are you about what you are?
The Moroi as a collective society tend to live away from the general public population. Most of us prefer to live in our own little spaces where we don't have to hide anything about ourselves from anyone. That being said, I don't go out on field trips to expose what we are.
012. What is a popular misconception people have about vampires that you wish would go away?
That we'll die if you stab us in the heart. Anybody would fucking die if you stabbed them in the heart.
013. Did you believe in the supernatural/preternatural before you were turned?
014. If you have sired someone, would you do it again?
015. If you haven't, what prevents you from doing it?
The fact I can't do it. Even if I could do it, I can't think of a single person I'd actually want to turn.
016. Let's pretend you're someone else... would you turn yourself? Why or why not?
Hell no, I'm annoying as hell and delight in that fact. Ask Rose.
017. If you could go back to any period of your life for the fashion, which would you pick?
I'm too young for this question, which feels great to say when you consider the fact I'm a whole-ass 29 years old.
018. If your family is still around, do they know what you are? Will you tell them?
All of my family are vampires. We're one of the royal bloodlines, too.
019. What is something you'd say to convince someone to be like you?
I wouldn't convince them to do shit.
020. What is something you'd say to deter someone from wanting to be like you?
Anybody that decides they really want something will do just about anything to get it, regardless of what someone else says about it. There's not really any point trying to change their mind. There's not really any cons to being a Moroi except the thing about the blood and solar sickness. Now... I'd definitely say a lot about them wanting to be Strigoi.
questionnaire credit:
golden ace (1-11, 16, 18-20)
reinette (12-15, 17)

Up In Flames

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the sorting hat.

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Christian's Abilities

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headcanon prompts.

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CHRISTIAN: I'm a lot of things, but I'm not a liar. That's your department. And Rose's.
LISSA: We don't—
CHRISTIAN: Exaggerate stories about people's families? Say that you hate me? Pretend to be friends with people you think are stupid? Date a guy you don't like?
LISSA: I like him.
CHRISTIAN: Like or like?
LISSA: Oh, there's a difference?
CHRISTIAN: Yes. Like is when you date a big, blond moron and laugh at his stupid jokes.
Then, out of nowhere, he leaned forward and kissed her. It was hot and fast and furious, an outpouring of the rage and passion and longing that Christian always kept locked inside of him. Christian pulled back from the kiss but still kept his face next to hers.

CHRISTIAN: That's what you do with someone you like.

CHRISTIAN: If you weren't so psychotic, you'd be fun to hang around.
ROSE: Funny, I feel that way about you too.
- - - - Vampire Academy, pg. 227


"People think I'm unstable, but I tell you, Rose is ten times worse. Of course, that makes it harder for people to fuck with you, so I'm all for it."

Now that I've bared my soul,
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the damned

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CHRISTIAN: You did not just say that. I have a feeling we're on the verge of hugging and coming up with cute nicknames for each other.
ROSE: I already have one for you, but I'll get in trouble if I say it in class.
- - - - Shadow Kiss, pg. 52

nothing is on fire.
fire is on things.

The Phoenix

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