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[Mar. 13th, 2019|03:56 pm]
Wyrick Manor Application )
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[Mar. 23rd, 2015|09:07 pm]
Player Info
Name: Laura
Over 18? Yes
Timezone: Eastern
Preferred contact: e-mail:
Have you read the rules and do you understand them? Yes

Character Info
Fandom: Original Character/Future kid of Rarity and Art
Name:Amethyst "Amy" Fitzwilliam
Age/Birthday: 17
Species: Therian (black panther).
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Personality: (Please include defining strengths and weaknesses)

Amy inherited her mother's generosity and kindness. She would do almost anything for the residents of the island, and considers everyone to be a friend. She is a very positive person and tries to see the good in all the island craziness. She sees beauty all around her and likes to add to that beauty, through gardening, decorating, fashion, music, makeup, perfumes, etc. She has a great deal of confidence in herself and others.

She can be overly emotional. When she does become upset, it's usually because someone is putting themselves or other people down. That type of behaviour leads her to react in some way, from a simple roll of her eyes to giving someone a lengthy lecture on the good traits in the people of the island. She can be overly trusting of others as well.

History: (Canon and history from other games. Links from outside sources can be used for both Canon and Game history.)

Amy was born to Rarity, after her father Art had disappeared from the island. While she would have liked to have known her father, she never felt that her childhood was lacking. She had a very loving, supportive mother and plenty of extended family on the island. She had a great deal of fun helping her mother in the shop, and she also liked to play outside and help her 'Aunt' Applejack at the farm. Amy didn't mind getting dirty, as long as she could clean up and look pretty again afterwards. As a young child, she would pick flowers and give them to her mother, to help decorate the shop. This became her favourite hobby as she grew into a teenager, and she maintained her own garden. She has a natural green thumb, and sometimes wonders if she has a bit of magic that helps the plants to grow.

Third Person Sample: Already in game
Played by: Stefanie Scott.
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