Mar. 12th, 2013 @ 08:25 pm Memory plot
Applejack stood, in the rain, in the mud, in her only dress. A black one Granny had picked out for her. Apple Bloom settled on her back, a little umbrella perched over her head. It was a day none of them saw coming. Not even Granny could have predicted it.

One pony after another filed passed, wishing her and Big Macintosh their condolences and paying their respects to the open caskets. She was fairly sure that nearly every pony in Equestria had turned out. She knew every one of the Apples, and the Smith family had. And there were masses of them.

Still she couldn't make herself feel anything good about seeing them all. Not under such grim circumstances. Glancing over to Mac, she couldn't stop the tears when she noticed them rolling down his cheeks. Stepping closer she nuzzled his neck just a little. "I can't believe they're gone."

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