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    Tuesday, July 5th, 2022
    [ xannies ]
    [info]kindler jessica henwick for a sister, all the usual friends/exes/fwbs of all genders, any job suggestions if anyone needs a co-worker (not the hospital or anything, because she flunked out of med school five years ago), friends she's made through her dog, a gremlin who has no personal boundaries.
    [ sades ]
    [info]active millie bobby brown, finn wolfhard, gaten matarazzo, caleb mclaughlin, joseph quinn, joe keery, and someone to write with!
    [ sophieculpo ]
    [ fidgetwidget ]
    [info]eastbayst joe keery, joseph quinn
    [ blorbos ]
    looking to write some psls now that my availability is getting back to normal. check the journal!
    [ potaters ]
    [info]lifestyle bringing this dingus back. i would love to have his office admin. or even someone in hr who hates him.
    [ metaphorical ]
    [info]kindler looking for two sisters, one in her late 20s and one in her early 20s! phoebe dynevor would be super cute and i can help with any icons if anyone needs any! also on the lookout for her most recent ex boyfriend that had a lot of drama, just asking for him to be older than her! bring me also more co-workers at the sports bar she works at, including bartenders, servers, and line cooks, more neighbors on their floor, close friends she's known forever since she's a denver native, friends with benefits, another cover band member, some fun little run ins
    [ marijuana ]
    [info]kindler co-workers/people he knows at at denver health, a lady or two for a sort of sugar baby but not really line, the ex he nearly cheated on his ex-fiance with, a neighbor of any gender for a fwb when they're bored/not seeing someone else, a best friend who gets to hear about all the dumb drama he creates for himself
    [ russellk ]
    home or psl?
    [ pewpewpew ]
    [info]exosolar jacob anderson and mae martin as a freudian trio where they all think they're the one holding the brain cell for some fun crime time, veronica ngo as an old partner in crime with some details, tiya sircar, hannah simone, jameela jamil, aparna nancherla, sarah kameela impey, or sunita mani as her cousin who's either an alliance infiltrator or peacekeeper, hot girls for a hot girl band, tom hopper, emmy raver-lampman, robert sheehan, justin h. min, elliot page, genesis rodriguez, britne oldford, jodie whittaker, sacha dhawan, dev patel, sonequa martin green, charlize theron, kiki layne, marwan kenzari, sandra oh, rami malek, colin morgan, rose byrne, victoria pedretti, penn badgley, janelle monae, rina sawayama, wunmi mosaku, christopher abbott, taika waititi, jason ralph, hale appleman, summer bishil, aya cash, naomie harris, michael shannon, mackenzie davis, harvey guillén, rosalind elezar, indya moore, danielle galligan, kit young, juliette motamed, rege-jean page, kim tae-ri, diane gurrero, nicola coughlin, jodie turner-smith, william jackson harper, hannah john kamen, kelly marie tran, andrew koji, hari nef, issa rae, simu liu, ncuti gatwa, vico ortiz, stephanie hsu!
    [ discordia ]
    [info]spellcasters my soul for robert pattinson because i love the cliche 🥺 members of the small crime ring she used to be a part of - including the one who irks her soul and eventually became the reason she quit. employees at her tattoo shop, customers of all types! the auror that arrested her a couple of times when she was younger that doesn't fully believe she's on the up and up 👀 a couple of casual hook ups, friendship optional because she's a mess. the ex whose heart she broke terribly when she took off for the us some years ago. someone in a shop next to her that she can come bother when she's bored. other water-adjacent beings that can sense something's up with her (and her sister ~writ) but not sure what! friends please so she doesn't become an angry recluse yelling at people on her non-existent lawn
    [ shag ]
    [info]kindler abby rao for her cousin that's more like her sister, more friends, a new place to work, neighbors in highland
    [ milliebobbyb ]
    het or femme psl?
    [ lowden ]
    [info]celeb paul mescal, calam lynch, tom blyth, freddie fox, daisy edgar jones, ellora torchia, saoirse ronan, charlotte spencer, stefanie martini, nina nesbitt, paul dano, barry keoghan, and will poulter
    [ silbers ]
    [info]lifestyle alison brie, donald glover, aubrey plaza, other fun people for fun times. neighbors, fellow parents with kids in the 8-12 range, poker night and dart game pals, people who work out of the same coffee shop/wine bar he does, bring me all the things and i'll have some shenanigans for you
    [ strangle ]
    [info]kindler now that life is done kicking my ass enough for me to play catch up, bands shes played in or produced for, anyone she's photographed for any occasion (or some 🔥 Spicy 🔥 pictures), ex girlfriends or flings for varying degrees of 🥶 to 🥵, the one Major Ex she can't quit, (give me all the levels of petty & toxic bc she's a mess ty), friends she met when she moved to denver in 2019, any lines to your hearts desire
    [ syd ]
    [info]celeb happy mondayest tuesday to ever exist! anyone to bug today or tomorrow or forever
    [ blucy ]
    [info]terms will poulter, rami malek, gwilym lee, joe mazzello, ben hardy, florence pugh, laura dreyfuss, zoey deutch, julia schlaepfer, nick hoult, samara weaving, kelvin harrison jr., minnie driver, alan fitzalan, taron egerton, joe cole. people who want to be bombarded with telegram stickers.
    [ witchers ]
    [info]spellcasters GAL GADOT, !!nathalie emmanuel!!, royce pierreson, eamon farren, alexander dreymon, eiza gonzález, mara lafontan, naomi scott, joseph quinn, joe keery, oscar isaac, robert pattinson, chris hemsworth, alicia vikander, sam claflin, austin butler, jonathan bailey, sebastian stan, zendaya, henry golding, rachel mcadams, taylor lashae, hailey bieber, new connections, werewolves, vampires, different things to wind into this world, more imaginative fantasy concepts insomniacs, there are numerous other occupations, backstories, and siblings to fill, yell if you don't know where to start, etc
    [ spacious ]
    [info]kindler lines for him? ex wife?
    [ protein ]
    would love to fill the father/daughter line in the journal
    [ elaney ]
    [info]harbors lines for this bar harbor native. childhood friends, a business partner for her event planning business, a female best friend who knows all her secrets, a male best friend she's completely codependent on, a neighbor or housemate, exes, a group of friends who love a good brunch as much as she does, down to brainstorm any and all connections!
    [ maxn ]
    [info]harbors anna kendrick, hailey bieber, michiel huisman, richard madden, maya hawke, natalia dyer, vanessa hudgens, trivia lovers, niall horan as his younger brother, maybe a few more cousins on either side of the family, bromances for the ages
    [ bivouac ]
    [info]lifestyle pedro pascal, jessica chastain, cierra ramirez, steven yeun, jenny slate, more bipoc and latine faces, the burton guster to his shawn spencer, his one and only big ex whose morning show billboard he now has to wake up to, a neighbor his niece regularly terrorizes, other children of divorce who replaced a two parent home with john hughes films and pop culture zingers
    [ sourdiesel ]
    [info]kindler some more lines for this guy would be great. fellow firefighters, some family would be great either a couple of siblings or some cousins maybe, flings past and present, friends, swipes, the ex from college he eloped with on a trip to vegas only to have it annulled a few days later, some other exes maybe something messy, drinking buds, other people who like to fish, anything let's do this. olivia culpo, jean watts, julian edelman, odell beckham jr, rob gronkowski, christen harper, matthew stafford, christian mccaffrey
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