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[15 Jan 2022|10:54am]


anything femme for noelle foley, raquel gonzalez, xia li, bayley or dana brooke?
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[14 Jan 2022|05:27am]


Longest of long shots, especially given the current state of things, but slash line for Teddy? Would love a line against Cody or Randy, but open to others too. Comments screened.
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[13 Jan 2022|04:10am]


looking to pick up a couple of psls. het/femme, long or short term. inquire within.
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[11 Jan 2022|05:05pm]


Anyone interested in pulling this Jack Perry PB out of his closet for a steamy slash line? Open to faces, must be a top, and join [info]alnerwick any species listed there is fine
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