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Application for [info]btvsal [Aug. 4th, 2012|11:33 pm]
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IC Stuff

1) Character Name: Carmela Finn
2) Alias: Cam, Caramel
3) Age: 26
4) Faction: N/A at this point.
5) Alignment: Good
6) Occupation: Radio DJ
7) Species: Human
8) Background: Carmela was someone born in a family of doctors, but it was something that she just didn’t have the patience for. Her older brother became a surgeon, and her parents were impressed. When she became an Emergency Medical Technician, they appreciated her staying in the same field, understanding that she didn’t have the interest in going to school for so damn long. She was enjoying her job well enough, but seeing people torn to pieces from car wrecks and whatever was a little depressing.


It was when she met her now husband, Simon, that she decided to make a change in her life. She saw that he was quite happy in his field of work, and, on something of a lark, she decided to give it a try. She ended up discovering that she was really good at working on the radio. She eventually ended up quitting her job as an EMT, signing up to work at the same radio station that Simon worked at. It also made her much less stressed out at home, thus helping her to be a better wife and parent to her five year old daughter.
9) Personality: Carmela is a lively and vivacious person. She loves doing things like playing with her daughter, talking with friends, and basically getting out and about. She’s a social creature and, since her job change, has been spending a lot more time out with people now that she’s not so sleep deprived.
10) Powers: N/A
11) Skills:

- Great first aid skills.

- Good personal skills
12) PB: Shay Mitchell

Misc. Stuff

13) Likes: Spending time with family, reading, going out with friends, watching action movies with Simon, Chinese food

14) Dislikes: Assholes, stressful jobs, Indian food, being alone
15) Character Connections: Lives in a two bedroom apartment in the Hollywood Hills with her husband, daughter and a dog and cat.
16) Concluding Notes:

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