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Apr. 5th, 2021

[info]sweetspring in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Marian & Art
WHEN Monday
WHAT Hanging out while the rest of them do Merry Men Business
WARNINGS mentions of the sheriff situation, tba

If I turn my back too soon, will you be okay? )

Apr. 4th, 2021

[info]apollolicious in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Apollo and Cin
WHEN: Sunday evening
WHERE: The Hole and his penthouse
WHAT: This is NOT a date
WARNINGS: Talk of attempted suicide

How's it been 'hanging' ;D )

[info]tragos in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Tragos, Kaden, Apollo, Marcie
WHEN: Sunday evening, just before sunset
WHERE: The Hole, to begin with
WHAT: So we meet again...
WARNINGS: Danger, Will Robinson (and some desperate smutty interludes later)

And it’s go boys go, they’ll time your every breath, and every day you’re in this place you’re two days nearer death )

[info]firstofnine in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Calliope
WHEN: Good Friday
WHERE: Melpomene’s home
WHAT: Musing on motherhood

sweet son of Olympus )

[info]friartuck in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Friar Tuck and Will Scarlet
WHEN: Backdated to Tuesday, late night
WHERE: The parsonage
WHAT: One very worked up Will Scarlet (Smut) and then a more serious chat
WARNINGS: Smut! Horny smut!
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[info]staticasthesea in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Rhiannon and Iestyn Ceredig
WHEN: Let's call it Easter Saturday
WHERE: Their house
WHAT: A chat and some jewelllrrryyyy
WARNINGS: Probably none?
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Apr. 2nd, 2021

[info]ephemerist in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Clio, Much, Friar Tuck later
WHEN: Friday afternoon
WHERE: The Parsonage
WHAT: Cyte visits
WARNINGS: I doubt it
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[info]somethingtragic in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Melpomene and Apollo
WHEN: Friday evening
WHERE: Melpomene's
WHAT: A rainy evening

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[info]faithtraitor in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Judas Iscariot, Cin Warmoth
WHEN: Good Friday
WHERE: Judas’ apartment
WHAT: Easter is the very worst time of year and Judas can’t take it anymore. Cin unexpectedly saves a life
WARNINGS: attempted suicide, depression, alcohol and drug abuse

Friend, do what you are here to do )

Apr. 1st, 2021

[info]brightandfair in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Freyja & Merlin
WHEN Thursday evening
WHERE Merlin's home
WHAT Discussing some strange occurrences

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Mar. 30th, 2021

[info]tan_thy_hide in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Arthur a Bland and Robin Hood, open to Merry Men
WHEN Backdated to Tuesday 23 March, afternoon
WHERE The Sly Fox
WHAT He’s gonna need a little adjusting

He wasn't so sure about this latest gift )

[info]holyrites in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Luna & Will
WHEN Tuesday night
WHERE Peitho's apartment
WHAT Dinner with a view of the city
WARNINGS tbd, probably them both thinking about their traumas at some point

I see neon lights whenever you walk by )


[No baddies and fuck Hermes too]

I returned to work on Monday and my TA, who is ALSO one of my PhD students, was looking a little worse for wear! Poor thing has been frantically trying to keep up in my absence, but bless him all the marking has been done and everything was followed down to the letter. Pretty impressed by him.

Ella has a new girlfriend at school! And she instructed me that I was to bake her new girlfriend cupcakes, so it sounds like it's pretty serious!

Things are okay. I still don't like leaving the house much, and I make sure to go everywhere in groups while on campus. But I'm alright. Getting better.


I had been avoiding the internet and my phone- I'm so sorry, I didn't know what was going on. I'm so glad you're okay. Can I come by sometime soon?

[info]friartuck in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Merlin, Friar Tuck
WHEN: Tuesday Evening
WHERE: Diogenes
WHAT: So we meet again!
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Mar. 29th, 2021

[info]feuillemort in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Addy Ceredig, Will Scarlet
WHEN: Monday evening
WHERE: Casa Ceredig
WHAT: Cutness
WARNINGS: I doubt it?
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