Robin Buckley

Oct. 16th, 2019

07:51 pm

Player Info
Name: Laura
Over 18? yes
Timezone: Eastern
Preferred contact: e-mail
Have you read the rules and do you understand them?Bumble Bee Tuna flies at night

Character Info
Canon-puncturing: Maybe - contact me to plot it out first
Fandom: Stranger Things
Name: Robin Buckley 
Age/Birthday: 19/ 9th June 1968
Species: Human
Sexuality: Lesbian
Personality: (Please include defining strengths and weaknesses)

Intelligent:  Robin is very smart.  She posses both academic and everyday smarts.  She is a knack for figuring out people and for problem/puzzle solving. She speaks four languages and was able to decipher a Russian code.

Courageous.  Robin was able to come out to Steve, despite her concern that it might end their friendship.  She wanted him to know that she wasn't rejecting him romantically for any fault of his own.   She's also helped Steve, Dustin, Erica and the rest stand up to the Russians.

She has a good sense of humor that helped her though a hard time in high school, a boring mall job, being captured by Russians, and other strange events.

Sarcastic.  She uses her sense of humor often and it may come across as mean or as a defense mechanism. 
Secretive.  Robin had to keep her sexuality a secret, especially in high school.   It's made her feel as if no one could accept her, and she keeps other aspects of herself hidden as well.  Having Steve accept her after she came out to him, is helping her to feel a bit more secure.
Rushes in/Risk taker.  Robin can become excited about cracking a Russian code, helping to solve a mystery, fight villains, etc and may not think things through first, especially if her friends are involved. 

Third Person Sample: Already in game.
Journal: [info]crackedthecode
Played by:Maya Hawke

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