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    Friday, July 25th, 2014
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    Tuesday, September 10th, 2013
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    Application for Doorway
    Name: Amanda
    Email: mastersgirl181@yahoo.com
    AIM: reinettesangel
    Timezone: EST
    CDJ: [info]all_the_things

    Name: Isobel "Izzie" Stevens
    Age/Date of Birth: 29. January 5, 1980
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Housing: Two bedroom with Meredith Grey, please. They'll just bunk together anyway.
    Prospective Job: Surgical resident. She'll treat anyone, not just people who work for SHIELD. A local hospital or clinic would be best.
    SHIELD: No. But if the clinic needs help, she'll help.
    Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
    Medium: TV
    Canon point: Season Six, Episode 12 "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked"
    Arrival Date: Somewhere between 9/11/2013 - 9/17/2013
    PB: Katherine Heigl

    Personality: Izzie is kind-hearted and intelligent. She is good at reading people and likes to think the best of everyone if it's possible. It takes a lot to shatter her faith in someone and once she's your friend, she is there for you no matter what. She is a talented surgeon, showing signs of excellency in obstetrics and pediatrics -- although she will get angry with you for suggesting she do so. She is very empathatic and will go out of her way for you if you need her. She loves wholly and without prejudice, which can often times lead to her getting hurt.

    Izzie is first and foremost known for getting too attached to her patients. As she tells one of her superiors -- she's a person who becomes emotionally involved and while she's a good surgeon, this can sometimes blind her to things that others can see quite clearly. If she's not ready to give up on a person, you can't convince her to and this can lead to hurt feelings and anger. She is also inclined to periods of self-doubt -- first evidenced by her quitting the internship program after losing Denny and again when she decides she just can't handle cardiology because she's not as cut-throat as Cristina Yang. She CAN be nasty when provoked enough, but it takes a lot to do so and professionally, she just doesn't really have it in her to do so.

    While she worked very hard at overcoming the stigma on her over what happened with Denny, she still becomes emotionally involved with her patients. She will argue with them when she believes they should fight and she cries when she loses them. It is her kindness that is both her strength and her weakness. She will go out of her way to get a family the information they need, but her desire to be kind and to be helpful also leads to her being stepped on by the more cut throat and hard core of interns -- as seen in canon when Cristina Yang bests her in cardiology.

    As time goes on, she gets better and better at dealing under pressure. She is quick thinking and calm in a crisis. Which is good because there is ALWAYS a crisis at Seattle Grace. She once drilled into a man's skull using a craftsman drill because it was the only tool around and it was the only way to alleviate the pressure in the man's skull.

    Izzie will do whatever is necessary to do what she believes is right and what she feels must be done -- the prime example being how she goes to extremes to try to save Denny. Sometimes her blue collar upbringing can rear it's head at inopportune moments. She can come across as loud-mouthed, bossy or opinionated, but she is a good surgeon and a decent human being.

    History: Izzie grew up by Forest Park, on Route 6, behind a church in Chehalis, Washington. She lived in a trailer park with her mother who nicknamed her "Cricket."

    As a teenager, Izzie worked as a waitress and had savings for college but her mother spent most of the money on psychics. This forced Izzie to pay most of the bills with her own money. At only 16, Izzie gave birth to a daughter who she subsequently gave up for adoption. Izzie privately named her daughter Sarah but her adoptive parents named her Hannah (Izzie would later have to donate bone marrow to Hannah who was suffering from leukemia). Because of her pregnancy, mothers made their children stay away from Izzie so she had no friends and wore cheap clothes.

    When she turned 18, she left home. She paid for medical school by modelling for designer "Bethany Whisper," which led to her receiving the nickname, Dr. Model. At the beginning of her internship, Izzie struggled with other's assumptions of her as an incompetent doctor, due to the fact that she used to be a lingerie model.

    In her second year as an intern, Izzie would encounter a heart patient, Denny Duquette, who continually flirted with her. The flirtations went nowhere and Denny left the hospital after not receiving a new heart. Izzie would embark on a relationship with Alex Karev during this time, but when Denny was readmitted with cardiac dysrhythmia, she would brush Alex off in order to tend to Denny, which lead to Alex feeling threatened until he informed Denny that he should leave Izzie alone because Denny was going to die and it would be bad for Izzie to watch him go through that.

    When Izzie founds out that Alex said this to Denny she confronted him and he replied that she can't get involved with patients. She later realized that she didn't have to settle for Alex.

    However, Denny survived and they grew closer. He had an LVAD inserted to keep him alive for longer so he could wait for a heart, but after finding out that Denny had become a DNR (do not resuscitate) patient, Izzie jumped at the chance to get him a new heart. After discovering that he lost a donor heart to someone on the donor list who was ahead of him by 17 seconds, she implored him to let her cut his LVAD wire so his condition would worsen and he would move up on the donor list. At first, Denny refused because it would end her medical career and he didn't want to steal a heart out of another man's chest but after Izzie broke down crying and begging him, he agreed. Izzie cut Denny's LVAD wire and sought the help of her fellow interns to keep him alive. As the interns struggled to keep Denny alive, Cristina informed them that Denny's surgeon, Preston Burke, was shot and struggling to survive. After hearing the news, Izzie panicked, completely at a loss. In the midst of the chaos, Denny proposed to a shocked Izzie. Dr. Miranda Bailey walked in on the interns and banned them all from any surgeries until the person who cut the LVAD wire confessed. Meanwhile, Alex invited Dr. Erica Hahn to replace Dr. Burke on Denny's heart transplant surgery. Dr. Hahn successfully completed Denny's transplant surgery and when Izzie visited Denny after his transplant she accepted his marriage proposal. Denny died from a stroke shortly thereafter leaving Izzie devastated and lying next to Denny's body. Alex carried her off the bed and told her that the body wasn't Denny and that Denny loved her and he wouldn't want Izzie to do this to herself. After a long period of mourning, Izzie moved on but refused Alex's offer of a relationship.

    The impact of Denny's loss would lead to Izzie becoming more mature and less optimistic than she had once been. She lost much of her positive outlook and made her question why she became a doctor and whether or not she was even cut out for it. This would lead to her confessing to Chief Webber and Bailey that she was the one who cut Denny's LVAD. That it was only her and that no one else had helped her. As such, she resigned and went into mourning. Mostly hanging around Meredith's house baking until it got to the point where all she could think about was how much she wanted to be in surgery.

    Alex Karev convinced Bailey to talk to Izzie and make her come back which Bailey succeeded in doing. Bailey convinced the Chief to let her return but with a strict probation which doesn't allow her to have contact with patients and an inferiority to her fellow interns. Izzie became dissatisfied with limited amount of medical work she could do and frequently tried to push the boundaries of her probation. She even donated most of her money from Denny Duquette's cheque to a free clinic where she and Bailey often worked.

    During an emergency involving a ferry accident, Izzie saved a man's life by drilling burr holes into his skull with an ordinary drill in the field. This prompted an impressed chief to take her off probation and allow her to finish the rest of the procedure by drilling more burr holes but this time with a real high-speed surgical drill.

    Addison Montgomery told Chief Webber that Izzie had the potential to be an extremely gifted OB/GYN, one of the best she had seen in years but she was worried because she seemed to get too close to her patients. After using a tactic of assigning Izzie to a patient that would inevitably die, Izzie left obstetrics.

    In season 4, Izzie decided to try going into cardiothoracics, but was met by a determined Cristina, who was also trying to make a career in the same department. She eventually decided that she was not suited for the specialty and stopped pursuing it.

    After Bailey realized she had too many things to look after, she handed over the keys of the clinic to Izzie, giving it to her.

    Izzie gave Alex an ultimatum, telling him to either be the nice guy or the jerk but he can't be both. They dated for awhile, but Denny began to appear to Izzie and she even went so far as to have sex with him.

    When her interns (and the others) started to dislike being doctors since they were banned from surgery, Izzie set up a competition, won by Lexie. When she realized that Denny appearing was because she was sick, she set up a competition to diagnose patient X. When she discovered that she had cancer and other people started to learn, she finally admitted herself as a patient, she just designed Meredith and Derek's wedding and was quizzed on medical trivia by Bailey.

    She quickly got back on her feet and continued working as a surgeon, although some thought it was too soon and after concerns from Owen Hunt, Derek Shepherd and Alex, Izzie was fired during the merger with Mercy West, although the chief used the standard speech and claimed it was due to budget cutbacks. After this Izzie left a note in Alex's cubby and left him.

    She would return a few times after having been fired, once to get help for her high school science teacher, the one who inspired her to become a doctor, because he was suffering from what she thought was dementia. And then again in an attempt to reconcile with Alex. Alex told her that he wanted her to leave, to go off and be happy somewhere else because they made each other miserable and that she deserved to be somewhere that wasn't miserable.

    Izzie would leave Seattle for good, apologizing to Meredith and telling her to apologize for her to Derek Shepherd, the new interrim chief who had used Izzie's position at Seattle Grace as a bargaining chip in his play for the position. Izzie left Seattle permanently and was never heard from again, although, it was obvious from the manner of her exit that wherever she went, she would land on her feet.

    Special abilities: Does baking count as a super power? She's well-trained in obstetrics, cardiothoracics and has an extreme talent for trauma. She's good in a crisis. You have to be at Seattle Grace. She never declared a specialty, so she can go anywhere, but cardio and trauma are her best fields.

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