Jesse Delacroix

Keep walking, and running

And running for miles

Ain't going back to Barton Hollow
Devil gonna follow me e'er I go
Won't do me no good washing in the river
Can't no preacher man save my soul
Miles and miles in my bare feet
Still can't lay me down to sleep
If I die before I wake
I know the Lord my soul won't take

April 2020




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Aug. 10th, 2013


Ladies and gentlemen of the internet. For those of you who have never owned a motorcycle, allow me to take this opportunity to inform you that kickstands exist for a reason. Would you like to know what that reason is? You would? Alright then, I'll tell you. It is to keep that expensive, heavy, and rather unwieldy piece of machinery from getting damaged, falling on the ground, or possibly injuring someone if it tips over.

Well apparently the new guy at the garage was not informed of this, and the center stand wasn't all the way in place, or something, because I had a Harley fall on my foot yesterday afternoon. Three broken toes, thank you so very fucking much. Thankfully I've got health insurance through the garage, and Aaron's got me on sick leave while I heal up, but still. That fucking hurt, and he should know better. This job ain't anyone's first rodeo, and that's one of the first things they teach you. Put the damn kickstand down.

I mixed whiskey and my Oxy. (That was probably not a good idea.) I'm pretty sure I can see sound. Or hear color. Something.

I'm actually kind of surprised I haven't gotten injured on the job before now. Either I'm just lucky, or I got some kinda angel lookin' out for me.