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    Saturday, January 20th, 2035
    6:22 pm

    Wednesday, January 20th, 2021
    7:01 pm
    G E N E S I S
    En Sabah Nur
    Character Name: En Sabah Nur
    Codename: Genesis
    Fandom: Marvel Comics (AU)
    Canon point: N/A
    Species: Mutant
    Gender:  Male
    Sexuality: Unknown
    Inventory: Nothing

    Personality: Aloof most of the time, trying but struggling to "be a person". Still struggles with his original 'survival of the fittest' thinking at times..

    History: Born in ancient Egypt, En Sabah Nur has always been thought to be "the first mutant". An immortal shapeshifter, he gained more and more powers over the centuries, through constant experiments and rituals. For many lifetimes, he despised humanity, dedicating himself to wiping them from the earth, along with putting all mutants into situations where the weaker ones would be culled. Survival of the fittest. It was more than a mantra to him: it was the way he viewed the world.
    It was during a battle with an early version of Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants that things began to change for the mutant who called himself Apocalypse.
    After an assist from Sabretooth, Magneto finally got the upper hand on Apocalypse, and had a chance to possibly kill the seemingly-immortal monster.... when a young human child ran between them, crying. She didn't understand the concept of good or evil. She just didn't want to see anyone killed, no matter how bad or monstrous they were.

    Something clicked in En Sabah Nur's brain in that instant. He saw, and recognized, the inherent goodness in humanity. The fact that strength isn't always a physical thing. That child could have been killed herself, but she bravely stood between two warring mutants. Reeling from the thoughts going through his mind, Apocalypse shocked everyone by surrendering on the spot.

    Over the next few years, he went from prisoner of Magneto, to friend, to teammate, to co-leader of The Brotherhood. Now calling himself Genesis, he leads the newest version of The Brotherhood with his friend Magneto, even after losing some of his invincibility following a combined effort of Charles Xavier and Mr. Sinister.

    Powers: Not quite as omnipowerful as before, a well-planned genetic attack on his from Xavier and Sinister stripped Genesis of some of his more godlike abilities. Still, he maintains the ability to change his body on a molecular level to his liking, the ability to fire energy blasts from his hands, and enhanced levels of endurance, healing, and strength. He typically maintains a human appearance now, primarily so that the younger mutants on the team aren't scared by his more monstrous 'normal' appearance.

    PB: Dave Bautista

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