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October 19th, 2019

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Name: Laura
Over 18? yes
Timezone: Eastern
Preferred contact: E-mail.
Have you read the rules and do you understand them? Bumble Bee Tuna flies at nigh

Character Info
Canon-puncturing: Maybe - ask me first.
Fandom: It
Name:Eddie Kaspbrak
Age/Birthday: 13, September 3, 1976  notes: Birth date is from the movies, not the books.  He may be temporarily aged up to 40 when he joins the game.
Species: Human
Sexuality: Bisexual/Questioning his sexuality.  He did marry a woman as an adult, but there are hints that he could be bisexual or gay. 

Eddie is truly brave.  He has huge fears and manages to overcome them when needed to help his friends.
He has a good memory (when not being affected by Pennywise). Eddie can remember many rules given to him by his mother, and many 'facts' about illness and germs that she has drilled into him. 
He is a genuinely good friend.  He is caring and loyal to those he considers his friends.  He managed to stand up to major influences in his life (his mother, his own fears, pennywise) in order to help his friends.

Blunt.  He will rattle off a list of 'facts' about germs, bacteria and other dangers whether it is appropriate/helpful or not.  If someone is acting without common sense, he will call them on it.  (With the exception of his mother and later, his wife, who he has a harder time standing up to)
Germaphobe/hypochondriac.  Eddie grew up being told constantly that he was asthmatic, ill, fragile, etc.  He later learned that his mother used placebos to convince him of this and was still unable to shake the ideas that had been installed in him.  He suffers from asthma/asthma like symptoms, thinks he's physically weak, sick, etc.   He worries about diseases and germs constantly and will spout facts about them.  Some of these facts are rare, worst-case scenarios and others may be lies his mother told him to scare him.  He believes them all to be real.
Easily manipulated/intimated by his mother and women like his mother. 
Third Person Sample: Already in game.
Journal: hypochondriac_
Played by: Jack Dylan Grazer when 13, James Ransone when 40.
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