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    Saturday, September 6th, 2014
    5:54 pm
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    Monday, August 4th, 2014
    11:16 pm

    NAME: Cora
    AIM: CoraOrtiz
    AVAILABILITY: Evenings from around 6:30 to 7 (commuting, have smartphone), and 10pm on. Weekends times vary but I always have my smartphone with me with Gmail alerts.


    NAME: Groot
    JOURNAL: I_am_Groot_
    PLAYED BY: Vin Diesel
    FANDOM: Marvel MCU “Guardians of the Galaxy”
    CANON POINT: Post “Guardians of the Galaxy”

    CAN THIS CHARACTER BE CANON PUNCTURED? Absolutely. Not sure which would blow his mind more: finding out he’s a tree or that he’s a tree from a beloved comic book XD

    WHAT ARE YOUR INTENTIONS WITH THIS CHARACTER IN GAME? Well he’s Rocco's (Rocket’s) muscle and best friend so where he goes Groot follows. He’s basically going to get pulled into trouble with his friend while trying to make use of his degree in Botany. He may kinda sorta have a not so legal set up of being a supplier of medical marijuana. He draws the line at recreational use, however. He’s nice and easy going so making friends will be easy for him.

    CANON HISTORY:. The short and sweet version: Wiki


    Gabe Torres had always been a big kid. Tallest of three siblings, with long arms and a solid torso. He was a bit unwieldy as a kid, slightly clumsy, and a bit on the distracted side with a touch of ADD. He often got picked on and made fun of, until the day he decided to fight back. That was the day he met Rocco; the smaller, loud mouthed kid that didn’t take crap from anyone and taught Gabe to stand his ground. Even though it got him sent to the principal’s office, Gabe knew from then on sticking with Rocco was the thing to do. After all, you needed people to have your back in the public school system of New York City. So Gabe fell in with Rocco and his band of ‘misfit’ kids through middle and high school; they were thick as thieves - and some of them literally were.

    While he joined Rocco on some of his exploits as the lookout (and muscle if things turned bad), he didn’t care for the taste of petty crimes. Gabe was smarter than the rest in a different way; he was a bit of a bookworm, in particular when it came to plants. In a city full of concrete and glass and stone, Gabe longed for the parks and woods that were sparse in the city. The one class trip they’d taken to Central Park had him hooked. So instead of sticking with the crime thing his friends seemed so keen on, he turned over a new leaf (ha!) and decided to get serious with his studies. He got a scholarship and some grants and went to attend New York’s School of Professional Horticulture to study botany, but would hang out with Rocco in his spare time. On occasion, he would pull Rocco out of trouble being his best friend and all.

    With marijuana being legalized in New York for medical use (which Gabe approves of, but is iffy on recreational) Gabe started up his own small business as a supplier to medical dispensaries while Rocco went on to have a career in the military working with explosives, naturally. Rocco left the military and became a reservist. He moved out to Cali after his mom died and Gabe naturally followed.

    Then Rocco was called back into service to teach, which took him overseas - and away from Gabe. By then, Gabe had gotten used to the OC, having made friends and found love.

    Currently Gabe is working part time at Fullerton Arboretum, having worked there full time for two years helping design and maintain the gardens, and occasionally leads tours. He also works part time at a medicinal cannabis storefront he opened with Rick Grimes. Gabe has an online side business of supplying medical marijuana to desperate patients who can't get it in their states, in particular those who have severe disorders. He also supplies it to several of Nina's patients at the local hospital. He's engaged to Nina Pickering.


    So Rocco said this is the place to be, and to be seen. I’m Gabe Torres, nice to meet you all. I’m currently looking for any job that can utilize my degree in botany; in the meantime I’m workin' as a bouncer at a local nightclub.
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