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ooc stats - rb [07 Jun 2024|06:34pm]

Character's name: David Nolan, aka Prince Charming
Character's canon: Once Upon a Time
Canonpoint: After season 3
Anything else? The literal prince Charming of the stories! He has only half a heart, if your character can tell that. He carries certain magic (like the ability to perform True Love's Kiss) but is generally a normie. A big brutish normie who's very good with a sword. Here's his old stats, let me know if anything's unclear.
CRAU: Absolutely applies. His extensive playing in his previous game means he ended up falling in love and becoming involved long-term with Captain Hook, something that caused a huge amount of grief in him as he was already married to a True Love (TM). At this point in their relationship, they've long since accepted that this version of them are in love and don't want to separate, and have been remarried to each other. They now travel from world to world as pirates.

Player's name: Eli
Can you read/write in English? Can you read/write in Spanish? Yes to all.

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