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Sunday, June 16th, 2013

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    Name: Loz
    Over 18? So far over
    Timezone: GMT
    Preferred contact: onehundredvoices on AIM and
    Have you read the rules and do you understand them? Bumblebeetuna

    Character Info
    Fandom: OC
    Name: Arthur Fitzwilliam aka the Lord Protector of Haven (Prefers Art)
    Age/Birthday: 35 03/03
    Species: Therian (black panther)
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: For all of his seriousness and dedication to his duty, Art is actually a pretty happy relaxed guy. He loves his friends and limited family. He enjoys his second form far too much. He’s a hunter and a fighter, who hates the admin and meetings associated with his role but he puts up with it in order to keep his people safe.

    Art is a consumate charmer who tries to see everyone as equal, and is very respectful of women. He will do what he has to do to protect anyone who needs it and despises bullies and people who hold themselves as better than others

    History: Art has always known who he was going to be, the Fitzwilliam’s have been the protectors of the Therian town of Haven in Eire (Southern Ireland) for nearly a thousand years. Art had been brought up with the weight of becoming Lord Protector on his back, a title inherited not from his father but from his mother (she should have been the Lady Protector but she thought it sounded like an incontinence pad so she stuck with Lord). It gave her the right, just as it does Art, to kill anyone, human or otherwise who threatens the safety of Haven or its citizens.

    Art experienced his first change at around the age of twelve, which is the usual time for young male Therians. Therians are not moon reliant in order to change their forms, and ‘bond’ permenatly to their mates by mating when in none human form.

    He grew up privileged but always aware of his responsibilities to those around him. The weight of these responsibilities fell much heavier when, at the age of sixteen, his mother died. His father survived for another ten years, but was not genetically disposed to be the protector.

    However Art is very much a twenty first century protector, and while he’s not against killing, he prefers legal action and keeping the lives of his community balanced and safe. He also spends large amounts of time searching for Therians who are unsafe outside of the community and bringing them ‘home’. That was how he met one of his best friends, Ellie, who he nursed back to health, fought to the death for and eventually walked down the aisle.

    Art has recently gone through the wonderful and slightly bewildering experience of mating and marrying Rarity and was afraid her loss would cause him to die, as is usual in his species, so he'll be very glad to see her.

    Third Person Sample: duuuuuuudes you trust me these days right
    Journal: [info]lord_protector_
    Played by:Richard Armitage

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