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01: Annoucement [30 Aug 2012|10:40pm]
As many of you have heard there has been quite a bit of rumors going around about the Siren line of succession. There was an official royal decree yesterday that I would like to reiterate here, just to dispel those rumors going around.

I am NOT the heir to the Siren throne. As I am not the King's son by blood, but just the son from another marriage prior to him, by my mother and another noble, it was deemed inappropriate for the line of succession to be passed to me. It will continue through the Syrena line as it has for generations. The crown princess has been announced as Kista Veronique Martineau.

I want to make it clear that I have nothing but support and love for my cousin and have given her my blessing and full backing. I know that Princess Kista will do her duty and honor the lineage and traditions that are so important within our society. My cousin is very modest, so please grant her the respect to accept this honor gracefully and privately. Thank you.

How are you holding up, Kiss? I know this is so much to ask of one, and I wish they hadn't asked this of you. Of course I understand their fear, but truly I feel that this is cowardly, to hide behind someone else, due to fear of Nixen interference.

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