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Nov. 13th, 2011

Character Name! )

NAME: Your name.
TIMEZONE: Your timezone as so: Country/Timezone [GMT time] (so, for example: US/ Eastern [GMT-5]). You can find your GMT here.
BIRTHDAY: Month and day. (ex. March 5th)
MESSENGER: Your instant messenger. (ex. AIM: yourscreenname) Most chats - if not all - will probably occur over AIM.
EMAIL ADDRESS. Your e-mail address.
CDJ: Your character development journal if you'd like for other members to be able to friend it. (ex. [info]yourcdj) Put N/A if you don't have one.
PB: Name of PB. Unless your PB is dramatically off (Justin Timberlake trying to bring sexy back for Severus Snape, for example), you're not going to be asked to change it. While you should try to make PBs as close to canon as possible, minor details (such as eye color) can be overlooked. What's really important is finding someone that you feel most comfortable using.
JOURNAL TO BE USED: [info]journaltobeused

AGE/BIRTHDAY: 27 March 1960
FORMER HOUSE: Gryffindor 1978
OCCUPATION: Lives off his inheritance.

FATHER. About them if you'd like to go into detail.
FATHER. About them if you'd like to go into detail.

LILY POTTER. About them if you'd like to go into detail.

SIRIUS BLACK. About them if you'd like to go into detail.

SEXUALITY: Lily-sexual. Technically heterosexual but fine with jokes about being gay for his best friends.
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Lily Potter - Wife.
CHILDREN:: Children and ages (if any).

LOYALTY/ALLIANCE: Order of the Phoenix.

ROLE IN THE WAR: This is what your character brings to the table. What are their specific talents/special skills and how do they use them? Keep the game's premise in mind while filling this out. Languages and cultures your character has been exposed to, places your character has been, and skills that might aid them during the game (ex. your character's occupation) are especially good additions here.

POLITICAL VIEWS: James is a blood traitor who was always taught that happiness was more important than bloodlines. He's married to a muggleborn and best friends with a werewolf and another blood traitor. Your character's feelings about muggles, muggle/wizard relationships, werewolves and other half-bloods, blood purity, etc. Whatever you feel is most important. However, particularly try to hit on how they feel about muggles as your character will spend a significant amount of time bouncing between the muggle and wizarding world.

APPEARANCE: James, while perhaps not conventionally good looking, is proud of his appearance. He's fairly tall and skinny, but athletic thanks to his obsession with Quidditch. His hazel eyes are framed by glasses which, while at first he didn't like, he has gotten used to, preferring the ability to actually see over being completely vain. The vanity that he gave up through wearing glasses was put to use in caring about his hair. James takes special effort to make sure his hair is sticking up in just the right way that it looks like he's either just gotten out of bed or he's just gotten off a broomstick. Now that he's married to Lily he spends even more time running his hands through his hair to make sure it's carefully mussed. Not because she likes it like that (though, he's sure she secretly does) but because he enjoys antagonising her and reminding her how much she used to hate him.

Stuff about confidence and air of always being adored. clothing. whatever else I need here.

WAND: Mahogany, 11 inches, pliable (excellent for transfiguration)
BOGGART: Greatest fears (think outside the box and try to pick less obvious ones like family deaths that can come up during the game).
PATRONUS: A Stag. Memories used~~~~~~~

Keep the game's premise in mind while filling out the areas below. Strengths and weaknesses can include anything from things like cooking, charms, and allergies to what gets under their skin most of all.

LIKES: Lily, Sirius, Remus, Peter, not having a job, pranks, chocolate frogs, collecting chocolate frog cards,

STRENGTHS: Transfiguration
WEAKNESSES: Things they suck at.

KNOWN INFORMATION: This is where you tell which major details would (or would not) be generally known about your character upon meeting them. For example, if your character has views that align very strongly with the Death Eaters and is vocal about them, that's something to include. If you have someone like Andromeda Tonks or Sirius Black who were disowned by their family, include information like whether most people would know they were disowned. If your character's parent(s) is/are slightly famous, include whether that information would be widely known. Also, include what sympathies (DE, Order) most people would assume your character has.


~used to getting what he wants. kind of just expects it.
~arrogant, self important, cocky prat/ obnoxious.
~cruel (snape, bullying)
~dependant on his friends/needs to be liked
~thinks he's too immature sometimes
~very intelligent. too smart for his own good, really.

James Potter had a very easy childhood. He grew up with two adoring parents who doted on him and got him everything he wanted when he wanted it.

FIVE THINGS: Five things you've always wanted to RP out/explore about this character but have never gotten the chance to do before, why you picked this character, things you're most looking forward to playing out with this character, how you think your interpretation stands out, how you’d like for your character to grow over the course of the game, plot ideas, etc. Try to include at least one plot idea for your character. Providing this information helps the mod and other players build plots around your character.

• Reason 1

• Reason 2

• Reason 3

• Reason 4

• Reason 5

Samples from previous games and for different characters are totally fine. Samples also do not have to be submitted again after you've already been accepted to the game.

JOURNAL ENTRY: First person. You can find more information about journals here.

RP SAMPLE: Third person, past tense.

Mar. 14th, 2008

Some people say it'll never happen, that we're just wasting time )

I Can't Get Along Without You )


I'll Be There )

Mar. 10th, 2008

OK, so the other day I was just looking at icon places and I gound this one site that had awesome PB icons that were had lots for James' or Harry's and I really liked one of them and was planning to use it for my James. I thought I'd eiter favourited or memoried the site but after searching through all of those I can't find the site again.

I think it was either GJ or IJ but it might've been LJ or something. The icons were tagged with things like James Potter, Harry Potter, depending which character it suited and someone had commented on one of the posts about how the maker must've been determined to find a good James/Harry PB.

It's eally annoying me because I can't find that site anywhere so if you know what it could be, please tell me!

I'm currently using this other guy because he has cool pictures with a red head but I really want to find the other one.

On another note, what time do you think it should be when we start the game? The holidays have been going on forever so I was thinking maybe it could be the last couple of days of the holidays and then they go back to school. What do you think?