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Nine [30 Sep 2013|08:30pm]
What does one say when bad things happen to good people?

It seems like such a waste.

Private to Padfoot and Prongs )

Eight [25 Sep 2013|11:20pm]
I do believe that the world has become a very dark place in a very short time. However, one must remember that it is always darkest before the dawn. While it is sometimes difficult for us to realize this, it is best to press on no matter what the circumstances.

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Seven [12 Sep 2013|05:09pm]
Oh dear Merlin, how does this happen???

Private to Maxwell Black and Lady Ginerva Weasley )

Prince Sirius )

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Six [02 Sep 2013|08:09pm]
Please forgive me if I seem out of sorts, rushed, or otherwise flustered for the next few weeks. I am afraid I look forward to being all of the above.

Good news, the first day went well, I should say! It's always good to see so many fresh faces, eager to learn!

[Private to Padfoot]

I am convinced the queen secretly wishes me dead.

Or maybe this was another one of those games of yours.

Either way, can you please make a list of the arrangements I must make before your impending nuptials?

Five [25 Aug 2013|11:09pm]
Once more, the kingdom seems relatively up in spirits as the impending nuptials grow closer. And, of course, I have found myself overwhelmingly busy with tasks. I do wonder if His Majesty realizes I only have two hands and one mind. As much as I wish to fully coordinate a wedding, plan for what few classes I can be afforded to teach, and put out certain 'fires' round the kingdom, I am only one wizard.

In an unrelated instance, it seems my resume continues to grow.

Private to His Majesty )

Private to Lily )

Four [18 Aug 2013|09:58pm]
It seems every time I pick up The Prophet, it's more ill news. I pray to the gods that soon the skies will brighten a bit and we might get good tidings again...

In other news, the school year is approaching quickly. I know I am only a part-time professor, but I still feel the weight of the year pressing. With the upcoming nuptuals, and a certain person's insistance on keeping me distracted, I do wonder how I will ever be fully prepared come September.

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Three [12 Aug 2013|12:04pm]
This has been quite the eventful week...and not in the way I had hoped.

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Two [09 Aug 2013|11:02am]
So I am planning a small group to visit our dear friend Tonks as she recovers. Does anyone want to go with me?

In other words, Tonks is bored and wants to play cards and have us sneak food in for her. Does anyone else want to gamble and watch a young Auror get sick on their shoes?

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