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[14 Jul 2018|12:18am]
Player Info
Name: Nicky
Over 18? Yes
Timezone: GMT
Preferred contact: email / discord
Have you read the rules and do you understand them? Ugh fine yes.

Character Info
Fandom: Pride & Prejudice (sort of)
Name: Fitzwilliam Darcy
Age/Birthday: 28 / 17th May 1784
Species: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Mr. Darcy is a proud and arrogant man, particularly to those that he considers of less social status. He apparently thinks he is better than the lower classes in both rank and connections and so he does not wish to interact with them. His manners drew the contempt of many in Meryton as they perceived him as proud, sanctimonious and inconsiderate due to his status. He is shown to be cold and aloof, with such a temperament being misconstrued as sheer arrogance.
He is honourable, friendly, and caring to those that are the same class as him.
Through Elizabeth, he learns to be less boastful and arrogant because he realizes that his actions have deeply affected others. Darcy is eventually revealed to be a conscientious landlord who is generous, kind and unselfish, a caring brother, a good friend, and a scrupulous and extremely honourable man who is protective of and self-sacrificing for those he cares about. Despite his pride, he is willing, to an extent, to admit wrongdoing.
History: Here.
Third Person Sample: In game
Journal: [info]mrdarcy_
Played by: Colin Firth
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