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06 November 2012 @ 01:02 am
This is mostly for my own brain, but I am sure it is not unappreciated! This is a timeline for the Evil!Patrick AU where he sold his soul instead of being intercepted by Michael in this thread.

October 2010 - Patrick signs away his soul in the hopes that Satan and Lucifer will give him oblivion. Instead it just robs him of his mortal compass and he becomes their ally.

December 2010 - After months of pretending to still have a soul, Patrick leads George and his lover to a warehouse and tortures them for days. (Thread unavailable though I have it in .doc form if anyone wants! Just comment!)

Late December 2010 - George calls his British counterpart to report that Patrick has sold his soul. English George travels to visit Padraig in Dublin only to be taken prisoner by a soulless version of his brother who lost his soul when Patrick sold it. Thread.

January 2011 - Patrick visits Agatha who has been away and hasn't heard he lost his soul. He rapes her and she loses her faith and also renounces. Thread.

February 2011 - Patrick visits Clio. Thread.

December 2011 - Patrick, now short one eye thanks to Hell torture, shows up in Central Park and runs into George and the two fight again. George snaps Patrick's neck and locks the body in a freezer. Thread

February 2012 - Casual run-in with George after Patrick escaped from the freezer. George stops Patrick from drugging a girl and Patrick is annoyed. George breaks his neck and Patrick dies again. Thread

March 2012 - Patrick stalks Dewi who gets annoyed and kills him again by shooting him in the good eye. Thread.

March 2012 - A week after Dewi shoots Patrick, he shows up with bodyguards and kidnaps David to torture him Thread

March 2012 - A few days later, Patrick is still torturing David and he kills him. Before he dies, David forgives Patrick and Patrick is annoyed. Then he chops David up and sends George the head. Thread.

April 2012 - George fights his way through Hell to retrieve Patrick's soul. Thread. (And it is one of the most amazing things I have ever read.)

April 2012 - George and Michael visit Patrick and re-soulenate him. Thread.

April 2012 - Re-ensouled Patrick helps Michael and George put David back together again. Thread.

May 2012 - A re-soulenated Patrick is not doing so well. Thread
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