Saint Patrick ☘
04 December 2012 @ 02:12 am
Joey and I went to see the new James Bond movie and all I see when I watch those movies now is George being a spy. It kept making me giggle and Joey had to elbow me about 12 times.

Christmas is coming and I get to buy presents! I love buying presents. I am going shopping tomorrow with Mairead because she somehow talked me into a teen shopping trip. If I come back with pierced ears, don't be surprised. Mai is a smooth talker.

I want to decorate the apartment too so when George gets back it's all festive!
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Saint Patrick ☘
04 December 2012 @ 07:55 pm
Can't sleep. Too wired. Bake all the things and read Passive Aggressive Notes. Resist urge to take topless photos and text them to girlfriend who is in the next room sleeping.

Next time, decaf.

I am making you three coffeecakes because one is never enough and two is just a light snack. We should do something soon!

[George and Wrath]
Joshua isn't going to be a problem, at least for a little while. After he threatened me, Clio's family stepped in and he's, erm...taken care of.

Do you guys know when you are getting back? I have no ulterior motive, I just miss your faces.

Got time for Patrickcuddles? I have a lot to tell you! Not now obviously. I will settle for doing this at a time when humans are awake and not just bats and Patrick and other children of the night. I do make sweet music though, you have to admit.
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