Saint Patrick ☘
26 February 2022 @ 02:24 pm
[Filtered away from Sins except Wrath, and other meanie Christian pantheon peeps]

This is always such an odd time of year. Brother's feast day in a few days. Mine in two weeks. I'm feeling giddy and restless already. Like if I don't have a beer in my hand, something's not right.

I've done the wise thing this year and taken from now until March 20th off. Lots of time to spend with my family, but also less chance I'll terrify my coworkers by just showing up at work in ful leprechaun gear and wondering why they think it's odd. Last year I offered to fix one of the lawyers' shoes. I don't know how to do that. But leprechauns do, and I was fucking convinced I could pull it off if I tried.

He was wearing converse (yes, even lawyers love All-Stars).

And last night Wrath brought over KFC and I was so pleased I accidentally shot heart confetti all over her. Which was hilarious for me to witness, and George tried very hard not to laugh at his very grumpy girlfriend covered in hearts, but pretty sure Wrath wanted to rip my arms off. Thankfully she didn't, but she did eat my potatoes and gravy. Which is like the utmost insult to an Irish person. But I guess being covered in heart confetti is the utmost insult for a sin. Evensies?!

Someone walk me, I'm like...vibrating!
Current Mood: energetic