Hey there! This is my writing hub journal. I post mainly writing resources or silly little brain-dumps for my own amusement because I'd go crazy otherwise.

What I Post:

Writing tips and resources, grammar resources, personal essays, random things, whatever I want. I like posting mainly things I think might be useful to other people, but some of what I post is also just there because I felt like it.

Use the tags to navigate this journal. The links on the left are a mix of my things and external sites.
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12:53 pm: (no subject)
01:13 pm: Ten Tips to Better Writing
02:59 pm: 10 Weird Things I've Googled
11:45 am: Character Building Masterlist
09:24 am: Personality Tests
07:58 am: Writing in The Elder Scrolls
11:43 am: Pet Peeves
06:59 pm: Meet The Writer