Hey there! This is my writing hub journal. I don't plan on joining any large-scale panfandom groups or anything, but I do some indie writing on this journal. If you want to get up to shenanigans with me, click the link that says "write with me" in my sidebar on the left.

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Writing tips and resources, grammar resources, personal essays, random things, whatever I want. I like posting mainly things I think might be useful to other people, but some of what I post is also just there because I felt like it.

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March 24th, 2020

Procrastinators who procrastinate not because they're lazy, but because they're perfectionists. They want to make sure they have ALL the facts and details before they move on with whatever it is they're doing, even if there's a deadline pressing.

Prompt | For a Slytherin Student

"I swear if you don't get out of this bed and go to the Hospital Wing, I will risk detention to smuggle a Gryffindor in here to drag you out."