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Daddy Marius

source: brooklyn-99

Lestat: Okay! Thanks, dad.
Coven of the Articulate: [ staring at Lestat ]
Lestat: ... Why is everyone staring at me?
Gabrielle: You just called Marius 'dad'. You said, 'thanks dad'.
Lestat: What?! No I didn't! I said, "thanks man".
Marius: Do you see me as a father figure, Lestat?
Lestat: No! If anything I see you as a bother figure, because you're always bothering me.
Louis: Hey, show your father some respect!
Lestat: I didn't call him dad.
Marius: No, no. Lestat, I take it as a compliment.
Enkil: It's not a big deal. I called Akasha 'mom' once and she's my wife.
Lestat: Guys, jump on that! Enkil has psycho-sexual issues!
Jesse: Old news. But you calling Marius 'daddy'...
Lestat: Hey, 'daddy' is not on the table here.
Armand: Well, you did call him dad, dude.
Lestat: You shut up. You've done nothing but lie since you got here.
Armand: Okay, I was lying about the hold-up, but the daddy thing... that happened.
Lestat: Ah-ha! He admitted the alibi was a lie. It was a trap! All part of my crazy, devious plan.
Marius: I believed you-
Lestat: Thank you.
Marius: -son.
Lestat: [ SIGH ]
Marius: You want to talk about it later over a game of catch?
Lestat: ...I'd like that.