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    Tuesday, March 6th, 2012
    8:58 pm
    The Man of Steel

    Mild Mannered Reporter

    "It is a remarkable dichotomy. In many ways, Clark is the most human of us all. Then... he shoots fire from the skies and it is difficult not to think of him as a god. And how fortunate we all are that it does not occur to him."

    Kal-El of Krypton

    Name: Kal-El
    Current Age: Unspecified
    Place of Birth: Krypton
    Occupation: Hero
    Location: Metropolis, Fortress of Solitude

    History: When his father discovered that their homeward of Krypton was in its last hours of life, Jor-El placed his only son aboard a space vessel of his own creation. Infant Kal-El was sent to Earth only minutes before Krypton was consumed by fire and explosions. His years before his arrival in Metropolis are not public knowledge. Today he has become the hero of the skies and the people. Time and time again, he has given his all to protect those that cannot protect themselves and fight for truth, justice and the freedoms of all.

    While he is called "The Last Son of Krypton", Kal-El is not without family on Earth. His cousin Kara Zor-El has also found her way to the same galaxy and stands alongside him as Supergirl. A clone of both himself and Lex Luthor, Superboy, Kon-El, is also included in his family.

    Appearance: Standing at 6'3 with black hair and blue eyes, Kal-El of Krypton has been compared to a Greek adonis. Superman often finds himself the subject of stares, both envious and amorous. While flattered, he shrugs off the idea of his "stunning good looks", and asks that he be judged by his deeds, not his appearance.

    Suit: The Red and Blue has become a familiar sight around Metropolis and the world and is synonymous with Superman and his family. The suit itself is made of a futuristic spandex, made to withstand high speed winds and battle impact. The boots and belt are made from another Superman-made leather compound, slightly armored to stand up in a fight. The cape is a thin weave of silk.

    -Solar Powered Physiology and Healing
    -Superhuman Strength
    -Superhuman Stamina
    -Superhuman Speed
    -Superhuman Hearing
    -Super Breath
    -Heat Vision
    -Super Vision - telescopic, microscopic, x-ray
    -Increased brain capacity and ability to learn

    -Kryptonite - the radioactive remains of Krypton that followed Kal-El's path to Earth.
    -Changes in solar energy
    Clark Kent

    Name: Clark Joseph Kent
    Current Age: 35
    Date of Birth: February 29th, 1977 - Adopted birthday
    Place of Birth: Smallville, Kansas
    Relationship Status: Married to Lois Lane
    Occupation: Reporter, Daily Planet
    Location: Metropolis

    History: The only adopted son of Jonathan and Martha Kent, Clark was raised on the family farm in Smallville, Kansas. Under their care, the boy found a love of the soil, along with a respect for it and others. A more polite, and caring young man, Clark enjoyed his youth and teenage years, bonding closely with his adopted family.

    Clark would later leave the small town to travel to Metropolis for his further education and employment. He was fascinated with the newspaper trade and soon made it his own, taking a job at the Daily Planet. Here, Kent would strive towards bringing not only truth to the masses, but convey empathy and heart in his articles.

    It was also here that he fell in love with the woman he would later marry, Lois Lane. Although their relationship got off to a less than pleasant start (Kent managed to scoop Lane in the biggest story of their lives, the arrival of Superman in Metropolis), Lane was able to see past the stammering and clumsy country bumpkin and fall in love. The two now work closely together at the Planet and are still very much as in love.

    Appearance: Fellow reporters have remarked that Clark seems to dress like a farmer trying to be stylish in 1950. Kent slouches, and has a reputation for wearing ill-fitting suits. His glasses might be considered a bit too big for his face and he's clumsy. His ties often have mothball holes, and his favorite fedora was his adopted grandfathers, a bit worn around the edges.

    Along with slouching, Clark also has a reputation of being clumsy, often knocking into people and things around the office. His voice has a slight nasal midwestern quality, and his eyes are usually wide behind his large glasses. Writing Sample:

    He floated mid air, high above the shining city below, the higher speed winds whipping not only his hair, but his cape. His eyes remained closed for long minutes as he filtered through the sounds below and even some beyond.

    "Not gonna take this crap much longer." "Honey, wait for Mommy!" "Have you SEEN the graffiti downtown? Bunch of hooligans running crazy!" "C'mon man…. I can't buy shoes for THAT much." "…. Please forgive me."

    His eyes snapped open and moved instantly, heading north and down, blurring through the air. Those fortunate enough to be looking upwards only caught the sight of a blur of red and blue zooming across the skyline.

    He focused on his target, picking up the desperate quality to the man's voice. "….. I can't believe it's come to this."

    "It doesn't have to." He touched down behind a man standing in a parking lot, holding a crowbar, poised to smash open the window to a luxury sedan. The other whirled around, eyes wide, the crowbar raising. "S-Superman!"

    Superman's head tilted, eying the crowbar. "You know that won't work. Why don't we talk about this? What's brought you here? What's gone wrong?"

    There was a half a minute pause and the crowbar shook before it dropped to the man's side. "…. Everything. I lost my job. LexCorp bought my factory out, shut it down and fired everyone. Health insurance is gone, my wife" and his shoulder's shook, his voice going to whisper. "…. we're finally gonna have a baby."

    The Man of Steel's expression went sympathetic and his voice was low, quiet. "And you wanted to provide for her."

    "God yeah, she's … she's my everything. I told her when we got married I'd take care of her forever. And now ….? I can't even collect unemployment because of how my company got screwed over." He looked up at the taller man, eyes filling. "I'm supposed to be the strong one. The one who works hard to provide for my family. And every time I try, no one is hiring, no one wants me. Hell, I'll shovel coal till I drop if it means that she and my kid are gonna be provided for."

    "That's admirable. Extremely admirable. She and your future child are lucky to have you."

    There was a scoff. "Yeah. I'm sure they'll be thrilled that Dad is a thief."

    "Not yet." And he took the crowbar from him. "You knew this was wrong, and you were stopping yourself. I could hear it in your voice, I could see it in your posture. You're a good man in a tough situation. I've been there numerous times myself. What's admirable to me is that you stopped. Other's have tried to continue, fought me, they didn't see the wrong. It's a strong man that can see himself to the edge of despair and darkness, and yet have the heart to step back from it.

    "….Thanks, Superman."

    "Now, let me help."

    "I don't want charity."

    A kind smile formed, a reassuring one. "I wasn't about to offer it. I know for a fact that the Daily Planet is looking for new hires in their printing department. Someone who doesn't mind working with machinery, and who will be a hard worker. I think you should apply for that."

    The other man's head lifted slowly, looking at him. "I'd … I never did a job like that before."

    "Would you be willing to learn?"

    "YES! Of-of course I would!"

    "Then I think you should take a trip over there and tell them why you should be hired." He gave the man a half-smile, eyes twinkling. "I'll save you some cab fair and give you a lift if you want."

    "Thank you! OH god, I gotta call Linda and … OH! My name is David, and … Thank you, Superman. Thank you, I don't know how I can ever thank you enough."

    "You don't have to, I'm always here to help."


    Name: Katie
    Time Zone: CST
    Age: 27
    AIM: fullyramblonic2
    Journal Name: Son_of_Krypton_
    Did you read the rules? Yep.
    What's the character limit? 5 or 6 if you want a villain
    What would you like to do with this character? Superman/Cap interactions sound like a lot of fun. They can complain about how Bruce and Tony try to make them blush while eating apple pie.
    How do you think the character can be integrated with the other universe?: Clark himself might not interact that much, but Superman would definitely seek out the friendship of fellow heroes, especially ones with morals like his own.

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