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May 25th, 2012 at 8 am]
I'm about to head out to Orlando with most of my family. My parents are staying behind in our hometown of TBD, but my younger sister, Nina, is coming with me to Orlando for high school. We will both be sophomores at Altamont Academy in the fall. I turned 16 in March and I should be a junior, but because of my mother not thinking I was ready to start Kindergarten at 5, she held me back a year and put me in school with Nina. She thought that being with my sister would help me along. So, anyway, I didn't start Kindergarten until Nina did, and that means we are in the same grade, even though we are 10 months apart. Our older brother, Taylor, is in University in California right now, so we only see him on breaks from school.

The other family I have that will be at AA this fall is my cousins. My moms two sisters both have kids around my age, and so my cousins Candice and Olivia will be at AA with Nina and I, too. Candice is closer to my age and turning 16 this year, while Olivia is turning 16 next year with Nina, but they are both sophomores with us.

But anyway, I guess I should tell you a little about me, since this is my journal, and I am being forced to keep it in order to attend Altamont Academy.

I am a huge sports fan, and my parents insist that I am a red blooded American boy, because I play Football and Soccer and run Track. Nina runs track with me, and last year we were top 5 in our Freshman class at our old school. But unlike Nina, I am not looking forward to the academics classes. I am most looking forward to the sports camps and the teams that I have heard are pretty damn good at this school. If I had to pick a favorite subject it would probably be gym, and maybe English, because I guess the only thing I like academically is reading. I read a lot, and I have a huge collection of books, though my favorites are Ender's Game, and Holes. I also have Ball Don't Lie by Matt de la Pena on my Kindle Fire. And yes, I did read The Hunger Games. But I will not admit to seeing the movie to anyone, even though I saw it twice.

I am very family oriented and I am actually glad that my whole family will practically be in the same state this fall. It will be fun to have Olivia and Candice with us at AA, and especially Nina. We are more like twins, in the case that we are in the same grade, and do some sports together, and we're just real close. We have family movie nights every week, depending on our schedules, and we have a family dinner almost every holiday, with our whole family, cousins including. Like I said, we're a very close family.

Back at my old school I mostly hung out with my teams, because with me playing so many sports, I didn't have time for much else besides practices and getting some food afterwards. As for girls, I dated, mostly cheerleaders, or teammates from my co-ed teams, because like I said, with all my sports, I didn't really have time to hang out with anyone outside of sports. I don't have a specific girl type, but I like to make sure we are friends first. I don't do the casual sex or rush into relationships like most guys my age. There's no rush, we're only in high school. That being said, I am a virgin, but I am not a prude. I have done other stuff with girls, and I have had a few girlfriends throughout the years.

Well, that's all I have to share for now. I am looking forward to this new school. It is going to be pretty cool living in the dorms and having my cousins and sister there. It's kind of weird writing in a journal. I will have to get used to this. How do I sign off on this thing? I hope no one else can read this.

May 8th, 2012 at 7 am]

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