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12th April 2021

_the_boss_, posting in ringrats @ 6:13pm: Can we pleeeease get some more folks over at [info]indiepromotion? Dying to get more active with The Boss here.

Also, looking for any of the following for some PSLs:

Rhea Ripley
Roman Reigns
Alexa Bliss
Becky Lynch
Stephanie McMahon
Sammy Guevara
Cody Rhodes
Big E
Britt Baker
Anna Jay
kairopractor, posting in ringrats @ 6:32am: psls, please. v bored. preferred partners and other info in the journal.

10th April 2021

dnambrose, posting in ringrats @ 3:22am: something het for jon?

8th April 2021

daquelriaz, posting in ringrats @ 9:32am: demi? xia? i know you're out there.
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