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[04 Oct 2022|11:09pm]


[ mood | curious ]

WHO: Tinsel and Julia
WHEN: Saturday 8th October
WHERE: Cubbyhole, a gay bar
WHAT: Lesbians gonna les

work hard play hard )

[04 Oct 2022|12:59am]


WHO: Armaan Khatri and his mother Radhika Khatri [NPC]
WHEN: Friday, September 30th
WHERE: Radhika's apartment
WHAT: Coming out
WARNINGS: Coming out
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[26 Sep 2022|11:54am]

[Text to Tinsel]

Today 1:12 PM
Well hey there, Tinsel, it's Julia. Hope Addy gave you a heads up I'd be texting.
I feel a bit like a dumbass but Addy's being pretty cute about setting us up
So, hi! I'm Julia. 24. Music student with a lit minor. I work in a band at a jazz club on the weekends. Tell me about you?

[25 Sep 2022|08:34pm]


WHO: Henry and Iestyn Ceredig
WHEN: Saturday the 24th , Henry's Lucifersary
WHERE: North Tarrytown AKA Sleepy Hollow
WHAT: Just vibin
WARNINGS: Memories of torture
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