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Amy M, Mayers [22 Jul 2019|04:04pm]


[Locked to Amy M]

[Locked to Mayers]
apparently there's radiation leaking into town or something ominous. how's everyone's day?
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[public] [22 Jul 2019|12:48pm]


[He's too tired to even consider individual locks, so it's a PSA instead.] I'm back from [...] vacation. Sorry if I left anyone hanging.

ETA: [After several conversations within the post, particularly this one.]

I want to apologize publicly for my actions at the facility. You have a right to know what happened, and a right to know what you were or weren't exposed to. I was not in my right mind, but regardless, my lack of control put everyone who works at the facility, and the people who live in this town, in danger. I am sorry.

It has been noted that a quarantine alarm was triggered during my attack on the facility - while I've been told by facility authorities that there was no actual breach, anyone who works at the facility should know that there was the potential for a dangerous, possibly fatal pathogen to spread among facility staff. You have a right to know that could have happened, and to ask that more measures be taken to keep you safe.

Know that I have been and will be punished in a way that will keep my friends and neighbors safe from any future harm by me. It isn't much, but it's all I have to offer.
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[20 Jul 2019|10:21pm]


Who: Alex White & Kratos Spartan and others (also feel free to rubberneck)
What: Walking home from work/Repose gonna Repose
Where: Downtown Repose
When: Now
Warnings/Rating: Blood, gore, etc.

Time After Time )
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Janus A, Destiny S, Jamie M, Atticus M [20 Jul 2019|02:13pm]


How much to find someone for me?

Tell me that you like pizza, girl. If not we're gonna have to get a DNA test going on here.

How do you feel about moody alt-pop on vinyl?

[Delivery: Atticus]
[On the next supply boat, wrapped in a brown paper sleeve, the 40th anniversary vinyl of one of his favourite albums. A purple Post-It note stuck to the shrink wrap reads: See? Some ancient things are still cool.]
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public [20 Jul 2019|05:31pm]


[Public: as anon]

[At three am.]

A person will die of starvation slower than lack of sleep. Starvation takes weeks.
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public from caspar a [20 Jul 2019|12:08am]


This strikes me as the kind of quaint, unsoiled suburbia where humble but looky-loo townsfolk construct woven baskets of well-meant offering for the new blood in their region. I know it all sounds terribly pagan, I was skeptical too, but I've been reassured that the practice is a wholesome one; the kind of event that Norman Rockwell masturbated to with regularity.

Strange. Norman was fond of painting Santa Claus, who we all know to have folklorist origins as well. Coincidence? This may require further musing, preferably after the consumption of hallucinogenic aperitifs.

Which brings me full circle to ask, where do I go to collect my gift basket?
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[17 Jul 2019|10:51pm]


WHO: Ren Solitaire
WHEN: Tonight.
WHERE: Repose Community Center
SUMMARY: Ren and crew went to an auction in the Capital and brought back things!

There were more props than they'd probably ever really need. )
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Dream Log: Billy/Eames [13 Jul 2019|09:56pm]


Who: Billy K. and F. Eames
What: Dreaming
Where: A prison island
When: Present (night)
Warnings/Rating: TBD, but let’s start with warnings for kidnapping, Stockholm syndrome, and (at the very least) implied abuse.

When he woke up in the tapestry room, Billy knew that it was because the Prince had found someone new. )
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[Service: Mercy & Shiloh] [12 Jul 2019|06:00pm]


Who: Shiloh Father Browning and Mercy
What: Service and after
Where: The Protestant church
When: Sunday
Warnings/Rating: Jesus?

It was easier for priests, dressing for service in a new town. )
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[12 Jul 2019|11:19pm]


Who: Wren & OPEN
What: Scavanging
Where: in Town
Warnings: Wren warnings?
Rating: TBD

born in a junkyard, born in a junkyard )
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Public [12 Jul 2019|10:17am]


so the boss gave me permission to do something new here at the shop:

Repose Community Recs

i'm setting up a display at work with recommendations from people in town. you can comment here or come in and pick something out and fill in a card with your name and something about the comic you want to recommend.

everyone who submits a recommendation by the end of the month will get entered in a drawing for a $20 gift certificate to the shop. if it goes well we'll change them ever couple months and do another drawing.

my rec is mouse guard.

also, not at all related but, Elmore or Crunch, the Shy Dinosaur?
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Deliveries, Texts, and Letters, oh my! [11 Jul 2019|10:57pm]


[There are a few assorted homemade cookie deliveries around town, as Claire is wont to do.
One to Janus: You are too smart for me. How have you manipulated me into making you cookies all the time? ~Claire
One to Hannah: Thank you for being you. Dinner soon. ~Claire
One to Ren: You certainly picked an interesting show. ~Claire
One to Misha: Love you. No matter what. ~Claire
One to Alex: I hope the new job is going well! Thank you for the story time! ~Claire
And TWO to Kratos: For the both of you. Thank you, again. ~Claire]

[Text: Lucifer M]
Will you be coming to Rome?

[Letter: Daniel W]
A letter penned thoughtfully, in French, on her heavy pristine white stationary. )
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Public, Travis B [11 Jul 2019|04:48pm]


[Public, anon]
[Fuzzy timeline after this, while convalescing.]

Mr. Dove looking for Mr. Fox.

[Locked to Travis B]
the memory thing.
how does it work?
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Public [11 Jul 2019|01:32am]



[As anon.] That military place. How easy is it to find out if they worked out what trouble went down a while back?
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Cass & Atticus: the lake [11 Jul 2019|12:47am]


Who: Atticus M and Cass R
What: Early morning sojourns
Warnings: TBD, expect some mention of drugs/non-FDA approved therapy

They gave her back her clothes, old friends from vacuum sealed plastic, long enough for Cass to leave them again.  )
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