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[News: Repost] [12 Apr 2019|09:56pm]


[Those in Repose sensitive to changes in energy can feel the victory of a battle won. The battle itself may have gone unnoticed, but the victory resonates in the air like a bloodstained banner over the battlefield. Proof laid in fact that Repose still stood as it ever has. Unfortunately for the victors, there was one last Hail Mary thrown from the other side.

From the clearing in the woods, the dimensional rift fades out of existence, but not without consequence. The touch from the other side spreads through the town as an aftershock emanates from an explosion, with no care for who or what it may destroy in its last ditch effort to survive. The energy spent wraps tightly around the brains of any being it comes across, shadow-like tentacles invisible to the human eye that invade and squeeze possessively to claim the minds as its own. Anyone that succumbs, whether willingly or not, immediately falls into an endless slumber, their dreams being used to feed upon by a creature that defied dimensional logic.

Those in town immune to psychic invasion or somehow manage the willpower to resist the pull to slumber have a much different problem on their hands, for all the people that have fallen under the seductive and unnatural connection do not wake back up.]
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Public, Patrick G, Adrian M [12 Apr 2019|08:54pm]



What's the town view of the bar with the lowest barrier-to-entry within five miles?

[Patrick G]

Hey, kid. How's it going?

[Adrian M]

Come up for air, kid?
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[11 Apr 2019|10:38am]


While The Chamberlain's Men will be closed on Easter Sunday, we will be open Good Friday, like the sacrilegious bastards we are. Anyone bold enough to wear pastel will get a free matching color shooter. Ladies, if you are crazy enough to do so, wear a rabbit costume and get free entry and drinks all night. No, bloody queens don't count.

We open at 9pm and close at 2am.
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[Appearance: Seven's Bedroom] [10 Apr 2019|05:29pm]


[Wwednesday night, something appears in Seven's room while he is sleeping. There is a presence, a familiar one even, that stays for some time, just watching him. It's only around 3am that it makes any move, ghostly lips pressed against the man's forehead in kiss.

I'm sorry... it whispers before fading completely from the room. The only evidence of its presence left behind is a spot of sopping wet carpet, the fishy smell of lake water, and the damp impression of lips upon Seven's forehead.]
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