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7/15/11 09:53 pm - 19

Are you still okay with Alec moving in with us?

You lot are into black market shady sorts of things, yes?

[Former Death Eaters]
Does anyone even have a trial date yet?

[entry has been ripped out and burned -- left here for OOC posterity]

7/8/11 08:34 pm - 18


Are you and T still into black market shady-type things?

7/8/11 02:17 am - 17

I got married, by the way.

6/18/11 04:14 pm - 16



6/8/11 10:02 pm - 15

[Warded private] )


6/8/11 12:14 am - 14


I need a favor. Are you out of the hospital yet?

6/4/11 12:17 am - 13

I've no idea what's going on or who cares but Marek and I are at St. Mungo's. He's in a medically-induced coma, but alive, and I'm more or less fine.

If you want to visit, warn me. So I can hide if I don't want you seeing me


Write an article about the journal post Ron Weasley made, and any similar accusations you can find. Discredit him. Make everyone believe the concept of a slavery potion is patently absurd.

[added later:][Death Eaters]

Is the general population still getting the potion or are we just going to fall the fuck apart without the Minister? Does anyone know?

5/17/11 01:03 am - 12


I just Tonight Marek and I So apparently because my age starts with a 2 I have to be a lady now. I wonder what the problem was when I was actually 2.

Buggering shit hell.

You have to ask for my hand.

5/15/11 03:37 am - 11


I got an owl today. From Grandfather.

5/10/11 03:46 pm - 10


Happy birthday, little brother. We are officially not teenagers anymore.

5/5/11 01:47 pm - 9

[posted late last night]

[Warded to Marek]

I figured I should warn you in advance that I look pretty pathetic right now, so don't panic when you see me. But I'm I'll be all right.

4/15/11 02:45 pm - 8

[Warded to Marek]

Why exactly is this bothering us so much? We're both happy, right? All I care about is that you're happy.

4/12/11 02:31 am - 7

[Warded to Marek]



Brothers suck.

4/9/11 01:54 am - 6

[Warded to Alec]

Marek likes a girl and he let me find out about this before I'm allowed to menace her. I'm going crazy.

Also, I can find no evidence or clues of the traitorous bitch. Has anyone written a scathing and harsh editorial about traitors?

[added later:] [Warded to Felixa]

So, I'm sure you're trustworthy, brilliant person, all that, but if you mess my brother about, I will mess up your face.

That's all.

4/4/11 04:14 am - 5

[Warded to TELLA private]

What the
So were you even
I'm going to When I Pain. There will be You can't use that shit on me, I know what it's like and if you think I'm weak enough to


[Warded to Ella Svetkova]

I hope I get to be the one who finds you.

[Warded to Marek]

Who do we know who knows occlumency?

[Warded to Draco Malfoy]

Anyone else who needs


[Warded to Millicent]

Fancy a spot of violence?

3/24/11 06:09 am - 4

[Warded to Fletcher]

I have a question I should probably know the answer to, so don't judge me.

[Warded to Marek]

It's probably easier to have conversations I don't want to have in writing, right?

2/10/11 01:11 am - 3

[Warded to Marek Bobbin]

Wandless magic could be very useful to master. Do you think it might be easier to accomplish with a wand on you but not in your hand?

2/8/11 11:32 pm - 2

[Warded to Marek, Ella, Pansy, Shane, and Fletcher]

I have a problem. Is 80 old enough to be senile? (That's not the problem. Well, not all of it.)

1/21/11 09:40 pm - 1

[Warded to Marek Bobbin]

I was the first to write in this journal, I win.


I'm trying to invent a spell that will tell you how old a thing is with some degree of accuracy. A thing created years ago being defined down to minutes, etc. Progress has been nonexistent slow.

1/20/11 07:00 pm

It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for. )
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