July 2017


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Jul. 31st, 2017

[No Subject]

  1. Down the Rabbit-Hole
  2. The Pool of Tears
  3. A Caucus-Race and a Long Tale
  4. The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill
  5. Advice from a Caterpiller
  6. Pig and Pepper
  7. A Mad Tea-Party
  8. The Queen's Croquet Ground
  9. The Mock Turtle's Story
  10. The Lobster-Quadrille
  11. Who Stole the Tarts?
  12. Alice's Evidence

  14. Looking-Glass House
  15. The Garden of Live Flowers
  16. Looking-Glass Insects
  17. Tweedledum and Tweeledee
  18. Wool and Water
  19. Humpty Dumpty
  20. The Lion and the Unicorn
  21. "It's My Own Invention"
  22. Queen Alice
  23. Shaking
  24. Waking
  25. Which Dreamed It?
  26. Items: The key The Drink Me Bottle The Eat Me Cake The White Rabbits fan and gloves

Jul. 25th, 2017

[No Subject]


NAME: Aimee
AIM: aimadahla1986
EMAIL: aimadahla1986@gmail.com


NAME: Alice Liddell
JOURNAL: _alicedear
PLAYED BY: Dove Cameron
FANDOM: Alice in Wonderland books
CANON POINT: Post Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll


WHAT ARE YOUR INTENTIONS WITH THIS CHARACTER IN GAME? Alice is going to be breaking out of the TV shows she's been appearing on in recurring roles and starting to get roles in major motion pictures. She's also going to be dealing with the absurdity/insanity of her dreams and trying not to let the obsession of solving riddles there overwhelm her waking life.

CANON HISTORY:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice%27s_Adventures_in_Wonderland#Plot

IN GAME HISTORY: For some families the news that there is going to be another child almost 20 years after the birth of your other would be a bad thing, but the Liddell's took the news as a blessing. They'd never wanted to just have one child so on May 4th when Alice made her screaming entrance into the world her parents and older sister were overjoyed by the little healthy blonde bundle that was handed over to them. They named her Alice and from the second they took her home - that was the end of a quiet, restful life at home.

From the time she could crawl Alice was on the go, wanting to explore everything in their house and outside if the door was left open or her family set her down outside and then looked away for more than a second. She got more scrapes and cuts and bruises than her parents could account for but she was always happy and in one piece come the end of the day and that's what mattered right? As Alice got older her curiousity and desire to explore changed from the world outside her house to the worlds she could find in books and she wanted to read as much as she could, losing herself for hours in fantasy and science fiction novels, wishing she could actually visit those worlds painted so vividly in those pages.

The chance to do just that, to visit those worlds in a way, came about when Alice was in middle school and a friend and their mom dragged her along to an open casting call for a tv show that was looking for preteen actors for a small role in an upcoming story line. On a whim Alice decided to read for it since she was there and it looked like it could be fun and she got the part. For 6 weeks she appeared as a guest star on the show and while the experience wasn't something she'd looked for - she loved it. Getting to pretend to be someone else, to be somewhere else and make a story real for people? It was exactly what she'd always wanted for herself when she was reading her favorite books.

Her parents weren't exactly thrilled when Alice told them she wanted to be an actress, to keep going to auditions and getting parts but they supported her in it. As long as she remembered that school came first. And that was how it ended up that Alice started her career as a television actress before graduating high school. She was never a star of a series, going for small recurring roles that she could do while still going to school. And loving the fact that it allowed her the freedom to be playing several parts at one time but now that she's graduated high school she's ready to try for something a little bigger. Maybe a staring role in a tv show or even moving over into films.


Minako I swear if this place isn't as entertaining as you told me I am never going to forgive you. No. I'll totally forgive you. But you'll have to go to the book store with me and stay as long as I want without making a single comment about the books I look at.

And then buy me froyo.