06 March 2007 @ 11:26 pm
When the Lights Go Down.  
Written for [info]qaf_drabbles challenge #4 - Song lyrics - after listening to Lights Go Down by Deadstar.

* * *

When the lights go down
You come here again
You come here even though your body’s at its end

You call my name
Right across my heart
I’ll hear it and I’ll be right back there at the start

Don’t say you’ll come here again
Cos I won’t be let down

I startle awake. We haven't moved, his arms are still around me.

I'm probably crushing him but he's not complaining, and truthfully, I don't want to move.

He told me earlier that we'd see each other all the time but he really doesn't know that.

The lad's a genius. He always gets what he wants. And I have no doubt that he'll get everything he wants in New York.

“You,” he whispers.

I look up at him. “Me what?”

“That's what I want. More than anything else. So, we'll see each other all the time. Right?”

I believe him. “Right.”