Britin ([info]_alicesprings) wrote on March 6th, 2007 at 11:58 pm
Saving Myself.
Written for [info]qaf_drabbles challenge #4 -Song lyrics - inspired by Deeper Water by Deadstar.

Unbeta'd, again, possibly crap, it's late, I can't tell. Don't hold it against me kthx.

* * *

I feel myself I'm flying
you look so good in a mirror
oh I'd sell my soul for a record
yeah of all we've said and done

'Cause I'm heading out where the water is much deeper
I save myself I'm saving you
I'm heading out I'm going there and I'm gonna make it
I save myself I'm saving you

* * *

Justin preens in his suit, looking more grown up that I can ever remember seeing him.

I think about everything that has brought us to this moment. About baseball bats and cancer and bombs.

I think about feeling so fucking scared, and about finally having the balls to put myself on the line. To say I love you.

How easy it can be. To let go, and to hold on.

To be happy. To put faith in someone else.

Not for anyone else. Not with anyone else. But Justin, yes.

It feels good.

I catch his eye. “You look beautiful.”
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