05 May 2007 @ 02:31 am
Title: Motherfucker
Timeline: 510-512
Author's Notes: Written for the [info]qaf_drabbles challenge #13 - Dialog. Utterly silly. You have been warned.

* * *

“You're pissed about the age difference? You chased after 28-year-old men when you were 17.”

“29, fucker.”

“Alright, 29. All the more reason. Don't be pissy mommy's finally getting some.”

“Getting some? What the fuck, Brian. I don't want to think about my mother getting some! I may never have sex again!”

“Please, you couldn't last a day. Your mom's happy. You're happy. And I'll be happy in about ten minutes.”

“What's happening then?”

“You, oh celibate one, are going to blow me.”

“Oh really?

“Mmmm hhmm.”

“Make it five.”


“Because you'll be blowing me in ten.”