10 May 2007 @ 11:45 pm
Kiss Drabbles.  
Title: First Kiss
Timeline: Post 513
Author's Notes: Written for [info]qaf_drabbles challenge #15 - Kisses. Unbeta'd. These drabbles are addictive. Sorry for spamming.

My favorite part of coming home is our first kiss.

Whether it's at the airport, where we kiss long and hard, not caring about the people milling around us as we reconnect.

Or if it's at the loft, where we've had so many kisses. Our first, and our last and all the ones in between.

Or even at Kinnetik, when I fly in early and surprise Brian at work. I think I like those best of all. The way Brian claims me, not caring if his staff is watching.

All our kisses are good, but the first one's my favorite.

Title: Last Kiss
Timeline: Post 513

The last kiss is the one I dread most.

A final touch of lips and tongues before I return to my city hovel, or Brian flies home to Pittsburgh.

Sometimes it's tentative and soft, because we're still not sure if that makes it hurt less.

Sometimes it's hard and needy, because who knows how long until we'll be able to do it again, and all I want is to soak him in.

The last kiss is bittersweet. It's tinged with sadness and uncertainty.

I hate the last kiss, but we need it. So we can have our first kiss again.