01 December 2009 @ 08:51 am
Title: Thankful
Prompt: Thanksgiving Day
Notes: I know I'm being glib about Thanksgiving, but it's a very Australian trait, so plze forgive! Tweaked very slightly from the original posted at [info]qaf_drabbles for the 37 Days of Gusmas drabble challenge. There's lots of good stuff going on over there. Check it out!


“Happy Thanksgiving!”

“Hey, Sunshine. You too. Or was that yesterday for you?”

“It would have been, but Australians know nothing about Thanksgiving, and care even less. Besides, it’s too damn hot here for turkey.”

“Poor Justin. Suffering for your art.”

I snort. “Shut up. I know I shouldn’t complain; the weather's great and I’ve sold three pieces already. I just wish I was there.”

“No worries, mate!” Brian says in a god-awful Australian accent. “I’ll stuff your turkey when you get back.”

I laugh. “Maybe I’ll stuff yours too.”

He lowers his voice. “Well, there’s something to be thankful for.”