07 August 2010 @ 06:57 pm
Title: Waiting
Written By: [info]_alicesprings
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Just a tiny little second person POV thing for the August 3 episode.

It’s not a surprise that he’s not ready to have sex with you, god knows you’ve been dropping hints about it for weeks now and he’s laughed you off every time. So no, it’s not surprising. It is, however, disappointing. He drives you crazy - in lots of different ways, he gets your blood pumping, his smile makes you smile – it’s kind of ridiculous how in love with him you are.

You haven’t said it out loud, you haven’t told him, but you know it. You feel it, and it's new and scary, so you get how he feels.

It still surprises you how much you actually like Luke. He's the complete antithesis to everything you ever thought you’d be attracted to. He’s too young and too rich and spoiled and he’s too nice. You know you’re not exactly his idea of the perfect boyfriend either, but somehow the two of you like each other and you’re both trying your best to figure this thing out.

You knew the talk was coming; it’s a relief actually, to have gotten it out of the way. To finally know where you stand. He’s the love of my life, Luke had told you, months ago when he and Noah were still together, back when you were falling for him but he wasn't falling for you. You get it, you get how much a part of him Noah is – was – so you resign yourself to giving him time. You’re not a teenager after all, you can control yourself.

You resign yourself to waiting for Luke to be ready, to wait for him to catch up to you, wait for him to be as in love with you as you are with him. You know he's trying, and you know he’s worth waiting for. So you'll wait, and you'll anticipate.