Britin ([info]_alicesprings) wrote on August 13th, 2010 at 03:24 pm
Make-Up Sex
Title: Make-Up Sex
Written By: [info]_alicesprings
Rating: NC-17
Author’s Notes: JFC I need an intervention. Too much Lure, not enough studying. Blah blah whatever. Unbeta’d and totally off-the-cuff silly little thing, you have been warned.

Luke and Reid have a lot of make-up sex. Reid’s a jerk and Luke’s a spoiled brat and between the two of them that equals a lot of drama.

Luke gets pissed when Reid says insensitive shit like “you’re the one who wanted to take it slow. You got your wish.” (That ended with a little shouting and a lot of manhandling and then Luke flat on his back with his pants hanging from one ankle as Reid fucked the hell out of him, their mouths separating just long enough to grunt ‘I love you’s’ at each other before fusing together again.)

Reid gets pissed when Luke does shit like mention Noah fucking Mayer’s name at least bi-weekly. “Noah never liked this movie, he said the cinematography was amateurish.” (That ended with Luke bent over Reid’s lap on the couch and red handprints stinging his ass.)

Luke gets pissed when Reid mutters insults under his breath during family dinners at the farm. “What’s up with your sister’s tits? She looks like a hooker in that dress.” (That ended with Reid scowling as he plucked splinters from his “sensitive areas” and Luke grinning and pretending he didn’t know the barn door was so rough.)

Luke always leaves a mess of toothpaste on the bathroom sink (that usually ends with rug burn on his knees) and Reid always leaves the empty milk container in the fridge (that usually ends with bruises on his hips from where the hard edge of the kitchen counter digs in.)

Being pissed at each other has turned them on from the start. The truth is, Reid actually likes dinners at the farm (Emma always makes him an extra pie to take home) but he’s developed a bit of a kink for the smell of hay, and Luke only mentions Noah’s name so often because he knows how much it drives Reid nuts. (Reid got over his Noah insecurities about two weeks into their sex life when he made Luke come so hard he passed out. When Luke came to, Reid pried all the sordid details about his relationship with Noah out of him and Reid couldn’t keep a straight face in Luke’s presence for a solid week afterward.)

The truth is, they tried the living-in-perfect-harmony thing (they were both bored within a month) and the getting angry thing works better for them. Reid likes shooting his mouth off, and Luke likes shouting and jabbing his finger. And they’re both enormous drama queens with a fondness for tearing shirts off each other (Luke has become adept at sewing on buttons). And if Luke just so happens to stop by the hospital around 4pm every Monday when Reid is working himself into lather over his interns’ seemingly sky-rocketing levels of incompetence, well, that’s just good timing, right? (Reid’s assistant has learned to bring earphones to work.)
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