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Party Prep
Title: Party Prep
Written By: [info]_alicesprings
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: Very quick, thrown together little gapfiller thing. Inspired by the brill [info]newssodark's comments about the August 18 episode. She is clrly genius.
[info]_alicesprings: I love how Reid was all "I've gotta go get ready" and then he looked exactly the same at the party. lol
[info]newssodark: I know! lol!
well, he and Luke had a make-up make out session.
[info]_alicesprings: asdfkhkhdsfj
[info]newssodark: and then Luke just grabbed a jacket and they left from there

"Do you want to go?" Reid asks.

"Well, yeah. If I'm still invited," Luke says. "And you need me to go, you wouldn't last five minutes without insulting one of the trustees."

"Good point," Reid concedes, causing Luke to grin widely. He takes a step forward, bringing one hand up to rest on Reid's shoulder. "I really am sorry," he says, squeezing for a second. "I do trust you. And for what it's worth, I told Noah I didn't believe him."

Reid nods and his lips quirk into one of those tiny smiles of his that disappear almost immediately, but it's enough. Luke smiles, reassured. He didn't really think Reid was cheating on him, at least, not until Noah started planting seeds of doubt in his mind. Luke shakes his head, chasing the thoughts away. Reid seems over it already, and Luke is just relieved that they're able to move past it without all the drama he'd come to expect from a fight with Noah.

Luke leans forward, smiling against Reid's lips until Reid's tongue darts out, licking at Luke's lower lip until he opens up and lets it slip inside. Luke's tongue meets Reid's, and his hands move up to cup Reid's face as they kiss. Reid's hands find their way to Luke's hips, clutching tightly. Luke pulls back, blinking. "What time's the party?"

Reid licks his lips. "Half an hour."

"Do you wanna make out for a bit first?"

Reid shoots him an incredulous look and Luke laughs, pulling him down on the couch. "Thought so," he says, before swooping back on Reid's mouth, their tongues tangling together again. Luke feels Reid's hands snake up his back until they're cupping the back of his head, holding him close as they kiss, and then his fingers are carding through Luke's hair, over and over as their tongues taste and explore.

Luke shifts a little, throwing his leg over Reid's and moving their bodies even closer together. Reid smells so good, and he's a really, really good kisser. Luke's starting to get hard, but it's not the right time, and it's not the right place. He's been thinking lately, that maybe he's finally ready. Really ready. He thinks he might suggest to Reid that they get a room at the Lakeview. Soon, very soon. Luke sighs into Reid's mouth, finally pulling away from the kiss with a dopey grin. He rests his forehead against Reid's. Luke is delighted to see that Reid has an equally dopey grin on his face.

"That was very encouraging, Mr. Snyder," Reid says.

Luke snorts. "You ain't seen nothing yet, Dr. Oliver," he says coyly.

Reid raises an eyebrow and runs his hand slowly along Luke's thigh, which is still pressed tightly against Reid's own. Luke shivers a little and Reid grins. Luke picks up Reid's hand, pressing their palms together and lifting them up, placing a kiss to the back of Reid's hand. Reid's eyes go soft in that way that never fails to make Luke's insides turn to mush. "Oh god," Luke says suddenly. "What time is it?"

Reid glances at his watch and his eyes widen. "Time to leave," he says. "Now!"

Luke scrambles off the couch, flustered. "I was gonna change," he says. "Me too," Reid shrugs. "No time, just grab a jacket and let's go."

Luke takes off up the stairs and returns a moment later, rolling his shirt sleeves down and trying to put his jacket on all at the same time. He ends up just getting tangled up instead and Reid huffs out a laugh. "You're ridiculous," he says affectionately and Luke glares, before conceding the point and laughing at himself. Reid helps him on with his jacket and Luke tweaks Reid's collar and then they're kissing again.

"Mmm," Luke moans quietly, pulling away. "We're gonna be late, we better go."

Luke turns toward the door. "Luke, your hair is..."

"What?" Luke asks, throwing a hand up and patting the back of his head. "Nothing," Reid says. "It's fine, we don't have time, let's go."

"What's wrong with my hair, Reid?" Reid laughs and shoves him out the door. "Reid, what is it? Reid!"
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