28 October 2010 @ 08:43 pm
Luke's New Kink  
Title: Luke's New Kink
Written By: [info]_alicesprings
Rating: NC-17
Author's Notes: Just a silly thing, for [info]rhiannonhero, who is aces. Hope you like it, bb! Thank you to [info]amelialourdes for the brill ESS icons! This was supposed to be cute and fluffy but it ran away from me and got all porny. Sorry?

The alarm shrieked loudly, startling Luke awake. He slapped a palm out, disabling it with only one eye open before rolling back over and plastering himself against Reid’s back.

He was halfway back to sleep when Reid nudged him. “Come on, time to get up,” Reid said cheerfully, his ability to go from fast asleep to fully awake in five seconds flat something that particularly annoyed Luke, who preferred to wake up slowly, while lingering over a cup of coffee, or with Reid’s mouth wrapped around his dick, drawing out a long, slow, morning blowjob. “Mmm,” Luke sighed.

“Not this morning,” Reid said, reading his mind. “No time.”

“Ugh,” Luke groaned, as Reid dragged the covers away and practically rolled him off the bed. “What’s your hurry? We have an hour before you have to leave.”

“Not today,” Reid said, rifling through a drawer for clean underwear. “I have to pick up my new glasses before work, remember?”

Luke snickered. “Oh that’s right. You need glasses. Because you’re so old.”

“That’s right,” Reid agreed. “I’m so, so old. I bet you can’t even stand to look at me.” Reid scratched lightly at his collarbone with one hand and then trailed his fingers slowly along his bare chest, lingering a little at his pecs before sliding down further to gently skim along the length of his dick.

Predictably, Luke’s eyes tracked his hand's path like a laser, and Reid smirked. “I thought you’d like to join me in the shower but I guess not,” he said. “Since I’m so old and hideous.”

Luke opened his mouth to protest but Reid slipped into the bathroom and closed the door behind him before Luke could get in a word. “Jackass,” Luke grumbled to himself as he pulled on a pair of boxer shorts and headed downstairs to get the coffee started.


Reid had started complaining about headaches a few weeks earlier, usually after he’d had a busy day, or a long surgery.

“Maybe you have a brain tumor?” Luke had suggested cheerfully one night as they sat on the couch, eating Chinese takeout.

Reid rolled his eyes. “Gee, thank you for those comforting words of support.”

“You’re welcome,” Luke grinned around a mouthful of noodles.

“I know growing up in Oakdale, world capital of medical anomalies, freaks and weirdos, would make you automatically assume the most ridiculous diagnosis first, but I probably just need to get my eyes checked.”

“Aww,” Luke had cooed obnoxiously. “Is Dr. Oliver’s eyesight failing in his old age?”

“Fuck you,” Reid muttered, stabbing his chopsticks into the carton and stalking off to the kitchen for another beer, the sound of Luke’s laughter trailing behind him.

Reid didn’t really care about their age difference, and he knew Luke didn’t either. Luke had gone through more shit before his 21st birthday than most people went through in a lifetime. He was mature beyond his years. The sound of Luke still cackling maniacally carried over from the living room as Reid pulled open the fridge. Most of the time, anyway.

The problem was, the little fucker was almost 26 but he still looked 20. Worse, he knew it.

Eye strain turned out to be Reid’s problem, reading glasses the solution.

The glasses Reid had chosen would be ready in two weeks, and Luke filled the time taunting Reid about ailing health and old age catching up to him with the kind of glee only afforded to dewy-skinned blond twinks who don’t look their age. Reid alternated between ignoring the jibes and giving Luke thorough displays of his robust stamina to prove him wrong, which was probably why Luke teased him in the first place.

Reid vowed to get his revenge the day Luke’s first wrinkle or gray hair would finally arrive, relishing the thought of the inevitable Snyder queen-out.


Luke was sitting at the kitchen table, reading the paper, when Reid left that morning. Reid kissed him goodbye, gave him a slap on the cheek and made plans to meet him for coffee later.

An emergency surgery prevented Reid from keeping their coffee date, and a foundation dinner meeting kept Luke busy until 10. When he finally made it home that night the lights were off downstairs. Luke assumed Reid had probably gone upstairs to read over case files in bed.

The lights were on in the bedroom, spilling down the stairwell and confirming Luke’s suspicions. He climbed the stairs and stepped inside the bedroom, pulling up short just inside the doorway.

Reid was sitting up against the headboard, pillows behind his back, a sheet of paper in his hand. He looked up from his reading when he realized Luke had failed to move any further into the room.

“You’re home,” Reid said, adjusting the glasses perched on his nose, and putting the paper down. He rolled his shoulders and stretched his arms up toward the ceiling, causing his well-defined abs to flex. Luke’s eyes honed in on where the sheet had pooled around Reid’s waist, offering a tantalizing glimpse of what lay below.

“Huh?” Luke said, his brain more than a little addled by how fucking hot Reid looked in his new glasses.

Reid smirked at the expression on Luke’s face. “Like what you see, Mr. Snyder?”

“Huh?” Luke repeated, only the sound of Reid snapping two fingers together finally pulling him out of his stupor.

“You’re drooling on the carpet,” Reid said, and Luke realized his mouth was actually hanging open.

He closed it with a snap, then pounced on top of Reid, sending his paperwork flying up into the air. Luke leaned down and kissed him hard, grinding his hips down against Reid’s at the same time, while frantically trying to shed his suit jacket, his arms getting caught in the sleeves in the process.

“You approve, I take it,” Reid laughed and helped Luke shuck the jacket, his fingers moving to undo Luke’s shirt buttons as Luke dove back in for a longer kiss.

“You look,” Luke said between kisses “so hot.”

“Really?” Reid murmured, sliding his hand down the front of Luke’s boxers and grasping his rapidly hardening cock as Luke shimmied out of his pants. “Not too... old?”

“Nngh,” Luke said, as Reid’s hand tightened its grip on his cock, stroking gently. “So fucking hot, Reid,” Luke gasped against his lips. “Want you to fuck me now.”

“I don’t know,” Reid teased, “We older men need our rest.”

“Oh my fucking god, fuck me before I kill you,” Luke growled, and Reid threw his head back and laughed.

A second later, the laughter died in his throat. Luke had ducked his head down and if the speed and ferocity of his actions was any indication, was attempting to suck Reid’s brains out through his dick.

Luke hummed around the cock in his mouth, and the vibrations made Reid groan embarrassingly loud. Luke pulled off with a wet pop, admiring Reid’s now hard cock, shiny and slick with his spit, as he dug frantically in the drawer for lube. Luke coated three of his fingers and reached back to finger himself open as he kissed Reid again, his eyes open so he could watch Reid, who was still wearing his glasses.

A minute later Luke wrapped his hand around Reid’s cock, holding it still as he descended on it, sliding down inch by delicious inch, until Reid was inside him completely.

Luke sighed happily, leaning forward and smiling against Reid’s lips. “Feels good.”

Reid nodded, his nose nudging against Luke's. “Let me take off my glasses,” he murmured.

“Uh uh,” Luke said, grabbing Reid’s hands in his own and lacing their fingers together. “Leave ‘em on,” he said, sitting back. “I wanna watch.”

“You have some weird kinks, Mr. Snyder,” Reid moaned, as Luke lifted up and started to ride his cock, their fingers still laced together.

“Never heard you complain about them before,” Luke said, picking up speed.

“Not complaining now,” Reid gasped, as Luke squeezed his muscles around Reid’s cock, the tight heat exquisite.

Luke let go of Reid’s hands and reached down to grab his own cock, jerking it as he rocked faster and faster on Reid’s lap, Reid’s cock stroking him perfectly on the inside, hitting his prostate on every thrust. Luke tensed, and shot all over Reid’s stomach, his ass clenching hard around Reid’s cock and drawing Reid’s own orgasm out a second later.

Luke rested against Reid’s chest, breathing heavily and trying to slow the rapid thumping of his heart.

A moment later he pulled off and slumped bonelessly against Reid’s side, his face tucked into the crook of Reid’s neck and his hand playing with the come on Reid’s abs, rubbing it into his skin.

Reid tightened his arm around Luke’s back, leaning down to kiss his forehead. Luke looked up and smiled goofily, and Reid returned his grin.

“So, the glasses are a hit,” Reid said.

Luke snorted.

“Can you wear them all the time?”

“Don’t need to,” Reid said, smiling when Luke pouted. “Just when I’m reading.”

“You read a lot,” Luke said thoughtfully.

“Mmhmm, that’s true,” Reid agreed. “I do.”

“Will you be reading tomorrow?” Luke asked.


“Will you be reading in your office?” Luke blinked flirtatiously. “Around lunch time?”

“Definitely,” Reid said.

“It’s a date.”