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Making it Work
Title: Making it Work
Written By: [info]_alicesprings
Rating: R for language
Author’s Notes: Just a short thing. Train? What Train?

Luke and Reid move in together approximately eight weeks after they first have sex, which is approximately 55 minutes after Reid returns from Bay City, victoriously brandishing a heart in a cooler.

Things are good. Reid makes sure the coffee’s always ready for Luke before he leaves in the mornings, and Luke makes sure the fridge is always stocked with sandwich fillings. They have sex every day and it’s the best either of them has ever had. They watch TV with their legs tangled together on the couch. Luke brings Reid caramel lattes at work on the days he’s too busy to go out for them, and Reid always leaves Luke the last doughnut. They sleep spooned together every night.

Luke expects Reid to forget his birthday and is happily surprised when he doesn’t. (“I do have a photographic memory, Luke.”)

Reid lets Luke drag him to a big Snyder Thanksgiving at the farm and is happily surprised he actually enjoys it (mostly because of the food).

Things are really, really good.

And then they have their first big fight.

There are tears and screaming and slammed doors. Reid goes to work mad as hell and Luke doesn’t call him once all day, a rare occurrence which speaks volumes.

When Reid gets home Luke’s nowhere in sight. Reid makes himself some dinner, drinks three beers and settles in on the couch. He dozes off halfway through some stupid movie and jerks awake when his beer bottle slips from his hand and clatters to the floor.

It’s after midnight and Luke’s still not home. Reid knows Luke has an early meeting at the shipping company in the morning, and that he should have been home by now. Fear grips him as he fumbles with his cell phone. “Pick up, pick up, pick up,” he mutters, as the line rings and rings.

“Hello?” Luke slurs, finally picking up.

“Luke,” Reid chokes out. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine,” Luke says, clearing his throat. “I was asleep.”

“You were asleep?” Reid repeats stupidly. “Where the hell are you? I was worried sick!”

“I’m at my mom’s,” Luke says nonchalantly. “Why are you worried sick?”

“What?” Reid asks incredulously, his heart still hammering furiously in his chest. “I’m worried because it’s after midnight and you aren’t home. I thought- I thought you’d had a car accident or something. Why the hell are you sleeping at your mom’s?”

“Um, because we had a fight,” Luke says, as though it’s obvious.

Reid gives a slightly hysterical laugh. “So?”

“So I figured you wouldn’t want to see me for at least a couple days.”

“What the hell, Luke? Why would I want that?”

“Because...,” Luke trails off.

Reid takes a deep, calming breath. His veins no longer feel like they’re filled with ice and the panic has receded. Luke’s safe. Luke is safe. “Because why?” he asks gently.

Luke sighs. “Because when Noah and I had a fight he’d push me away, avoid me for a few days. Give himself time to cool off, or whatever.”

Reid closes his eyes, not for the first time finding himself having to bite back an insult he knows Luke won’t appreciate, or resisting the urge to get on a plane and go beat the shit out of Noah Mayer.

“I love you,” Reid says instead.

“I love you too, Reid,” Luke says cautiously.

“Now hear this,” Reid says. “I won’t stop loving you just because we have a fight.”

“I- I know that,” Luke says, and Reid clenches his hand into a fist at the note of uncertainty he hears in Luke’s voice.

“Good. So get your ass back home where it belongs.”

“Now?” Luke says. “It’s late.”

“So drive carefully.”

“Are you – are you still mad at me?”

“Not really. Just come home,” Reid sighs. “Please,” he adds a second later.

“Do you miss me?” Luke asks, and Reid is gratified to hear the smile in his voice.

Reid snorts. “Just come home. And the next time we have a fight and you feel the need to be punished, don’t go to your mommy’s house, come home and I’ll be happy to give you a spanking.”

Luke laughs. “I’ll be there soon.”


The second time Luke and Reid have a fight there are tears and screaming and slammed doors. Reid goes to work mad as hell, and Luke doesn’t call him once all day. When Reid gets home Luke’s there and they scream at each other some more, then they fuck on the living room rug, and get over it, mumbling apologies against each other’s lips. And that night they go to sleep spooned together.
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