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Luke and Reid Do L.A.
Title: Luke and Reid Do L.A.
Written By: [info]_alicesprings
Rating: NC-17
Author's Notes: Train? What train? This is possibly a bit insane, but credible given Noah’s canon, IMO. Thank you to [info]rhiannonhero for looking over an early draft for me. I’ve changed it lots since then, so any mistakes/lameness are mine. Originally posted HERE for the Noah Who Challenge: Douchefest 2010!

Reid had been bitching about a conference in Los Angeles that Bob was forcing him to attend for weeks before Luke finally snapped.

“It’s three lousy days, Reid! Just suck it up!”

“Three days away from the operating room, three days away from patients who need my expertise, and for what? To listen to a bunch of experts who don’t know half as much as I already do!”

Luke sighed. “How about I come with you? I could use a break, and we can go out at night, have a little fun. Make the trip worthwhile.”

Reid looked skeptical but Luke was starting to get excited. “We haven’t been away together before, Reid,” Luke said. “Doesn’t that sound good?”

“You’re upgrading our hotel,” Reid said. “There’s no way I’m staying in that germ-infested hovel Bob booked me in to.”

Luke grinned, already mentally putting together a list of attractions he wanted to visit while Reid was at the conference.

It had been almost six months since Noah had moved to L.A. and in that time they hadn’t spoken once. Luke missed him, he didn’t have a lot of friends left in Oakdale. Being with Reid was amazing, and Luke had never been so happy. It had only reinforced what Luke had told Noah before he left – he and Noah just didn’t work as a couple, they never had, but Luke missed his friend and hoped Noah had come around since then.

He sent a tentative text message to Noah the day they arrived in L.A. asking if he wanted to catch up, and was delighted when Noah responded positively.

They made plans to meet for lunch the next day, and when Noah arrived looking tanned and smiling widely, hugging Luke hello, Luke felt like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

“I wasn’t sure you’d come,” Luke said when they sat down.

“I felt bad about how we left things,” Noah said. “I was kind of a douche.”

“No, Noah–”

“Yeah, I was,” Noah interrupted. “It’s okay, Luke. I’ve done a lot of soul-searching since I’ve been out here. You were right, what you said before I left, we weren’t right for each other, I get that now,” Noah said, nodding reassuringly.

That had been the last thing Luke was expecting to hear, but he was pleasantly surprised, smiling hugely and reaching across the table to squeeze Noah’s hand. “I’m so happy to hear you say that, Noah,” Luke said. “I’ve missed you and I hope this means we can be friends again?”

“Of course, Luke!” Noah smiled. “I’d love that.”

The waiter arrived and took their orders, and Luke smiled happily, pleased with how well it was going so far. Reid had cautioned him to be careful that morning before leaving for the conference, but it was turning out to be an unnecessary warning.

“So,” Noah said when the waiter left. “Dr. Oliver’s at a medical conference?”

Luke nodded “Three days, but we’re staying through the weekend.”

“And you guys are doing well?”

Luke couldn’t help smiling. “We are,” Luke said. “We just got a place together. I’m sorry if that hurts you, Noah–”

“No no,” Noah interrupted. “It’s okay, Luke. I’m just glad you’re happy.”

“I am, Noah. Thank you. And what about you? You look great! You seem happy, too.”

Noah nodded. “I am happy. L.A.’s been good to me. The grant was awesome, and I’ve already learned so much about the film industry.”

“That’s great!” Luke said enthusiastically. “And are you… seeing anyone?”

“Yeah,” Noah smiled, a dreamy look passing over his face. “For a couple months now.

“I’m so happy for you,” Luke said genuinely. He still cared deeply for Noah, and wanted good things for him.

“You were so right, Luke. We weren’t right for each other, and now that I’ve found someone who is right for me, I get it. I really get it!”

Luke nodded, pleased. “So who’s the lucky guy?”

“Well, actually, it’s not a guy. It’s a girl.”

Luke laughed, and Noah shifted uncomfortably in his chair.


“Her name’s Amber,” Noah said. “She’s an actress – aspiring actress.”

Luke nodded stupidly.

“She just gets me, you know?”

Luke was still nodding and Noah continued. “Things are so easy with her, and we get along great. We just fit,” Noah said. “Like you and Reid.”

Luke had no idea what to say to that. His head was spinning and he felt a little like throwing up, but Noah was looking at him with happy, earnest eyes, completely oblivious to Luke’s turmoil. All he knew was that he had to get the hell out of there. Now.

Luke stood up fast, his chair banging into the table behind him and knocking over a water glass. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” Luke said, blotting the table with a napkin.

“Luke,” Noah came up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder, and Luke flinched. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine!” Luke said far too loudly. “Totally fine. Look sorry, I forgot I have to be somewhere.”


“Sorry, sorry, I’ve gotta run but I’ll uh, call you, or something,” Luke said, tossing some cash down onto the table and walking quickly out of the restaurant.


“Hey,” Reid said, bending over to drop a hello kiss on Luke’s forehead on his way to the mini bar.

“Hey,” Luke startled. “How was your day? I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Yeah you look a little… lost in thought. My day was hell. How was lunch with Mr. Mayer? You have any wounds I need to examine?”

Luke stared at Reid for a long moment, not sure what to say, his mind had been whirring all afternoon and he still wasn’t any closer to making any sense of the situation.

“Noah’s seeing someone,” Luke said finally.

Reid tilted his head. “And this upsets you why?”

“Her name’s Amber.”

Reid laughed. “What?”

Luke shook his head. “He was so different, Reid. He was happy, and he was nice to me, and how fucked up is it that’s something unusual?” Luke could hear the way his voice was rising and becoming shrill, and he hated it. He hated that Noah could still do this to him after all this time. He hated that he felt this way, but how the hell was he supposed to feel?

“Luke,” Reid said, sitting next to him on the couch and squeezing his hand. “You okay?”

Luke looked up, meeting Reid’s soft, concerned eyes, and a sob escaped from his chest.

“Hey now,” Reid soothed, drawing Luke close. “There’s no need for that.”

“What the hell, Reid?” Luke mumbled against Reid’s chest. “He’s gay! I thought he was. I mean, he was in the closet when we met, he was dating my friend Maddie, but then one day he just kissed me, out of the blue – and then he told me it was a joke. I should have known back then, huh?” Luke laughs hysterically. “What was he doing with me all those years, Reid? What the hell was he thinking? What the hell am I supposed to think?”

Reid stroked Luke’s hair, trying to calm him, but Luke just shook his hand off, still too agitated to let Reid comfort him. “It sort of makes sense, you know,” Luke said. “In a kind of sick way. We waited a long time before we had sex. Way longer than you and I waited.” Luke looked up at Reid, who nodded, and Luke went on. “It was Noah who wanted to wait, I’d been pushing for a while. And you know, he slept with Maddie about five minutes after they met, but with me he had endless excuses. And then once we finally did it, it was okay. I mean, it was good. I thought it was good, but well, now I sorta know better.”

“Why thank you,” Reid said, and Luke chuckled, feeling a little lighter.

“Noah wasn’t big on reciprocation either. He didn’t really like… going down on me,” Luke said.

“Well, he’s a selfish bastard outside of the bedroom,” Reid said. “I’m not surprised he was selfish inside of there too.”

“And I told you he didn’t like to let me anywhere near his ass, right?”

Reid nodded.

“He never really liked it, sex, with me. I just thought… I don’t know. I thought I was disappointing in the bedroom. It was my fault, but now I’m starting to think maybe I wasn’t the problem at all.”

“Luke,” Reid said seriously. “You were not the problem. He was. And clearly, there’s a whole truckload of issues going on with him that have nothing to do with you.”

“You’re– you’re happy, with our sex life, right?”

“Happy is an understatement, Mr. Snyder,” Reid said, cupping Luke’s cheek and pulling him close for a deep, wet kiss before pulling back and rubbing his nose against Luke’s own.

Luke smiled. “It’s amazing, Reid. I never knew it could be like this.”

“We’re gay, Luke. I’ve known since I was nine years old, you’ve been out since you were sixteen. You and me, we’re not like him. He still has a lot to figure out. And if he is straight, it’s a compliment to you, not something to be ashamed of, okay?”

“How do you figure that?”

“Well you were just too damn hard to resist, right?” Reid grinned. “I’ve been there too.”

Luke laughed. “I’m irresistible, huh?”

Reid laughed, leaning in to brush his lips against Luke’s again. “You know it.”

"Listen," Reid said. “We like men, Luke. We love men. We want to fuck men, and be fucked by men, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There was nothing wrong with you when Noah didn’t want to suck your cock, or let you inside his body. Do you understand?”

Luke nodded. Sure, he was out and he was proud but he’d never really embraced his sexual side until Reid. He’d been too caught up in the politics of being gay to enjoy the more... recreational aspects of it. And with Noah, sex was never really fun. It always had to have some higher meaning, there was a solemnity to it, and more often than not, it took place on Noah’s terms only – when Noah felt like it, when Noah was in a good mood and not angry with Luke for one reason or another. Noah had seemed comfortable with that, comfortable with their level of intimacy, and while Luke had always had a niggling feeling he was missing out on something, he didn’t have the experience to know what that was exactly. So he’d played along, even once telling Noah that making love was like an out of body experience. Noah had liked that.

Sex with Reid wasn’t an out of body experience. Luke was fully aware of his body – and Reid’s – when they did it. He loved that. He loved how it felt when Reid was inside him, or he was inside Reid. He loved Reid’s body, his chest and his fingers, his soft curly hair. He loved it when Reid ate his ass and sucked his cock. He loved how his hole throbbed after a rough fuck.

Sex with Reid could be slow and sweet, or fast and hard, or kinky and dirty, but it was always, always good and Luke came away from the experience feeling desired and wanted and loved every single time. Sometimes, Luke wants to top, and Reid happily rolls over for him, even though it’s not his usual preference. Sometimes, Reid asks for it, too. He’s generous, and unashamed, and so confident in bed that Luke can’t help but embrace those qualities himself. He feels more alive than he ever has, more fulfilled and content and whole than he ever did when he was looking for answers in a bottle of booze.

Sex with Reid is how sex is supposed to be between two people who love each other. For all Noah’s talk about how he and Luke made love, and had a sacred, greater connection than other couples, he’d never felt as wanted and as special as he did when he was in bed with Reid.

It came as a happy surprise to Luke to learn just how much Reid enjoyed sucking cock. Luke loves it too. He always has, he dreamed of cock when he was sixteen years old – sucking it, having it inside him, and when he was sixteen, and jerking off in his bed at night, it was always men he pictured, it was his own fingers inside his ass that got him off. It almost killed him trying to keep the secret, and he hated how much he hurt his mom when he came out, but he’d never been confused about being gay.

Luke sometimes felt like a pervert when he was with Noah. There were things he wanted to try... websites he’d visit, but he’d never felt comfortable enough to ask Noah. He instinctively knew the look of disgust that would come over Noah’s face. It would be the same look he had that one time they’d watched a little gay porn together. The snide comments Noah had made at the time sat uncomfortably with Luke. But now? Now it was all starting to make sense.

“We’re going out tonight,” Reid said.

“No, Reid– I’m not really in the mood to go–”

“We’re going to a club. A gay club.”

Luke snapped his mouth shut. He’d never been to a gay club. He’d wanted to go, when he was young and horny and so goddamned lonely. But then he’d had Noah, and it wasn’t exactly his scene, and now that Luke didn’t drink, a club was not high on the list of places he’d normally venture.

“You’ve never been to one, right?”

Luke shook his head no. “Well they’re not really my scene either, but we’re going. Trust me, okay?”

Luke could only nod.


The club was amazing. Every West Hollywood cliché Luke had ever heard; gogo boys, neon lights and lots of drugs. It was like nothing Luke had ever experienced, he’d never been among so many gay men. There were men talking together and laughing together, men drinking together and making out in dark corners. There were men dancing together with no one batting an eyelid, unlike when Luke and Reid sometimes danced at Metro, with every eye in the room on them, and Luke feeling like the token town gay, as always.

It was intoxicating, being there in the middle of it all, and Luke couldn’t keep the grin off his face. Reid was clearly uncomfortable in the large crowd, and he muttered under his breath more than once about feeling ancient, but Luke was enjoying it so much that Reid tried not to dampen his enthusiasm.

After they’d danced a while, and Luke had had to fend off several advances – much to Reid’s annoyance, as well as having to fend off an admirer of his own, which made Luke frown and Reid gloat, Reid led him out through some curtains to a room at the back of the club.

Reid smirked, pressing up close behind Luke as he took in what was happening around him, shocked, mostly, but also kind of amazed. They stood for several minutes, watching men sucking and fucking, pairs and threesomes and foursomes, Luke’s wide eyes taking it all in, and his body responding accordingly. Reid was hard too, pressing his cock up against Luke’s ass and whispering filthy things in Luke’s ear as they watched.

“I want to suck your cock, Luke,” Reid breathed into Luke’s ear. “Right here, where everyone can see how hot you are. How hot you make me.”

Luke whimpered, his cock rock hard in his jeans and his heart hammering in his chest as Reid palmed over the bulge. “Do you want that, Luke?”

Luke swallowed hard. He was a little scared but so turned on by the scene, and Reid’s enthusiasm, that horniness won out over fear and he let Reid press him against the wall and pull his pants down, his hot, wet mouth eagerly swallowing him down. Luke glanced around, grateful no one was paying attention to them, too busy doing their own thing. Luke focused on the sight of Reid on his knees, his lips wrapped around Luke’s cock, and he grabbed fistfuls of Reid’s hair, fucking his mouth quickly. He didn’t last long, he was too far gone already, and he came with a loud groan.

Reid swallowed it all, and then pulled back, wiping his arm across his mouth and grinning. Luke hauled him up and slammed his mouth against Reid’s, thrusting his tongue into Reid’s mouth and tasting himself there.

Reid pulled back, pecking Luke twice quickly and grinning. “Like that?”

Luke nodded, licking his lips nervously. “I– do you want me to–”

Reid shook his head no. “It’s okay,” he says. “Let’s go back to the hotel, I want to fuck you.”

Luke exhaled, and nodded, and let Reid pull up his jeans and tuck his cock away, take his hand and lead them through the club and back outside. They took a cab to the hotel, making out in the back seat the entire time, not caring about the driver casting furtive glances at them in the rear view mirror.

Back at the hotel, Reid stripped Luke bare and ordered him onto the bed. “On your knees,” Reid said. “Ass up.”

Luke fought back a blush, as he always did when Reid took control like this, and he dropped his arms down to rest against the mattress, pushing his ass up high.

“Very nice,” Reid said from behind him. “Very nice, Luke.”

Luke’s heart was hammering again, his dick twitching and leaking a little already, just from Reid’s eyes on his naked body.

“Show me your hole.”

Luke took a deep breath, pressing his hot cheek against the mattress and reaching back to spread himself open for Reid.

He heard Reid inhale sharply, but he was silent for a long moment, and the tension in the room amped up even more. “Beautiful,” Reid said finally. “So beautiful.”

Luke’s mouth was dry, but his body was damp with excited sweat. Suddenly, Reid was there, licking his hole and he groaned loudly, letting go of his ass and grabbing fistfuls of the bed sheets instead as Reid went to town on his ass, licking, sucking, opening him up with his tongue and his fingers until Luke was begging, chanting Reid’s name over and over, and then Reid was there, the blunt head of his cock nudging against Luke’s hole. Luke took a deep breath, and then let it out, relaxing and opening up as Reid slid inside him. “Yes,” Luke breathed. “Yes.”

Reid gripped Luke’s hips, his fingers squeezing so tight Luke knew they’d leave bruises. Reid fucked him hard, hips snapping over and over again, filling Luke up and making him moan. Luke reached for his cock, stroking himself with a firm grip as Reid changed angle and started hitting his prostate with every stroke. It felt so good, the pleasure jolting through his entire body with every thrust, and he gasped, coming hard, his ass tightening around Reid’s cock, the spasms and shudders drawing out for a long moment as a delicious shiver ran through his body. He winced a second later when Reid pulled out, his hole stinging a little and he heard Reid coming with a strangled moan, shooting his come all over Luke’s ass and back.

Luke collapsed onto the bed, and Reid rubbed his wet seed into Luke’s skin, marking him.

Luke rolled over and pulled Reid down on top of him, Luke’s come and their sweat smearing between their stomachs as Reid buried his face against Luke’s heated neck. Luke held on tightly, enjoying the feel of Reid’s heavy weight on top of him, and his hot breath panting against Luke’s neck.

After he caught his breath, Reid pulled back to catch Luke’s eye, smiling a happy, tired smile.

Luke smiled back, brushing Reid’s damp curls off his forehead and leaning in for a lingering kiss.

Reid sighed, cupping Luke’s cheek and rubbing his thumb across Luke’s cheekbone. “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, Luke.”

Luke laughed, unable to control his happiness, and the overwhelming surge of love he felt for Reid in that moment. He leaned in for another kiss, tightening his hold on Reid. “I love you so much, Reid.”

Reid grinned, smacking his lips against Luke’s before pulling back and dragging him to the bathroom for a quick shower. When they got back into bed a few minutes later, Luke tucked snugly against Reid’s chest, Reid fell asleep in seconds. Luke took longer to settle, replaying the day’s events in his mind. He had about a dozen missed calls from Noah on his cell phone and one apologetic voice mail. Noah sounded genuinely contrite and he’d asked Luke to give him a chance to explain, in person, before Luke and Reid headed back to Oakdale.

Reid had rolled his eyes but said “You do what you need to do, Luke. You know I’ll support you no matter what.”

And it was that reassurance that convinced Luke to give Noah another chance. He wasn’t quite ready to give up on the idea of having Noah as a friend just yet. And besides, it was kind of silly to be angry about Noah finding happiness, no matter who it was with, when Luke felt so incredibly blessed and grateful to have Reid in his life. He had a feeling they’d be better friends than they ever were lovers anyway.

Luke thought about the club, too. The rush he’d felt, and the desire that had thrummed through his body in the back room. He wondered if Reid would take him back there before they left L.A. He thought it might be kind of exciting to return the favor.

His mind at ease, and his body sated and wrapped up safely in Reid’s arms, Luke drifted off into a peaceful sleep.
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