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Happy Valentine's Day, Mr. Snyder.
Title: Happy Valentine's Day, Mr. Snyder
Written By: [info]_alicesprings
Rating: NC-17
Author's Notes: Fluffy, cheesy, saccharine Valentine's Day fic. I'm ashamed of myself. Thank you to [info]rhiannonhero for looking this over for me! xo

Reid had just finished toweling off after his shower when he heard voices coming from the living room. He’d been about to step through the hallway between the bathroom and his bedroom, but stopped when he heard his name, and stood, in nothing but a towel wrapped around his hips, blatantly eavesdropping.

He and Luke were going to go to dinner at Al’s later, but by the sounds of it, he’d arrived early and was having a gossip session with Katie.

“So, do you two have any plans for Valentine’s Day?” Katie asked.

Luke laughed. “No,” he said incredulously. “Have you met Reid?”

Katie made a sympathetic noise. “That’s too bad,” she said. “But he loves you, you know that, right? He’s not a romantic at heart but he really loves you, Luke.”

“I know,” Luke said warmly. “Reid thinks love should be pragmatic, he’s not into romance.”

Well yes, Reid thought. Love should be pragmatic.

“I’m okay with that,” Luke said. “I’ve never really been romanced before anyway.”

“You and Noah…” Katie trailed off.

“Nah,” Luke said. “Noah wasn’t much for romantic gestures either, and there was usually some crisis happening around February 14 anyway.” Reid could practically see Luke wrinkling up his nose with that self-deprecating smile he sometimes gets. The look that says I don’t deserve nice things. The look that Noah put on Luke’s face far too many times for Reid’s liking.

“It’s funny how both the guys I’ve dated aren’t romantics,” Luke continued.

“When you are,” Katie said.

The thought that he and Noah had something in common kind of wanted to make Reid bash his own head against the wall.

Luke was quiet and Reid could picture him shrugging helplessly. “I really don’t care about that,” he said. “I know Reid loves me and I know he wants me to be happy. I never really believed that with Noah. Things with him were…” Luke trailed off and was silent for a long moment. “I never really knew where I stood with Noah. I know where I stand with Reid. All the flowers and big romantic gestures in the world aren’t worth that.”

Reid stepped into his bedroom, finally, closing the door and leaning back against it. He took a deep breath. Sure, Reid didn’t really do romance, but before Luke he didn’t really do relationships either, and look at them. He and Luke had been in the dreaded R word for going on six months, and he’d never been happier. Maybe some things were worth compromising on, and the other R word might be one of them.

Reid knew that Luke and Noah’s relationship wasn’t as perfect as it had seemed on first impression. He’d personally witnessed Noah throwing Luke under the bus when Noah was blind, trying to secure himself a spot as Reid’s patient. He’d seen the way Noah took Luke for granted, always putting his own desires before Luke’s. Reid didn’t want to be that guy. Luke deserved better than that, and crazy or not, suddenly Reid wanted to give Luke the most ridiculously over-the-top romantic Valentine’s Day of his life.

And if he could best Noah Mayer in the process, well, that would just be an added bonus.


Reid’s cell phone rang at 9.05 on the dot, and he ignored it, waiting until it dinged to inform him he had a new voicemail. Reid? I guess you couldn’t pick up. Okay, anyway, I got the flowers, thank you so much! They’re gorgeous. Wow! I love them. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, Dr. Oliver. Okay I’ll talk to you later. Bye!

Reid grinned, and went back to preparing for rounds.

At 10.05 Reid’s phone vibrated in the pocket of his lab coat. Reid? More flowers? I wasn’t even expecting one bouquet, let alone two! Thank you, they’re great! I love you. I’ll talk to you later.

11.05. Reid? Seriously, this is crazy! What’s gotten into you? They’re beautiful. How did you even know tulips were my favorites? Thank you, Reid. I love you.

12.05. Reid, this is crazy! Every hour? Wait. Has your credit card been stolen? Reid?

Reid grinned, shooting Luke a text message to tell him that no, his credit card had not been stolen. Have a good day, he typed. I love you, too.

At 5.05 Reid knocked on the door of Luke’s office at the foundation. “More?” Luke asked from inside, his voice a mixture of amusement and disbelief.

“Last ones, I promise,” Reid said, walking in and placing a vase of multicolored tulips on Luke’s desk.

“Reid!” Luke grinned, springing out of his desk chair and pulling him into an exuberant hug.

Reid chuckled. “You liked the flowers?”

Luke laughed, pulling back from the hug to cup Reid’s face between his palms. “I loved them. I love you,” Luke grinned, leaning in for an equally exuberant kiss.

Yeah, hearing that still hadn’t gotten old. Reid smiled against Luke’s lips.

When the kiss ended, Luke sat back down in his plush leather chair, gesturing at the various vases of tulips in every color that littered every surface of Luke’s office.

“Every hour on the hour,” Luke said, shaking his head incredulously. Then, “How did you know I loved tulips?”

“I asked your mother what your favorite flowers were,” Reid said, shuddering a little as he perched on the edge of Luke’s desk.

Luke grinned. “You voluntarily called my mother? It must be love.”

“Red roses are such a cliché,” Reid said snobbishly.

Luke shook his head, a warm smile on his face. “You, Dr. Oliver, are just full of surprises.” Luke looked around the room again. “This must have cost you a fortune, Reid.”

“Tell me about it,” Reid grumbled. “Next year you’ll be lucky to get gas station flowers.”

Luke laughed. “Next year, huh?”

“You not planning to be around this time next year”

“Oh I am,” Luke grinned. “I’m glad to hear you are too.”

Reid rolled his eyes. “Like I‘m going anywhere.”

Luke’s smile grew even brighter. “I should have these sent over to the hospital for the patients to enjoy,” Luke said, glancing back around at the tulips. “If you don’t mind? I love them but they’re kind of… overpowering.”

Reid wrinkled his nose. “Yeah, who knew romance would smell so strong.”

Luke laughed, pulling the vase Reid had brought in with him closer and sniffing the blooms. “Not these though,” Luke said with a sweet smile. “I’m keeping these ones.”

Reid couldn’t resist returning Luke’s smile. “I’m just glad you liked them,” he said sincerely.

“I loved them,” Luke said again. “It was a very romantic gesture. But Reid… you’re not usually romantic. What brought this on?”

“I heard you,” Reid shrugged. “Telling Katie you’d never had a romantic Valentine’s Day before. I thought you deserved one.” Reid winked. “This will probably be the only one,” he warned.

“Reid,” Luke said gently in that soft tone of voice that usually led to emotional conversations about Reid’s childhood. “That’s… you’re…” Luke shook his head. “I don’t even know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything,” Reid said, dropping to his knees in front of Luke and unzipping his pants. “Just enjoy part two of your day.”

“What’s part three?” Luke asked, as Reid pulled out Luke’s rapidly hardening cock.

“A candlelit dinner for two at the Lakeview,” Reid said.

“You’ll spoil me, Dr. Oliver,” Luke moaned as Reid swirled his tongue around the head of Luke’s cock.

Reid pulled back. “I can’t promise the full treatment again next year, Mr. Snyder,” he said. “But this is one tradition I wouldn’t mind repeating.” Reid bent his head and sucked Luke’s hard cock into his mouth in one hot, slow movement as Luke threw his head back against the soft leather chair and moaned happily.


Luke collapsed against Reid’s chest, Reid’s cock still in his ass as he came down from the high of his orgasm. Luke panted harshly against Reid’s neck, and Reid stroked Luke’s trembling thighs, hot and burning with the vigorous ride he’d just taken.

A moment later, Luke lifted up and Reid pulled out, tying the condom off and flinging it over the side of the bed as Luke collapsed back against his chest.

Reid stroked his fingers across Luke’s sweaty back, chuckling a little when Luke grabbed his hand and placed it on his ass instead.

Reid grinned, squeezing Luke’s ass a little before stroking it too, a finger dipping into Luke’s crack occasionally and making Luke sigh happily.

When their pounding heartbeats had steadied, and Reid sensed that Luke was close to dozing off, he pulled his hand away from Luke’s ass, tilting Luke’s chin up to face him instead.

“Mmm?” Luke murmured sleepily.

“Got room for one more Big Romantic Gesture?”

Luke sat up, suddenly awake. “What is it?” Luke grinned, grabbing hold of Reid’s hand and lacing their fingers together.

Reid studied Luke’s face, his happy, sated smile and his messy hair, and in that moment Reid’s heart thudded ridiculously with love for him.

Reid took a deep breath. “Move in with me,” he said. “Let’s find a place we like and move in together.”

“Really?” Luke asked, biting his lip a little, as though he didn’t quite believe it.

Reid nodded. “Of course, really. What do you say?”

Luke laughed, the sound bubbling up out of his chest. “Of course, yes!” Luke said, leaning down for a kiss. “Yes!” Luke pecked Reid’s lips, his cheeks, his forehead and his chin. “Seriously,” Luke mumbled against Reid’s lips. “Best Valentine’s Day ever.”

Reid laughed, kissing Luke back.
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