Britin ([info]_alicesprings) wrote on June 9th, 2011 at 05:24 pm
Happily (Ever After)
Title: Happily (Ever After)
Written By: [info]_alicesprings
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: Sometimes you just feel like a completely unrealistic bit of sappy fluff where life is perfect and nothing ever goes wrong, right? Or maybe that's just me. Thanks to [info]rhiannonhero for looking this over for me!

It surprised Luke, when he stopped and thought about it later, how great he and Reid were together. How easy it all was. Sure, it took them ages to get their heads out of their asses, but when they were both finally on the same page, when Noah was away in L.A, and Chris had gotten his new heart, when there was nothing holding them back and they’d finally made love for the first time, fitting together perfectly, everything got… easy. Luke hadn’t know life could be like that.

They wanted the same things, wanted to be around each other, needed each other the way they needed air, and food. If they were in the same room they were usually touching. Fingers brushing together as they shared the newspaper over coffee at Java, or feet touching under the table at Al’s. They went on dinners for two and took walks in the park. They rented a tiny apartment together just a month after they first exchanged I love yous. His mom protested that it was too soon, and it might have been, for other people, but Luke and Reid weren’t like other people.

In their downtime they hung out at home. Sometimes, Luke would read a novel while Reid did yoga. Sometimes they’d watch TV, or cook. They babysat Jacob, and had Ethan and Natalie over to visit. They played chess, and Luke even won once or twice. They had sex. A lot.

They didn’t break up every time they had a fight.

They talked to each other.

They bought a house after two years together, and got a puppy after three.

“So,” Reid said one day, down on his knees in the backyard, prying a third chewed up shoe out of Bear’s mouth. “Do you wanna get married?”

Luke grinned, wiping dog drool off his hands and onto the lawn as Reid grimaced in disgust.

“Yeah,” Luke said. “Let’s do that.”

So they got married by the pond that summer, wearing jeans and grins, and had a small, barbecue reception afterward at the farm, much to his mother’s horror. His grandma Emma did all the cooking and Reid ate so much he was literally too stuffed to have sex that night. He woke Luke up though, at three a.m., and they made love quietly and slowly until the sun’s rays filtered into their bedroom in the morning.

They went to work during the day, and they came home to each other at night.

“Do you think other couples are this happy?” Luke asked one day, plastered against Reid’s side on the couch, like he always was.

“Sure,” Reid said. “But not in Oakdale. Everyone else in this town is certifiably insane.”

Luke snorted, nodding his head in agreement. His parents had split up again, just six months after their latest wedding. It’s for keeps this time, they’d said. Then his dad had cheated on his mom. Again.

Luke knew it wouldn’t be the last time, and he was already preparing himself for another round of reuniting and breaking up.

“I love you,” Luke said, so damn pleased he and Reid weren’t like that.

“I love you, too,” Reid said easily, like he always did, like it was obvious.

Luke pressed his nose against Reid’s neck, just to smell him there, and smiled because Reid had never once given him a same here. Reid had always said the words, right from the start.

“I think,” Luke said, pulling away and catching Reid’s eye. “That I’m ready for us to have a kid now. What about you?”

Reid tilted his head, thinking for a moment, then cupped Luke’s cheek. “Yeah,” he smiled, his thumb brushing across Luke’s chin. “Now’s good.”

When Charlotte turned five they threw her a birthday party in their backyard. Luke was sure his mom had bought out the entire contents of Oakdale’s only toy store, the gift table staggered under the weight of all her wrapped packages. He protested half-heartedly about her spoiling their kid, knowing it was a losing battle. She was a sucker for Charlotte, everyone was. Reid most of all.

Charlotte and a dozen other five-year-olds all hopped up on sugar ran around the yard, screaming and chasing Bear in circles as he barked delightedly, while their parents sat around on deck chairs, talking and laughing, pink paper plates balanced on their laps.

Luke smiled when he felt Reid come up behind him, slumping back tiredly into his arms and closing his eyes.

“Your mom’s too old to pull off that dress,” Reid said quietly into Luke’s ear, and he laughed. His mom’s cleavage had been the starring attraction of the day so far. Even the college kid working as a clown they’d hired to do party tricks hadn’t been able to keep his eyes off her. Disturbingly, despite his red nose and gigantic shoes, she’d started to flirt back with him after her fourth glass of "grown ups" punch. Luke’s dad glared at them both from across the yard where he was sitting with who Luke guessed was about to become the next former Mrs. Holden Snyder.

Luke turned around and put his arms around Reid’s neck, chuckling quietly.

“We’ve got a pretty great life, Dr. Oliver.”

Reid gripped Luke’s hips and pulled him close. “Yes we do, Mr. Snyder,” he murmured. “How’d we manage to pull that off in Oakdale?”

Luke shrugged, grinning and leaning in for a kiss. “Don’t know,” he said, turning around again to watch their daughter and her friends shrieking in delight as Bear licked their toes. “But I’m glad we did.”

Reid hooked his chin over Luke’s shoulder as he wrapped his arms around Luke from behind.

“Me too,” Reid said, squeezing Luke tightly for a moment before releasing him. "I need more food,” Reid said, slapping Luke’s ass with a promising wink, and heading back to the snack table.

Luke grinned.
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