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Stranded, Chapter 4
Title: Stranded
Written By: [info]_alicesprings
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Luke and Reid are on their way to their honeymoon when their plane hits some turbulence...
Author's Notes: I wrote the first draft of this for NaNoWriMo, which was a great challenge and lots of fun! I didn’t reach the 50k word count goal, but the fic is now complete and I'll be posting a chapter a day for the next few days. A big thank you to [info]rhiannonhero and [info]cindergal for the beta!

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Reid’s out swimming one afternoon while Luke sits at camp cracking coconuts against a rock. Reid’s a great fisherman but he doesn’t like doing any grunt work, claiming his delicate surgeon’s hands aren’t meant for manual labor. Really, Luke thinks he just gets a kick out of watching Luke do it, if the lecherous look on his face whenever Luke’s doing anything physically demanding is any indication. Given Luke's own somewhat... voyeuristic tendencies, he can't blame Reid. And really, what's not to like? The way Reid just looks at him practically makes his toes curl, Luke thinks he might actually explode if Reid ever made good on any of his sexual innuendo.

Luke wonders about it though. He wonders what it would be like to have sex with Reid, to feel his body moving against Luke's. He wonders what it would be like to kiss him, and suck his cock, and feel it inside him. He wonders about all those things, but he's not sure he's ready to find out, unsure what he'd do with those answers, so he watches Reid in the waterfall and he hides behind the safety of the trees, and he keeps his secret. If Reid's allowed to have secrets, Luke figures he is too.

Luke stands up and stretches, tilting his head from side-to-side. Luke likes to swim too, but he prefers the pond to the ocean. Reid though, likes the challenge of swimming in the surf, pushing against the powerful force of the ocean’s waves. He strolls towards the water and sees Reid swimming a few hundred yards out, his strong arms moving in a steady rhythm, and can’t help but smile. He stretches his arms up above his head, working out the kinks from being hunched over his pile of coconuts, and keeps one eye on Reid and one for signs of life on the horizon. But just like the day before, and the day before that, there’s nothing. They’re the only two people for miles. Luke sighs.

Suddenly, his eyes flicker to the right, in the distance just behind Reid, and he sees movement. Luke holds a hand above his head, shielding his eyes from the brightness of the sun and squints, trying to figure out what it is he’s seeing, and when he does, his entire body turns cold.

“Reid!” Luke shouts as loud as he can. “Reid!” Luke waves his arms in the air above his head, and shouts again. “Reid! Shark!”

Reid keeps swimming, oblivious to the danger, and Luke runs into the water until he’s up to his waist, cupping his hands around his mouth and screaming Reid’s name. Reid stops swimming, and his head pops up out of the water. Luke waves again, and Reid waves back and smiles. Luke groans in frustration, and points behind Reid. “Shark!”

Reid’s head tilts to the side, and he frowns as he treads water. Luke screams again. “Shark!”

Reid’s head whips around behind him, and he spots the fin hovering out of the water, and then dives forward and starts swimming back to shore as fast as he can.

“Hurry!” Luke shouts. “Hurry, Reid!” Luke’s heart is pounding so hard it hurts his chest, and he can barely breathe as he watches Reid swimming toward him. The shark is following close behind, and Luke swallows hard, his hands shaking as he watches helplessly. “Reid!” Luke calls out again, but his voice cracks on the word, and he holds a hand up to his mouth, his eyes trained on Reid’s form. The shark looks close, too close, and Luke’s terrified Reid’s body is going to disappear at any moment. The idea of seeing that petrifies him, but he’s too scared to look away, so he keep watching, his heart hammering in his chest as Reid gets closer and closer, the shark on his tail the entire time.

He’s only about 30 yards away and still swimming at full speed when Luke sees the shark stop advancing. It’s fin makes a wide circle in the water, and as Reid gets closer to shore, close enough that Luke can run in and help pull him out, the shark turns and swims back out to deeper water as Luke pulls Reid toward the safety of shore where he collapses onto his knees, his hands flat on the sand as he pants, trying to suck more air into his lungs.

Adrenaline is surging through Luke's veins. “God,” he says, his voice cracking again. “I was so scared! I thought I was going to lose you!” Luke falls to his knees beside Reid and wraps his arms around him. Reid hugs him back, his chest heaving with every breath he takes, as his overworked lungs try and get enough air into his body.

“I thought I was going to lose you,” Luke mumbles into Reid’s neck. The fear that had overtaken Luke at the thought of something happening to Reid was so intense it was like a punch in the gut. He pulls back to look at Reid’s face. He’s still panting, and Luke brushes the wet hair back off his forehead, the joy of seeing his face, of seeing Reid alive and safe is so overwhelming, it’s matched only by the overwhelming fear he had at the idea of losing Reid, of being left out here alone. “I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t here,” Luke says, closing his eyes against the sudden sting of tears. “Please don’t leave me,” Luke whispers. “Please.”

“Never,” Reid says fiercely, his thumb brushing across Luke’s cheekbone. “You don’t have to worry about that, Mr. Snyder,” he says. “I’m not going anywhere. I promise.”

Luke can’t help the sob that escapes, and he leans forward and presses his lips against Reid’s.

Reid cups Luke’s face between his palms and pulls away from his lips, his eyes searching Luke’s.

“I was so scared,” Luke whispers.

“Me too,” Reid whispers back. “But I’m okay.”

Luke nods and closes his eyes, pressing his lips back to Reid’s, and after a moment, Reid kisses him back gently. But Luke’s suddenly ravenous for more, and he deepens the kiss, slipping his tongue inside Reid’s mouth. Reid groans, and Luke tastes salt water, and underneath that, Reid. Luke licks and nips at Reid’s mouth, unable to get enough, and he strokes his tongue across Reid’s, lets his tongue trace the shape of Reid’s teeth and lick at the roof of his mouth. Luke falls onto his back and drags Reid down with him, unable to stop kissing him. Luke’s hands are fisted into Reid’s hair, and his heart is still beating wildly.

Reid’s saying something but Luke’s not sure what, he can’t hear anything over the thundering of his own heart and the white noise in his head. Luke moans into Reid’s kisses, out of breath and practically sick with fear, and then he hears what Reid’s saying.

“Luke,” Reid whispers. “It’s okay.”

Luke’s head falls back to the sand and he blinks up at Reid who’s looking down at him with soft eyes. “It’s okay, Luke,” he repeats. “I’m okay.”

Luke squeezes his eyes closed again and pulls Reid down to lie against him. “I'm okay,” Reid mumbles from where his head rests against Luke’s chest. “I'm okay.”

Luke takes a shuddering breath, and strokes his hands up and down Reid’s back, slick from the ocean, his flesh firm and smooth, his body alive under Luke's hands.

They lie there for a long time, as Luke keeps the tears at bay, his heart thudding hard, but no longer out of fear.


They sit close to each other by the fire that night. Luke’s afraid for Reid to be out of his sight, so he hasn’t strayed more than ten feet from him since the scare earlier in the afternoon.

He watches as Reid fusses with the fire, stoking it up, and muttering about how hungry he is. He hadn’t gone in to catch fish after the incident. Luke wouldn’t let him anyway, so he’s had to settle for bananas and berries for dinner.

“Eat,” Reid urges him, but Luke just shakes his head. His appetite disappeared hours ago, and he’s still a little shaky and feeling sick to his stomach whenever he thinks about what might have happened. He can’t stop looking at Reid, drinking in the sight of his face and his body, the way his fingers hold his food, the way his lips wrap around the bananas, and the way his tongue darts out to lick up stray drops of juice from the berries off his fingers, relieved beyond belief that Reid’s still alive and here for Luke to look at. He's beautiful.

“I’m okay,” Reid says. “You don’t have to stare, I’m not going anywhere.”

“I- I know that,” Luke says.

Reid rolls his eyes but he wipes his hands on his pants and comes over to sit by Luke. He wraps one arm around Luke’s shoulders, and they sit and watch the fire in comfortable silence for a while. The fire crackles and spits as the wood burns. Luke’s exhausted, yet energized, his body humming with adrenaline and nerves, and he rests his forehead against Reid’s neck, cuddling into the safety of his arms.

Luke tilts his face up, and his nose touches the underside of Reid’s chin. His beard is soft, and Luke noses at it.

Reid smiles down at him and lifts a hand, thumbing at Luke’s chin, also covered with scruff.

“It’ll be nice to be able to shave again, huh?” Reid says.

Luke shrugs. “I guess.” He tugs at one of Reid’s curls. “I’m getting used to you looking like this.”

Reid groans. “I look like a bum,” he says. “Or a hippie.”

Luke chuckles. He kind of does. His hair’s longer than Luke ever remembers seeing it, curls springing up and out in all directions. It’s ridiculously adorable, and Luke can easily imagine what Reid looked like as a kid, all skinny legs and a head full of curls. He hides his smile in Reid’s neck.

Luke pulls back and nods seriously. “I wouldn’t trust you to cut into my brain looking like that, Dr. Oliver,” Luke says.

Reid snorts. “You don’t exactly look like Mr. Responsibility yourself right now, Mr. Snyder.”

Luke grins. “No one cares what you look like when you’re handing out money.”

Reid snorts again. “True.”

"Maybe I'll keep the beard," Luke says. "Even after we get out of here."

Reid grimaces, and Luke laughs, cuddling back against Reid. He rests his palm over Reid’s heart. It beats strong and steady, and Luke lets it soothe him, his overwrought nerves finally calming down. They sit like that for a long time, and then Reid pulls away.

“It’s been a long day,” he says. “Let’s go to bed.”

Luke nods and stands up, but he stops Reid from walking away with a hand on his wrist.

“Wait,” he says.

Reid tilts his head questioningly.

“You know I was scared today.”

Reid’s face softens, and he opens his mouth, but Luke stops him from speaking with a finger against his lips. Reid’s eyebrows shoot up.

“I was scared of lots of things,” Luke continues. “Scared that you’d get hurt or… or worse.” Luke licks his lips. “I was scared I’d be left here all alone, and I don’t know how I’d cope. I don’t think I could do it without you.”

“Sure you could, Luke,” Reid says gently, cupping Luke’s cheek in his palm. “You’re the strongest person I know.”

Luke huffs out a laugh. He doesn’t feel very strong. He wishes he knew the Luke Reid knows.

He shakes his head. “The thing that scared me the most though,” Luke says. “Was that you’d be gone and I’d never get the chance to do this.”

Luke takes a step forward, bringing his body flush against Reid’s, and he looks into Reid’s eyes, and then down at his lips, slightly parted and glowing in the firelight. Luke closes the gap and presses their mouths together. He licks gently at the seam of Reid’s mouth until he opens up, and then slips his tongue inside. The kiss is soft, and sweet, and Luke sighs into Reid’s mouth. When it ends, Luke pulls back and rests his forehead against Reid’s. Reid tucks a strand of Luke’s hair behind his ear, and presses a kiss to Luke’s cheek.

“I want to be with you, Reid,” Luke says. “I want to make love.”

Reid pulls back sharply, his eyes intense.

“What?” Luke asks.

“You- that’s what you said the first time we did it,” Reid says. “The exact words. Do you remember?”

Luke searches his mind, then gently shakes his head no. “I don’t remember,” he says. “But, Reid, I’m still me. I’m still Luke, your Luke.”

Reid swallows. “You want to be with me?”

Luke nods.

“Are you sure?”

Luke studies Reid’s face, sees the hunger in his eyes, and it sends a thrill down his spine. “I’m very sure.”

Reid swoops in then, kissing Luke hard and fast, and Luke groans, wrapping his arms tightly around Reid and pressing their bodies close together. Reid kisses him deeply, fiercely, and Luke’s cock starts to throb. Reid’s answering erection presses against Luke’s hip, and Luke gasps, pulling his mouth away to suck in air as Reid’s lips move to his neck, kissing and sucking him there, while his hands reach for Luke’s ass, pressing their hips flush. Luke whimpers, humping against Reid, while his mouth does wondrous things to Luke’s neck.

Luke’s hands scrabble at Reid’s back, and he pushes Reid’s shirt up, seeking flesh. Reid pulls away and rips his shirt up and off, exposing his torso, and he grabs at the hem of Luke’s t-shirt, yanking it up too. Reid strokes across Luke’s chest, running his palms over Luke’s pecs, and abs, and clutching handfuls of Luke’s chest hair and tugging it firmly while his mouth moves lower to tongue at Luke’s nipples.

Luke groans, and grabs a fistful of Reid’s hair, holding him against Luke’s chest. His cock is so hard it’s starting to hurt, and he unbuttons his jeans with his other hand, sliding them down and stepping out of them.

Reid’s hand cups the bulge in Luke’s underwear, rubbing his hard-on through the fabric before slipping inside and wrapping his fingers around Luke’s shaft. He’s already leaking pre-come, and Reid wipes it away with a fingertip, spreading it along the shaft to provide lubrication. Luke hauls Reid back up for another kiss while Reid’s fingers play along Luke’s dick.

“Off,” Luke manages to say. “Get your pants off.”

Reid obliges, and Luke finally gets to see Reid completely naked. His mouth goes dry at the sight. Reid’s gorgeous, and hung. When Luke watched Reid before, it was always from a distance. This is the first time he's seen him up close, and his eyes widen nervously. Reid’s definitely bigger than Noah, and Luke’s kind of… intimidated? No, scared. He’s kind of scared.

“Uh, you’re big.”

Reid snorts. “Don’t worry,” he says. “It’ll fit.”

Luke’s suddenly overcome with nerves. “I- I’ve never. I’ve only done this with Noah…” Luke takes a step backwards, his eyes glued to Reid’s sizable erection.

“Hey,” Reid’s voice is firm, yet surprisingly gentle. “We’ve done this before, Luke,” he says. “Lots of times.”

Luke swallows, and drags his eyes away from Reid’s big cock and back up to his face. Reid holds his hands up in a non-threatening pose, a crooked smile on his face. “It’ll be good,” he says. “Trust me.”

Luke bites his lip, and gives a jerky nod, and Reid comes closer, resting his hands on Luke’s shoulders and looking him in the eyes. “Do you still want to do this?”

Luke nods. He does want this. He wants Reid. “I’m nervous.”

“I know,” Reid says. “You were nervous our first time too.”

“I was?” Luke whispers.

Reid smiles. “You were shaking,” he says. “Like you are now.”

On cue, a shiver runs through Luke’s body, and Reid rubs his hands down Luke’s arms, rubbing gently.

“I’ll tell you a secret,” Reid says.

“What?” Luke’s eyes are wide.

“I was nervous too,” Reid says.

“You were?”

Reid nods. “I’d been with guys before,” he says. “But no one I really cared about. Not like you.”

Luke’s heart is beating fast and his skin feels hot and cold all at once, and Reid’s looking at him with so much in his face – tenderness, desire, love – it’s overwhelming.

Luke lets himself fall into it headfirst, his lips meet Reid’s, and Reid’s tight, lean body presses against him. Reid’s mouth is everywhere at once, on Luke’s mouth, his cheeks, his neck, and his hands roam all over Luke’s body, stroking his skin and clutching handfuls of his ass. Luke pants, his skin feels on fire from Reid’s touch, and his cock is leaking pre-come, sticky strings of it dripping from the tip. He moans as Reid sucks on his pulse point. His beard tickles, and Luke shivers, alternating between the desire to push Reid away and pull him closer at the same time.

Reid decides for him, pulling away from Luke’s body and snapping him out of his lust-crazed stupor. “Let’s lie down,” he says, and Luke nods, stumbling in the sand as he follows Reid into their shelter. Luke lies on his back on the blanket. The palm fronds they’d lined the floor of the shelter with provide some cushioning, and Luke wriggles around, trying to get comfortable while Reid digs through the outer pocket of his carry-on bag. He pulls out a tube and drops his weight down on top of Luke, lining their bodies up and beginning a slow rub that feels incredibly good.

“Whatcha get?” Luke asks, moaning as his cock rubs against Reid’s with the perfect amount of friction.

“Lube,” Reid says. “Glad I packed it in my carry-on instead of my suitcase.”

“Me too,” Luke says. “That thing’s huge, I’ll need all the help I can get.”

Reid snorts, then laughs, and Luke grins, grabbing two handfuls of Reid’s curly hair and pulling his mouth down for another kiss. He can't get enough of Reid's mouth, moaning into the kiss.

Reid hooks his arms under Luke’s thighs and pushes them back as they kiss, his fingers dancing along Luke’s flesh and making him squirm. “Ticklish,” Luke says.

Reid grins. “I know,” he says. “Lie back.”

Luke does, and Reid starts trailing kisses down his torso, laying one between each of Luke’s ribs, and making him squirm again. When he gets to Luke’s cock, he noses around it, laying two soft kisses on Luke’s balls before lapping at the head with just his tongue.

Luke groans, and Reid lazily licks it again, humming a little at the taste of Luke’s pre-come.

Luke grunts, his hips pushing up and trying to get more of his cock in Reid’s mouth. Reid huffs, and Luke feels his warm breath on his groin, then a moment later his cock is surrounded by the wet warmth of Reid’s mouth sucking him in.

Luke groans. It’s good. Really good. He can’t remember the last time he felt this good. Reid seems to know exactly what will feel the best for Luke. He alternates between long pulls on Luke’s entire shaft, and short sucks just at the head, while his fingers dance around Luke’s perineum and skitter across his hole, never quite penetrating him but making him wish they would.

Luke scrabbles his hands against the blanket underneath him, trying to get a grip on it, trying to tether himself. He feels like he could float away otherwise, and as Reid increases the speed and pressure of his hands and mouth, Luke feels his balls draw up. “Gonna come,” he gasps. Reid just keeps sucking, and a moment later, Luke floods his mouth with come, panting as Reid swallows it all down and keeps lightly sucking Luke’s cock.

Luke bats him away when the sensitivity gets too much, and Reid hauls himself up and plants a wet kiss on Luke’s mouth. Luke can taste the remnants of his orgasm in Reid’s mouth, and he swipes at it with his tongue, loving the way Reid’s lips yield to him.

“Good,” Luke whispers. “So good.”

“That was just the warm-up,” Reid says, patting Luke’s hip. “Roll over.”

“I can’t move,” Luke complains, his body limp.

Reid chuckles, and rolls Luke over, shoving Luke's knees under his body and running one finger all the way down Luke’s spine, from the back of his neck to the crack of his ass. Luke shivers, his body still experiencing aftershocks from his orgasm. Suddenly, Reid pulls Luke’s ass cheeks apart and dives in with his mouth, licking a thick, wet stripe down Luke’s crack.

Luke clenches. “Oh, God.”

Reid just lifts Luke’s ass higher, forcing Luke’s shoulders down against the ground, and starts licking again, spearing his tongue inside Luke’s ass between licks.

Luke squeezes his eyes closed. His whole body’s on fire, sweat breaking out all over as Reid does things to Luke’s ass he’s only dreamed of. Noah never did this, had clearly never wanted to, so Luke had never asked, even though he’d seen it in porn, and jerked off thinking about it more times than he can count, and now Reid’s doing it, and it feels better than Luke ever could have imagined. And Luke didn't even ask for it, Reid just dove in as though he did it all the time. He probably does, Luke thinks, and groans at the thought. He keens, thrusting his ass backwards against Reid’s face, wanting his tongue even deeper.

Reid grunts, the sound muffled, and Luke cries out, turning his head, desperate to see Reid’s face buried in his ass. It’s too dark though, and all Luke can see is shadows. He presses his cheek against the blanket, lifting his hips even higher, wanting Reid to go deeper still, and he reaches underneath himself for his cock with one hand. It’s fattened up again under the onslaught of Reid’s mouth, and he tugs it a couple of times. It’s still a little damp from Reid’s mouth, and he twists his fingers around the shaft, stroking up and down.

Reid’s mouth pulls away then, and Luke makes a sound of frustration. Reid chuckles, and slaps Luke’s ass cheek hard, then rubs the sting away. Luke’s cock jerks, and he pants as Reid turns him back onto his back, trying to catch his breath as he watches Reid sit back on his heels and squeeze some lube out onto his fingers.

Luke draws his feet up, spreading his legs, and Reid watches him, his eyes dark with lust as he takes in Luke’s body, sweaty and flushed red, with his hard cock flexing against his stomach.

“There are no condoms,” Reid pants. “We gave them up years ago. We’re both clean.”

Luke blinks.

“Do you trust me?”

“With my life,” Luke says. It's true, he does. He doesn't know when or how he came to this conclusion, but as he thinks back over the last few weeks, and the way Reid's taken care of him, looked out for him, and loved him, he knows it's true.

Reid nods, and presses two fingers to Luke’s hole, rubbing in circles, around and around, until Luke squirms, then Reid smirks, and presses them both inside. Luke’s loose from the rimming, and they slide in easily. Reid works them in and out a few times, then slips in a third. That’s a tighter fit, but Reid bends forward and sucks Luke’s cock head into his mouth as he plays in Luke’s hole, and Luke’s so distracted by the sweet, hot pressure, he doesn’t even notice when Reid slides in a fourth finger. After a couple more good, hard sucks, Reid pulls away, wiping the excess lube onto his cock, and sliding forward on his knees until he lines up against Luke’s hole.

Luke takes a deep breath, and bears down as Reid slides inside. He’s big, and it’s a tight fit, but Luke’s hole draws him in, clinging to him after the sweet torture of his mouth and fingers. Reid slides all the way in and then pauses, looking down at Luke’s face for signs of discomfort. “Okay?” Reid asks.

Luke can only nod, not trusting his voice, and Reid bends down and kisses him, his mouth tasting like semen and something else, something musky and earthy. It's Luke’s ass, he realizes, and Luke groans at the dirtiness of it, equal parts embarrassed and turned on, he whimpers into Reid’s mouth.

Reid pulls away and rests his palms flat on the ground, holding himself up, and pulling his cock almost all the way out of Luke's ass, then sliding back in. Luke groans. The stretch burns, and Luke’s ass has never felt so full. Reid pulls out again, and starts a steady rhythm, thrusting into Luke’s ass as chills break out on Luke’s skin. Reid’s so big, and so deep inside him, and when he changes angles, his cockhead rakes over Luke’s prostate making him cry out. It’s like a string of firecrackers are going off inside him as Reid pummels his prostate again and again.

Luke strokes his cock, ready to come again already, and Reid groans as Luke’s ass clenches around Reid’s cock.

Reid bends low then, and stares intensely into Luke’s eyes as he fucks into him. The fire burning just outside their shelter turns Reid’s skin a warm orange, and Luke studies his face in the flickering light. Reid’s eyes are so warm, and so soft, even as his cock hammers relentlessly in and out of Luke’s body, and Luke can’t tear his eyes away. There’s so much emotion in Reid’s eyes, so much love that Luke can’t deny the truth of it. Reid loves him. Reid loves him so much.

Luke whimpers, tightening his anus around Reid’s shaft and dragging him down against Luke's chest, and as Luke’s hard cock rubs in the sweat and pre-come between their bodies, and his orgasm builds, he squeezes his eyes closed, striving to reach that threshold, and then plunging over the edge with abandon, shooting and shooting between them as Reid gives a final thrust and comes deep inside Luke’s ass, groaning loudly against Luke’s ear.

Reid collapses, and Luke’s legs drop down. They lie there, trying to catch their breath, and Luke’s head is nothing but white noise. After a while, he becomes aware of the sensation of Reid’s semen running out of his hole, and he shivers, sliding a hand down to where his body is joined with Reid’s, running the pad of his finger around the rim of his hole where it still grips Reid’s thick shaft, and feeling the wetness of Reid’s jizz sliding out.

Luke closes his eyes, picturing Reid’s face before he came, and the look of adoration in his eyes. He shivers again, clutching Reid’s sweaty, heaving body against his own. He feels like he's been turned inside out, and he falls asleep, exhausted, deeply satisfied, warm, and happy.


Luke's dreaming. He feels warm and snug, and happy. Really happy. He's got a little morning wood, and he can feel another hard-on pressed against his ass. He moans happily, not quite ready to wake up, just enjoying the sensations for now. Soft kisses are pressed to the back of his neck and shoulders. Luke sighs, his whole body beginning to tingle, and then the hand that's resting against his chest slides lower, and grasps his erection lightly, the fingers teasing Luke's shaft.

"Reid," Luke sighs. "Feels good."

Reid’s hand tightens on Luke’s cock, and jerks it a few times. Luke turns over and blinks his eyes open. “Morning.” Luke grins.

“Morning,” Reid smiles lazily.

Luke leans in for a kiss, then pulls back and wrinkles his nose.

“I know,” Reid says. “My mouth tastes like ass. It’s not as sexy the next morning, huh?”

Luke snorts and blushes all at once, and Reid pats Luke’s bare ass under the blanket. Reid must have covered them up after Luke fell asleep last night.

“Let’s go clean up,” Reid says, rolling out of the shelter and stretching his arms up over his head. Luke licks his lips, admiring the long line of Reid’s body.

Reid bends over to fish soap and his toothbrush kit out of his bag, and Luke grabs his own, and then pulls on his clothes, grimacing at the dried come stuck to his chest hair.

At the pond, they brush their teeth and scrub their bodies clean, then meet under the waterfall to exchange lazy kisses while they jerk each other off. Reid’s deep groan when he reaches orgasm sends a shiver through Luke’s body, and he moans into Reid’s mouth while Reid’s hand jerks him through his own orgasm, milking him through aftershocks until Luke shivers, and bats his hand away from his sensitive cock.

They walk back to camp hand in hand, and Luke can’t keep the grin off his face. Reid’s happy too, Luke can tell. He walks with a relaxed gait, a smile just barely turning up the edges of his mouth, but his eyes give him away. They shine every time Luke catches his eye.

They have coconut milk and bananas for breakfast, and Luke can’t stop smiling. Reid just shakes his head, which makes Luke grin even more. They had sex together at the waterfall, and for once, Luke didn't have to feel guilty, he wasn't watching Reid from behind a tree, he was right there with him, and the sex they had last night… Luke gets goosebumps just thinking about it. Reid seemed to know exactly what Luke liked, even if Luke didn’t know it himself. The way his hands seemed to be everywhere at once, the way he’d… licked Luke’s ass. He feels a blush rising on his cheeks, and clears his throat, forcing his mind onto a new subject before he grows another erection.

Reid smirks at him, as though he knows exactly what Luke’s thinking, and Luke feels strangely reassured that Reid probably does know exactly what Luke’s thinking. It feels nice to be so known, even if he doesn’t remember Reid well enough to know him just as well in return. He’s getting there though, and the more he learns about Reid, the more he likes him.

“So,” Luke says. “Got any big plans today, Dr. Oliver?”

Reid quirks one eyebrow, and hums as though thinking. “Yes, Mr. Snyder,” he says. “I have surgery this morning - corpus callosotomy for an epileptic patient.”

Luke nods seriously. “Sounds very interesting.”

“Meh,” Reid says. “Pretty standard procedure, for someone of my genius.”

“Oh, of course,” Luke says. “And after surgery?”

“Rounds,” Reid says. “Duh.”

Luke snorts a laugh.

“And you, Mr. Snyder?” Reid asks, equally serious. “What are your plans?”

“Oh,” Luke waves a hand disinterestedly. “I have grant proposals to review,” he says. “Millions of dollars to give away. Same old, same old.”

Reid grins, and Luke can’t help but smile back. It feels so natural to joke around with Reid like this.

“As fun as all that sounds,” Reid says. “Maybe we should take the day off? Stay in bed all day instead.”

Luke’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise. “Stay in bed all day?”

“We don’t exactly have anywhere to be,” Reid points out.

“No, no I know,” Luke stammers.

Reid groans. “Don’t go all Victorian romance novel heroine on me again.”

Luke wrinkles his nose. “Again?”

Reid nods. “When we first started dating, you were, well, kind of a prude.”


“What?” Reid throws up his hands. “You were! It took me ages to get in your pants.”

“Oh, that’s romantic,” Luke mutters.

“It’s true!” Reid insists. “Hey, you don’t remember, so you just have to trust me on this.”

“Nice,” Luke says dryly. “Using my amnesia against me.”

Reid’s lips twitch a little, and he’s clearly fighting off a smile.

“So why didn’t I want to sleep with you?” Luke asks. “What was wrong with you?”

“What was wrong with me? You were the one who was still hung up on Mr. Mayer.”

Luke laughs. “Mister Mayer? Oh my God, you are so jealous!”

“Am not,” Reid sulks.

Luke bursts out laughing. “You’re such a baby,” Luke says.

Reid scowls, and Luke curbs his laughter. “Aww, are you okay?” Luke asks, his lips turning down in a faux pout.

Reid snorts. “Come over here,” he says, his eyes growing hot.

The laughter dies in Luke’s throat, and he swallows, shifting closer to sit by Reid.

Reid tilts Luke’s head back with a finger under Luke’s chin, and he studies Luke’s face, his eyes so blue and intense.

Luke swallows again, and Reid’s lips curl up in a gentle smile before he descends, pressing a soft kiss against Luke’s lips.

Luke sighs, and Reid rubs his nose against Luke’s gently before kissing him again.

Luke’s mouth opens up for him, and Reid’s tongue slips inside, tasting of coconut. Luke moans, sucking on Reid’s tongue as all the blood in his body seemingly rushes straight to his cock, which grows hard in his pants. Reid pulls away, and Luke pants softly. Reid brushes some spit off Luke’s lips with his finger, then sucks the digit inside his own mouth, his cheeks hollowing as he pulls it in and out.

Luke’s mouth goes completely dry, and he’s sure his lust must be written all over his face.

Reid moans obscenely, and finally pulls his finger out with a wet pop. Luke’s cock is leaking pre-come, and is already so hard it’s becoming uncomfortable trapped inside his pants.

Reid smirks, and pats Luke’s cheek. “We may have waited a while,” he says. “But believe me, it was worth waiting for.”

Luke doesn’t doubt it, and he throws himself against Reid, kissing him furiously and scrabbling at his shirt at the same time. Reid laughs against his lips, and helps get their shirts off, and then he’s falling back against the sand while Luke humps his hips down against Reid’s, desperate to get some friction on his cock.

“Stop, stop,” Reid pants, pushing Luke away.

“What? Why?” Luke blinks.

“Sand in uncomfortable places,” Reid says. “Let’s go inside.”

Luke blinks. Right. Sand in uncomfortable places. He winces, and follows Reid inside the lean-to.

Reid pushes Luke down on the blanket and helps him shimmy out of his pants, tossing them over his shoulder and diving down to lap up pre-come from Luke’s cock head.

Luke groans, his toes wriggling against the blanket as he clutches Reid’s soft hair in his hands, feeling the way his head bobs up and down as he licks and sucks Luke’s cock.

Reid pulls away and shucks his own jeans until he’s naked, and then he falls onto Luke and kisses him. Luke rolls them over until he’s on top, and he straddles Reid’s thighs, sitting up and looking down at him. He runs one finger lightly down the scar on Reid’s chest, watching as Reid shivers a little, and his nipples tighten into hard little peaks.

“Is it sensitive?” Luke asks.

Reid shakes his head. “It’s numb,” he says.

“Mine too,” Luke says, referring to his transplant scar. “But you’re shaking?” Luke asks, confused.

Reid rolls his eyes. “Because it’s you,” he whispers, his face radiating heat, and love.

Luke swallows hard, and leans down, pressing his lips to Reid’s. Reid’s eyes flutter closed, but Luke keeps his open as they kiss, watching Reid’s face. It makes his chest ache, deep inside, and he moans quietly into Reid’s mouth.

Reid reaches one arm out, blindly searching for something, and then Luke hears the snick of the tube of lube being opened, then two slick fingers probing at his hole while they kiss.

Luke gasps as Reid’s fingers breach him, and it turns into a moan when they find his prostate. Luke’s body is on fire already, and he marvels at how quickly Reid can turn him on.

Reid stretches him open, then withdraws his fingers and rubs a little lube on his hard cock, holding it up for Luke. Luke slides down it slowly, inch by inch, exhaling in a whoosh of air when it’s all the way inside him. He moans, breathing rapidly and trying to adjust to the stretch. This angle makes the penetration deep, and Luke feels full, so deliciously full, as Reid watches him, his pupils blown out black with lust. Reid reaches up and rolls Luke’s nipples between his fingers until they’re stiff, then he pinches them hard. Luke cries out, and his anus clenches around Reid’s cock. Reid pinches them again, then licks his fingers and soothes them with wet, gentle strokes before raking his fingers through Luke’s chest hair, lightly scratching him. It makes Luke's body hum.

“Ride me,” he murmurs, and settles his hands on Luke’s hips, clutching him there tightly.

Luke nods and pulls up until just the head of Reid’s cock is still inside him, then he slides back down slowly, relishing the feel of every inch. Reid humps his hips up impatiently, and Luke smirks at his eagerness, beginning a medium paced ride. The lean-to’s small, and Luke’s head touches the roof as the force of his movements increases, his hair brushing against the bright orange heatsheets he and Reid had erected all those days ago.

Reid’s fingers are clutching Luke’s hips so tightly, Luke thinks he’ll have bruises there later, and the thought of it makes him moan appreciatively. He likes the idea of being marked by Reid, of having Reid’s brand on his body. He pulls Reid’s left hand away from his hip, pressing it against his own hand so that their wedding rings clang together. It’s another brand, one that tells the world that Luke belongs to Reid, and Reid belongs to Luke, too, and the knowledge of that makes him heady. The idea that this man, this brilliant neurosurgeon, has given himself to Luke? It's a compliment, and it’s the biggest turn on Luke’s ever experienced. Luke didn't even know how much being owned was something he wanted, but he does. He craved it with Noah, but he never had it, he realizes. He never would have. He and Noah weren't right for each other, but he and Reid? Even if he doesn't remember all the details? He and Reid are.

“Luke,” Reid chants, thrusting up from below Luke. “Luke, Luke, Luke.”

Luke kisses Reid’s hand clutched in his own. His tongue darting out to lick at Reid’s wedding ring, and then he releases it, putting his hands flat on Reid’s chest and increasing the speed of his ride.

Reid grunts, digging his feet into the ground below and using it for leverage to fuck up into Luke so hard he feels it all the way in his throat.

Reid’s cock presses relentlessly against Luke’s prostate, and the stimulation is so intense Luke’s teeth ache. Sweat drips off Luke’s nose, and he tastes it on his lips, salty and hot, and he gives in to the sensations, squeezing his eyes shut and falling headlong into the abyss. His cock spurts out semen between their bodies, without anyone even touching it, and Luke cries out. He’s never come without touching his cock before, not that he can remember anyway, and he’s shocked, and amazed, shivering through the sheer goodness of his orgasm as Reid gives a final lunge and comes with a grunt, shooting wet and hot inside him.

Luke collapses onto Reid’s chest, his heart pounding a million miles an hour. He laughs a little, out of his head on endorphins, and Reid huffs from beneath him, where his own chest is heaving as he tries to catch his breath.

Reid laughs, and pats Luke’s damp back. “Best way to spend the day, for sure.”

Luke snorts, pulling his face out of Reid’s sweaty neck and looking down at him. Reid smiles, his lips just barely turning up, and his eyes glow with sated satisfaction, and affection. Luke rubs their noses together, and drops a kiss on Reid’s forehead before collapsing again. “I’m going to need another shower,” Luke groans, wriggling a little as Reid’s come drips from his ass.

“Not necessarily,” Reid says, and rolls Luke off him.

“What do you mean?” Luke asks, confused, and then Reid’s spreading his cheeks and lapping his own come away and Luke’s entire body seizes in shock, before he moans, amazed at how good it feels, and how turned on he is at the dirtiness of it, and Reid's willingness to go there.


Luke dutifully swallows his meds that night, trying not to outwardly show his fear at the fact there are only six pills left in the bottle.

True to his word, Reid kept Luke in bed all day. His ass is sore, and his body is humming with a kind of exhausted buzz. He's sated, but he's still hungry for more of Reid. He wonders if this is what their sex life is usually like, then quits wondering and just asks Reid. After all the things they've done today, being bashful just seems kind of silly.


"Hmm?" Reid smiles lazily over the fish he's cooking. The only break they took from sex was when Reid went fishing for their dinner while Luke sat on the beach and watched, admiring Reid's graceful form.

"Is it always like this?" Luke asks. "With us?"

"Fucked out, you mean?"

"Reid!" Luke huffs. "Don't be so crass."

Reid smirks. "Kind of," he says. "We're usually both so busy with work these days we don't have time to spend all day in bed. But we've had a few all-day marathons." Reid waggles his eyebrows, and Luke shakes his head, fighting off a smile.

"And we usually do it at least once a day, barring late-night emergency surgeries."

"Once a day?" Luke's eyes widen. Sometimes, he and Noah would go weeks without touching each other, and that was when things were good between them.

Reid smirks again, and Luke wonders if he knows Luke's thinking. He wonders just how much Reid knows about Luke and Noah's sex life. He shudders, it's not a subject he wants to broach right now, still riding the high from the multiple orgasms he's had today.

"Soup's up," Reid says, when the fish is cooked, and Luke picks up a piece of steaming hot fish, blowing on it before shoving it in his mouth, and sucking on his hot fingers, too hungry and impatient to wait for it to cool down.

"'M starving," Luke says, and Reid nods while scarfing down his own fish. Luke doesn't know where they found the energy for all the sex they've had that day. They've both lost a lot of weight, and their food supply is paltry, but he supposes the endorphins have something to do with it. Luke can't get enough of Reid. They've made love so many times today already, but Luke's still hungry for more, wanting as much of Reid's body under his hands as he can get.

Today was almost... idyllic. They're on a gorgeous beach, they have fresh water, and food - though never as much of it as either of them would like - and there's a certain freedom in being away from Oakdale, and the responsibilities they both have there. Luke can almost pretend they're just away on vacation, but then he remembers that his family probably thinks they're dead, and he feels guilty that he's finding pleasure in just being out here with Reid.

After dinner, they curl up by the fire and exchange soft, lingering kisses for a while. Luke sighs, and closes his eyes, resting his head on Reid's chest. Reid's fingers card through his hair, massaging Luke's scalp, and he practically purrs in contentment. "Feels good," Luke murmurs, as exhaustion starts to take over his body. His mind turns back to his meds. Six more pills. Six more days. They've been out here for more than three weeks and haven't seen or heard another human being or spotted a rescue plane or boat. Luke swallows hard. If it wasn't for his kidney, they could survive out here indefinitely, there wouldn't be a countdown hanging over their heads. But because of Luke's stupidity, because he's a drunk, and he's saddled with a transplanted kidney, Luke's days are numbered. And his number is six. Luke rubs his face against the soft cotton of Reid's shirt, willing himself not to cry. Reid deserves better than him, but Luke can't help feeling grateful he has Reid in his life anyway.


Luke falls asleep, and Reid keeps up the rhythmic stroking of his fingers through Luke's hair. It's soothing to them both, and Reid sighs, his mind turning over a dozen different thoughts. He'd joked with Luke earlier, about surgery and rounds, but the truth is, Reid knows exactly what he'd be doing if they were home in Oakdale. He took ten days off for their honeymoon, but he had half a dozen surgeries scheduled after his return. Twelve days ago, Reid was supposed to be placing cerebral shunts into Bill Walters' ventricles to relieve hydrocephalus. A week ago, Reid was scheduled to perform a medulloblastoma on Grace Yang, and today, he should have been cutting a tumor out of six-year-old Holly Bennet's brain.

Reid rubs a hand over his face, digging his fingers into his tired eyes. His number two at the neuro wing, Peter Gryzbowski, probably performed a few of Reid's procedures, and delegated the rest to the staff Reid had personally hand-picked when Reid and Luke were reported missing. He would have taken over Holly's case too, as one of the more complicated ones they were treating at the moment. Peter's competent, a good doctor, and if Reid can't be there to do the operation himself, Peter's the next best thing. Holly trusted Reid, though, and he wants to get up and scream and shout and shake his fists at the world at the injustice of him being stuck out here, helpless, while patients who are dying need him and his expertise.

He can't do that though. Luke shifts a little, then re-settles, his soft snores starting up. Reid presses his lips to Luke's forehead, and watches his face, relaxed and slack with sleep, in the glow from the fire. He loves Luke so much. Luke, who has six pills left in his bottle of meds. Luke, who he loves more than his own life. Luke, who needs to get off this island because his life depends on it. Angry tears spring up in Reid's eyes, but he blinks them away, refusing to let them fall.

Luke doesn't remember their life together. He doesn't remember the accident, or their wedding, or the experiences they've shared that Reid holds so close to his heart. But as he watches Luke's face, so open and trusting, even as he sleeps, Reid decides, it doesn't really matter. He loves Luke, the Luke who is in his arms right now, and just maybe, this Luke could learn to love him too.

It's enough.




“How did your parents die?”

Reid stiffens, and Luke’s head shifts a little from he’s resting with his cheek pressed against Reid’s heart. It's become Luke's favorite position to lie in, and Reid wonders if Luke somehow subconsciously knows that Reid's heart was once almost taken away. His old Luke spent a lot of time with his head resting there too, after the accident. It makes Reid's chest ache just thinking about.

“Car accident,” Reid says, reluctantly.

Luke strokes his fingers across Reid’s chest scar. “Was it the same accident that hurt you?”

Reid closes his eyes, sinking into the memory of being twelve years old, and the police coming to the door of his house to tell Reid his parents were dead. They’d gone out to dinner and left him with a babysitter, Billy Thomas, the boy next door. Billy was sixteen and had soft blond hair and beautiful brown eyes, and Reid had a huge crush on him. Billy thought Reid was just a weird, skinny kid, and mostly he just talked about boobs a lot, but he’d come over whenever Reid’s parents went out to make some easy money.

Billy had been bitching that Reid’s folks were late coming home that night, and that they’d better pay him overtime when the doorbell rang. A police woman with red hair and kind eyes had told Reid that his parents had been in an accident. They’d tried to cross a set of train tracks in front of an oncoming train and underestimated how far away the train was. It had slammed into their car. His mom died at the scene, and his dad in the ambulance on the way to hospital. He stayed with the Thomas’s that night, and didn’t even care that Billy saw him crying like a baby in Mrs. Thomas’s arms, while he looked at Reid pityingly.

He went to live with Angus the next day.

“Reid?” Luke murmurs.

Reid's mind turns to his own accident, and he thinks about being trapped in his car five miles from Bay City, how he’d frozen, memories of his parents rushing through his mind. He wondered if this was how they’d felt, if they’d been scared when they were dying, and he panicked, tugging helplessly at the seat belt, unable to pull it free, his mind trapped in the past.


Reid blinks, and shakes his head. That was more than four years ago. It’s over now, and he’s alive, and healed.

“It’s okay,” Luke whispers. “It doesn't matter.”

Luke presses a kiss between his pecs, his lips lingering right at the top of the scar, before he smacks two more quick kisses against Reid's skin. It’s something he’s done a thousand times before, and it’s so Luke, his Luke, that his chest tightens and he has to close his eyes against the hot tears that threaten to fall. He kisses Luke’s hair, and tugs him closer, and they don’t speak about it again.


Luke's on his back, his knees up around his ears, and his legs spread wide as Reid eats his ass. Luke groans, clutching a handful of Reid's curls in a death grip as Reid sucks and licks his hole, occasionally nipping the rim with his teeth before thrusting his tongue back in.

Luke whimpers, and shoves Reid's face even closer. He loves this so much. His dick is leaking strings of pre-come, and he's so turned on he can hardly stand it. His heels drum against Reid's back, and he pulls Reid closer still, while his other hand wraps around his cock, unable to wait a second longer. He jerks himself while Reid rims him, and as the pleasure mounts, coiling up his spine and spreading out through his limbs, he makes sounds he didn't even know he was capable of. Reid grunts, and shoves his tongue in even further, his hot breath like fire on Luke's ass as he works a finger in around his mouth, aided by the copious amount of spit that's dripping from his ass.

When Reid's finger presses against his prostate, Luke comes with a shout, jizz shooting so hard some of it lands on his throat, which makes Reid chuckle, even as he laps it away while Luke lays panting, black spots dancing in his vision.

"Good?" Reid asks a moment later, licking his lips.

"Nngh." Luke can't manage anything else.

Reid chuckles, then gets up on his knees and starts jerking himself off, his own cock flushed with need, neglected while he was at work on Luke.

Luke watches, unable to tear his eyes off Reid's cock, moving through Reid's tight fist so fast it looks blurry. He wants it in his mouth. He wants to wrap his lips around it again, like he had earlier that day, and taste Reid's tangy semen. He licks his lips.

Reid grunts, his hand flying on his cock, and as he reaches orgasm he aims his cock at Luke's face, and Luke moans as hot come hits his wet lips, opening his mouth up and swallowing as much as he can. Reid flops down next to him in the lean-to, swiping up stray jizz from Luke's cheek and sucking it into his mouth.

They've done it three times today, and Luke doesn't even know if he can move after this latest round.

"That was hot, Mr. Snyder," Reid pants.

"Mmm," Luke agrees. "If I'm going to die, I might as well go out with a bang!" Luke chuckles, but Reid doesn't join in, and he turns his head to the side. "What?"

"That's not funny," Reid says. "Don't even joke about it."

"I was kidding," Luke says. "Come on, it was just a joke."

Reid's face is impassive.

"I'm sorry," Luke sighs. "It was a bad joke."

Reid nods, but turns onto his back, staring stubbornly up at the roof of their shelter.

Luke sighs, and slithers on top of him, lining up their naked bodies in all the right places and forcing Reid to meet his eyes.

"I'm sorry," Luke apologizes again.

Reid gives a tiny nod. "You're not going to die, you hear me?"

"Okay," Luke agrees. "I promise."

"Good." Reid's eyes are intense, and he pulls Luke down to rest against his body, then wraps his arms and legs around Luke, anchoring him, and keeping him safe.

Luke has two pills left.

Neither of them mention it.


Thirty days after the crash, Luke shakes his last pill out of the bottle, and stares at it on resting on his palm. These pills keep him healthy. They stop his body from rejecting his transplanted kidney. Without these pills, Luke’s body will see the kidney as a foreign body, something that doesn’t belong inside Luke, and it will try and fight that enemy. He’s never been in a situation where he hasn’t had his meds. Well, the time he and Noah were kidnapped, but they were rescued within a couple of days. Luke closes his hand around the pill, clutching it in his fist. He feels all of fifteen years old again. Young, and stupid, and so messed up. He didn’t care if he lived or died then, not really. He cares so much now.

Reid watches him with sharp, knowing eyes from across the camp fire.

“Should I… maybe I should cut it in half?” Luke suggests. “Get two days out of it instead of one?”

Reid shakes his head. “It won’t be effective,” he says, dismissing the idea. “You might as well discount both days if you do that.”

Luke opens his fist and picks up the pill, taking a deep breath before swallowing it with a mouthful of water from his bottle.

Reid holds out his hand, and Luke scoots close and lets Reid wrap his arms around Luke, burying his head against Reid’s chest. “I’m sorry,” Luke whispers.

Reid sighs. “Shut up,” he says, so gently it sounds like ‘I love you’ instead.
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