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That must've been the pit viper I had for lunch... [23 Mar 2008|11:05pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

I swear, balloons creep me out. I mean, in most settings they're pretty, harmless fun! But in my room/house.... *shudder*.

Yesterday I bought 3 red heart-shaped balloons for a project of mine. For some reason I decided to keep them in my room. And I always have to sleep with a fan on. So I turn the fan on, and even though the balloons are BEHIND it, the cycle still gets em going and every so often I'd hear Scraaaaaaaaaaape, scrrraaaaaaape! against the ceiling. Ewww. BUT I figured meh, I know it's the balloons caught in the draft, so whatever. I'm going to bed.

Heh of course I have nightmares all night about my house being haunted, and the spirit impersonating my mother! Hello, dumb ghost, if my mom is sleeping on the couch right in front of me, I know that you're faking it!!! That's all I really remember, aside from my sister being involved, too.

So at like 5, 6 in the morning I am woken up from these horrid dreams. So I turn on the tv which NORMALLY is safety light and sound but nooooooooo some creepy clown things were singing on the Disney Channel. Ewwwww!!!! So after a moment I got out of bed and tied the balloons to my dresser handle so that they can't scrape against the ceiling anymore. Scraaaaaaaaaape!

So, no more sound. BUT the fan is still on and the balloons IMMEDIATELY form a circle back to back and start spinning around and around like some creepy spinning coo-coo clock in a horror movie. Of course I can't ignore that.

Now what?! (And no, it never occurred to just shove them out in the hall). Finally, I keep them tied to that one handle, but I string each individual ribbon around individual handles so that they can't touch or spin together.

BUT... haha. The fan is still affecting them, and my tired mind SWEARS that now they're all turning and staring at me. I swear that's what it looked like!!! But I managed to ignore it somehow and went back to bed.


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