Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Everytime we're down, you can make it right....

I realized that I like to start sentences with "So". If you didn't notice, now you will and maybe it will annoy you. Oh well.

Last night I saw the Backstreet Boys at DTE. And OMG the show was sooooooooo good! Even without Kevin there, it was good.

We were driving there, and wondered who the opening act would be. When we passed a sign for the Palace--a big digital thing-- it said "Backstreet Boys featuring Girlicious". I wasn't happy about this, I was hoping I'd like the band, or that there wouldn't be an opening act at all (Sorry Candy, sorrrry!!!!!!!!!! :( ) I was just happy because without knowing, I had brought along my Veronica Mars zip-up. So it was like my own little mini-protest. No offense to them, but it was that Pussycat Dolls show that interrupted VM. Gahhhhh. Anywhoo.

The first thing we did was check out the merchandise they had for sale. I was saddened to be correct in my prediction that the shirts would be around $40 a piece. I can't afford that. I was again reminded of yet another reason I love BFS so much. For $40 you could get 3 shirts. For the $80 pop bands ask for hoodies, you can again get 3 BFS ones! Sheesh! So I bought nothing, but Hailey got 2 keychains and a pack of buttons. She wanted to get this one shirt though. It was white with a black outline drawing of Nick looking like those WWJD and Mary is my Home Girl shirts, and it said "What Would Nick Do?" We didn't get why he was the only one who got one lol, but she wanted it.

Hmmm....I keep nearly losing my train of thought. I just want to sing along with this cd! Heheee! Word. Yeah.

So Girlicious took the stage around 7:30ish. I will say that their outfits were really cute. They were kinda reminiscent of ref outfits. They had colored tops....yellow, purple... ummm I can't remember lol, and the blonde girl had black and pink. We liked her best cuz she didn't show any skin. There was one girl there who Hailey said she didn't like because she was on the show talking about how it was hard work to be pretty. So that ticked me off. She wasn't POSITIVE it was her, but she thought so. She's only seen one ep of the show though.

Their first song was long, but pretty good. A good club song. The last one they did was probably their most popular song, cuz one of the girls said something about hopefully you recognize and like it. Even though they weren't my favorite, their show was pretty decent I suppose. Although they got the most applause when they asked if the audience was ready for their last song lol.... probably a poor choice of words but oh well. (Again, sorry Candy, I loooooove you, love love love you!)

Hailey and I got up after the show to use the bathroom once more, and I had to get my dippin' dots. It's a tradition now that whenever we go to DTE that I get dots. They're SO freakin' good. Mmmmm :)

Ugh, "Don't Want You Back" is on now. It only pisses me off b/c this song was winning to be the next BSB single until Nick called and said he'd like "The One" to be next, so everyone switched their votes!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right before the Boys came out, Brain's son Bailey came out on stage and introduced them. He was so freakin' cute! (Actually I probably would have only THOUGHT it was him, but I saw Miss Candy post about Brian and Starbucks, so I was sure :) He came out with a stagehand, holding a mic. He said "Are you ready to see the Backstreet Boys?!" And everyone started cheering. Then he said "Here come the Ba--" and he stopped dead sentence, turned to his right, screamed and ran off the stage to the left. He was such a ham, it was hilarious, and sooooo cute.

The curtain dropped and you saw a boxing ring. There were still sheer curtains and as each Boy was introduced, you saw them behind the curtain doing that little boxing dance...haha I dunno what it is you call it, how they kinda hop from foot to foot. Then THOSE curtains dropped and they ran out into the boxing ring, the band playing on either side of it. They opened with "Larger Than Life" and OMG it was PHENOMENAL. SUCH a good song to open with. Their next song was another fan-oriented one called "Everyone" from the B&B album. After that, I don't remember song order.

Howie came out and talked a bit, about how grateful they were and such. AND they mentioned that Detroit was the first stop of the tour! Woo hoo! I think that was a good choice, because the crowd was EXCELLENT. AJ even mentioned it, and not the way bands always do, like "This is the best crowd we ever played!" When Michigan loves you, they really love you :)

Each of them performed a solo song. Howie was first. He did something off of his up-coming record. It had a lil Latin flavor, and was really good! AJ also did something off of his CD coming out and OMG. I think I fell in love. He ROCKED that stage, it was absolutely AMAZING. He was jumping and dancing and gahhhhh! He needs to tour and release that song, like now. I want it!!!! Brian sang a song off of his cd while playing guitar. I think the only reason I didn't cry was because my meds prevent that from happening often. The video was soooo sad, I'd never seen it before. And Nick performed a song from "Now or Never".

Let's see....when the sang "SMTMOBL" they were around this type of poker table, and right before AJ and Nick argued over who was more happy about the "fine ladies" in the crowd, haha. It was cute. Oh, and while introducing the band, Nick did all sorts of crazy dances, including the Running Man, ahahahaha.

They did that little hat dance during "All I Have to Give" that they've done for other tours, which was fun. Oh and they did the "Everybody" dance during the breakdown.

When Brian came out on stage, he asked, one by one, if anyone had this bsb cd, or this one. Everyone screamed for each one. Which is interesting because the first 2 cds weren't even released here. The first one here was a mix of songs from each of the first 2. But since I have those, I'm sure everyone else does, too.

He was like "Who has the first Backstreet CD?" *SCREEEEAM* "You know, the one with the red cover? Where we're posed like this?" and he poses lmao. Then he said "When Nick 'talked like this'?" and did a Stitch-like voice, and added "And I 'talked like this'?" and did the voice again. He's so silly, haha I love Brian.

Who am I kidding, I love all of them. The show was sooooooooo good!!!

Oh, so you know, the "last song" was "Everybody" and the encore was "Shape of My Heart". At the end, they made everyone do the heart thingy with their fingers.

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