Saturday, August 30th, 2008

I was sooooo good today!

You may not know this, but I have a spending problem. A really bad one. Horrible.

And today, I was at Sephora, and then at the mall, and then Target. There was sooooo much I wanted (including Twilight tees at Hot Topic, HELLO!). BUT I only bought I stuff I needed/planned on getting at Target.

EVEN THOUGH I wanted this awesome glitter liquid liner at Sephora for $20, I did not do so. EVEN THOUGH I wanted those Twilight shirts (about 7 of em were there), I did not. Even though I wanted shitloads of shitness at Target (that time, I pronounced it Tar-jay, with the soft j), I only got a few things.

I got a pair of red pants to work out in that were on sale, which I planned on getting. I got a tooth brush that was on sale, which I needed. Shaving cream on sale that I am about to need. Head phones, because my good ones are lost and I need good ones for tread mill running at the gym. And gum, because I am the gum supplier at my work lol.... there may have been something else, I don't remember.

But see?! Totally good.

OMG and I was with Laura and we ran into TIM!!! Aww Tim I love him, haven't seen him in so long. Yay! He ordered Reefer Madness on dvd today, andddd said he read about the Veronica Mars movie and thought of me. I loooooooooooove him :)

Then, we followed him to Dairy Queen, and I texted him. Here is said convo :)

Jackie: I can see your car's butt :)
Tim: Haha! Is it cuter than mine?
Jackie: Nothing is as cute as yours :)

OH at Target, Laura and I told him about the Twilight shirts, and I started off by saying "There's one with slashes across it that says 'Team Jacob'" and he interrupted saying "Oh FUCK Jacob" ahahahaha. I love Tim :)
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Sunday, January 6th, 2008

Not so friends only?

All right, well. I've decided to post some stuff on here publicly. Simply because knowing only one person on here makes it kinda sad. Therefore, if by chance some random peeps come along and take a gander at this, maybe I'll make new friends and be able to amuse somebody other than myself.

However, I'm keeping my "Friends only" banner up, because it's cute. And someday, maybe it will go back to that :)

I was so pissed off at myself. Laura and I planned to go to Target today, so I set my alarm so that I'd wake up during a pre-afternoon hour. Yeahhhh, didn't happen. The alarm went off and I must have shut it right back down because I didn't awaken until she texted me at 1:30 saying that she had fallen asleep.

Well dammit.

Therefore, my disaster area of room that quite literally looks like a bomb went off (minus the ash and splintered wood I suppose) wasn't cleaned today. And we had to work on projects in the computer room, which kinda looks like a mini-bomb went off.

I got to make prints of some of Laura's wedding pictures, too! They're so cute. However, $2000 is a little extreme to pay for photography. Therefore I may not hire this guy if I ever have photo needs. Too bad, cuz he's quite good at his job!

So yeah, we got to go to Target, and of COURSE stopped at the lil built-in Starbucks they have there (tis our tradition). We both got iced coffee. Mmmm. Then made some prints and did a bit of shopping. THEN we came back here and attempted to make a disc with pictures on it (for some reason, the kiosk at Target will only load the first 333 pictures on her cd, and we needed the ones after it as well!) and she worked on the square for my sister's project.

Thennnnn Jamie called and we scurried up to Best Buy with her. She wanted to get Nip/Tuck s4, and she only paid $1.19 for it, the lucky bitch ;) She had a $20 gift card and then I let her use my $5 off.

When we got back, Laura and I attempted to make Chewie a myspace, but my computer just wasn't having it. So Laura is gonna try when she gets home, which, she should be arriving there any minute now.

I also found out that a certain friend invited a certain ex of mine up to a certain hangout that IS mine, thinking I wouldn't be there. She didn't tell me about this at all! Luckily, I have friends who do tell me these things. I have no idea how to think or feel about this. I really could give two craps on ice about He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, but still. I give plenty of craps about my friends! So yes. Confuzzlement here. Confuzzlement all around!
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