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[info]_enigma wrote
on July 24th, 2013 at 07:10 pm

Application for New Alliance

Name: Effie Nashton
Affiliation: Teen Titans, S.H.I.E.L.D.
Aliases/Nicknames: Enigma, The Riddler's Daughter
Age/Date of Birth: 16/ 1 April 1995
Place of Birth: Gotham City, NJ
Current Residence: New York, NY (making her way back towards Gotham)
Occupation: Former Student, Unemployed (Future: Thief)

PB: Susan Coffey
Appearance: Enigma is five foot, with hip length curly red hair and a bright, charming smile . She favors clothing that is soft and feminine, skirts and dresses that are usually in 'girlie' colours and very modest.

Her hair is often in braided pigtails, hanging down her back, though she'll leave it loose for special occasions...and spend most of the time fighting with it.


Strengths: Martial arts and limited medical training. Limited weapons training (small firearms mostly).

Moderate technical skills, mostly in the forms of computer programming and mechanics.

Weaknesses Effie is human, and thus easily breakable and killable. She is also emotionally weak, easily betrayed due to her trusting nature and kindness. She refuses to see the bad in people, always believing they can be saved. Effie's biggest weakness is her father and her obsession with the man, the need to know who she is...where she came from. Edward can both use her, and be used against her to very tragic results.


Effie's personality is generally one of sweetness and kindness, the best friend, the one always willing to be there, no matter the time or location. She's the person you turn to when you need a helping hand, a listening ear or someone to organize a city wide rummage sale on twelve hours notice.

While holding onto strong religious convictions, she's the most open minded person you've met, accepting everyone, and always willing to give a third or fourth chance.

She wanted to be a doctor, but now she finds herself worrying that she has no future, and it occasionally depresses her, losing herself to the darkness of her emotions before she bounces back, once more the perky go-getter.

It is very hard to break Effie emotionally, she spends far too much time seeing the silver lining of everything, from being kidnapped to failing a mission. She's always after 'the next time' when she falls down, ready to bounce back and go after the goal.

The only way to get to her is to harm those close to her, and that is a very dangerous game to play, considering the inherited madness she keeps locked inside her heart and mind.


The biological child of Edward "The Riddler" Nigma, Effie was taken by child protective services and given to a loving foster family as an infant who raised her as they would their own child, focusing purely on giving her a good upbringing when it became clear she was never to be adopted out permanently.

Her parentage and bloodlines were never kept from her, and her family kept the temporary name given to her at her birth, a take of of her father's name Edward Nigma (Enigma). The only alteration was for her school records, where she went by the first name of Effie.

All told, she lived a fairly normal childhood for the daughter of a super criminal. She excelled in school, causing her foster parents to move her to a private school so she could have the best education they could afford, took private martial arts and gymnastic lessons as a way to train her body and mind, as well as spent hours working on the tech skills and puzzle solving she had inherited from her father.

After Effie's parents were murdered, she moved from Boston, Mass to New York City to try to start over and rebuild her life, refocusing her attention on her training over her schooling, not willing to lose another person to someone else's grand ideals (her parents were murdered by a no name thug trying to get attention for himself).

Emancipated after her parent's deaths, Effie lives off the limited trust fund set up for her before their death, working part time as a shop clerk in a boutique for spending money, attending school on line and her nights trying to deal with the pain of loss and not to give into the impulse for revenge and bloodshed that haunts her every memory of her parents death. She instead pours her pain into trying to help others as best she can.

Name: Saitaina
Time Zone: PST
Age:a 32
AIM/Yahoo Messanger/MSN/etc: bitternovelist (AIM)
Email: saitainam@frontier.com
Journal Name: _enigma

Did you read the rules? Yup
What's the character limit? 7, 8 with villian
What would you like to do with the character? I would like to explore the change in Effie, going from teen hero to crime queen, and the effect of how other relationships and friendships would effect that change.
How do you think the character can be integrated with the other universe? Effie needs friends, desperately, she needs the companionship and care that comes from them. With all the teens and young adults in the game, she can easily find friends, no matter their universe, as well as role-models in the adults.

Writing Sample

Effie twirled the sucker around her mouth as she hummed the latest Justin Bieber hit, bouncing to the music in her head as she walked down the road, feeling light and free, the happiness pouring out of her in an infectious wave, forcing smiles on the lips of even the most hardened heart before the person realized it.

The small device at her waist beeped and she pouted, fishing the communicator from her pocket, swirling the sucker around to the other side of her mouth as she read the details. "Aww, Raven, I was going to get a manicure..." she muttered, before sighing and slipping the device back into her pocket, taking off at a run as she hurried to meet her team, her mood lightening as she dove into her role as hero, eager to help someone...and apparently save Nevada from becoming a popsicle.

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